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Paintbrush Peg

1 - Household Decorations/DIY The PAINTBRUSH PEG was the idea of professional decorater Richard Southgate who like most of us used to balance his paintbrush across the top of the tin and with the slightest knock the brush would fall in. Or like me using the newspaper which you may or may not have even read and then laying the brush on it only to find after making a cup of tea the paper has stuck to the brush.

So the problem exists and Richard came to us with the idea and we set about making the PAINTBRUSH PEG. We have designed the PAINTBRUSH PEG so that you will get a quality product but also value for money in that when you are not using it for painting you can use it in other areas around the house.
Easy to use, no mess no fuss. Gets the job done. 

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