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Gorilla Glue

1 - Household Decorations/DIY

Gorilla Glue has always helped you get the job done right the first time. Now, we are making it easier with an extended Gorilla Glue family. It's the same Gorilla toughness and impressive results you've come to expect. Gorilla Glue bonds materials other adhesives simply can't--metal, stone, wood, ceramics, foam, glass and much more! And it's still the best glue for anyone who wants the job done right. VERSATILE – ideal for most household fixes, building repairs and creative projects.100% WATERPROOF – does not break down when exposed to outdoor elements. Easily passes ANSI/HPVA HP-1-2000 Types 1 and 2.TEMPERATURE RESISTANT – once it’s dry Gorilla Glue is unaffected by extreme heat or cold.

A great quality glue that is in a bottle that means it will last a long time and justifies its premium price tag. 

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Gorilla Super Glue

1 - Household Decorations/DIY

You asked for it. Or maybe secretly wished for it. And now it's here. Introducing new Gorilla™ Super Glue, the first super glue that keeps holding strong, even when the bond takes a hit--we call it our Impact-Tough™ Formula. Just hold in place for 30-60 seconds while the formula sets, no clamping necessary. It's what makes Gorilla™ Super Glue, so, well, super.IMPACT STRENGTH– unique rubber particles increase impact-resistance and strength to handle everyday use after your repair or creation is set. WON'T CLOG – anti-clog tip with metal pin keeps nozzle clean. EASY TO USE – thick formula flows better for improved control. Dries in just 30-60 seconds, with no clamping.

 I cannot rate the nozzle , consistency of the glue highly enough it doesn't run everywhere, its thick without being too thick 10 out of 10. I shall defiantly buy this product  Gorilla keep up the good work.

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