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Adventure Box Magazine

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68 pages to enjoy every month! AGES 6-9
An exciting 44-page illustrated story, divided into manageable chapters for newly independent readers. Action, suspense, drama, adventure, humour: children will discover different genres and develop their literary taste. Colourful illustrations on every page engage kids’ interest and ensure they will enjoy the challenge of reading on their own.NatureBox with great photographs and fascinating scientific information help children discover the natural world.Puzzles and games stimulate children’s literacy, observation and reasoning skills in a fun way.A hilarious comic-strip with funny and mischievous characters will take readers on all sorts of escapades.

In each CD, talented British actors bring AdventureBox’s exciting stories and characters to life! The audio recordings will gently accompany your child as s/he becomes an independent reader. Comprehension and pronunciation are made easier for children as they develop their reading skills at their own pace

Ideal for Children 6-9 Years - Monthly Publication

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Winner Bizziebaby Bronze Award 2011/12,  Winner Bizziebaby Gold Award 2013/14 and Winner Bizziebaby Gold Award 2014/15
I would certainly recommend this magazine. It's a nice compact size and different things to do in it. Ideal to put in a bag and take away i.e. on a plane on holiday. 

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Creative Steps Magazine

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A fantastic magazine packed with easy, fun projects and activities … an excellent source of inspiration for primary school teachers, classroom assistants, childminders & nannies, nursery teachers, playgroup and pre-school organisers, home educators, Rainbow, Brownie, Guide and Scouting leaders and, of course, parents and grandparents!
Creative Steps Magazine is available on Subscription only - Click on link to subscribe to printed version -
You can also subscripe to online version for £18 Per Annum and click on link for online version -
 I have told my friend and also mentioned some of the activities to the club I help run as the ideas and activities are great for the school kids. I love the magazine and will be looking to get the next issue when it is out.

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Discovery Box Magazine

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52 pages to enjoy every month! AGES 9-12
Animal topics are presented through spectacular photos and informative facts.Important historical events are retold in a lively and engaging way.Science articles present the great innovations and inventions using clear explanations and captioned pictures.Children are shown investigating and experimenting, and sharing their findings.Comic-strips, DIY activities, games, quizzes, recipes, pet care, competitions, and lots more!Captivating articles about the world introduce other countries, cultures and lifestyles.
With your subscription to DiscoveryBox, you can choose to receivetwo exciting books: The Insecto-Files and Strange New Species(hard cover editions) at a very special price! Explore the fabulous world of animals with these great titles which are full of spectacular photos, beautiful illustrations, fascinating scientific information and clear explanations. Be ready to be amazed!
Ideal for Children 9-12 Years - Monthly Publication

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This is good value for money. I would consider the subscription. I would highly recommend. Excellent learning resource, which is fun and interesting.

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Discovery Box Magazine

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"Discovery Box is very useful to do homework research on History, Science and Nature.  A world of discovery every month featuring amazing facts, experiments and a journey through history.  Find out more about the Discovery Box magazine online
Suitable for 9-12 year olds
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I would recommend this to others; if it was for a subject they were interested in. This magazine is bright, strong and educational.

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Woolly Mammoth is a subscription craft pack club designed for grown-ups and children to do together. Craft kits arrive in the post twice a month and off you go! Woolly Mammoth makes a perfect present.
Whatever the occasion – rainy days, holidays or unusual gifts – Woolly Mammoth craft kits have the answer.Don’t forget its not just mums and dads that can get creative… invite granny round for a cuppa and she might love to make a glittery badge or a hand puppet too.Just open the pack and enjoy.
The children all enjoyed their sessions with the product and came up with interesting variations on the basic idea. 

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