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Baby Buzz Magazine is all about finding what works for you the parent, the child, the family. As a mum and businesswoman, I try to put across views, news and advice as to what works for me and what might work for you. I say might, because everyone is different, each child learns and grows at their own speed and what works for one family may well not work for another. So who am I?  Well quite simply, I am Nickie and I have two gorgeous daughters.   After a traumatic 2012, I decided that I wanted to do something to support my family and having wanted to write my own publication, and never really having the guts to do it, I decided to 'bite the bullet' and create Baby Buzz Magazine.  I wanted to create an easier way to connect with other parents or families and a simpler way to access useful tips for families everywhere. So why another baby and parenting magazine you might ask? I was fed up of paying a small fortune for magazines that didn't have anything I was interested in, that stopped featuring articles or advice if your child was 3 or 4 years old and above (why is it thought that once your child has gone past the toddler stage, you should know everything there is to know about being a parent?).  Parents everywhere constantly want to know useful tips, advice, medical knowledge or just plain gift ideas so i've combined the best of what's on the market with medical advice from midwives, GP's and different organisations to anyone who wants to read it. 
If you would like a hard copy of the magazine, simply register your details here [email protected]  to receive a copy of the magazine.

I would recommend this magazine to those who have children. This is a good simple read, with useful information. 

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Mummy and Me Magazine

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Mummy and Me Magazine is a fresh approach to a parenting magazine. Targeting parents (not just Mums) from pregnancy through to 5 years. The magazine has been carefully and thoughtfully designed to be a handy size for your changing bag and to contain useful information to help with the everyday situations parents face.The magazine features a comprehensive guide to local children’s activities along with information on everything from; breastfeeding to weaning and nappies to potty training. Along with some favourites such as our ‘creative learning’ articles full of ideas, bedtime stories (which have been educationally designed), our regular ‘Reader’s rogues photo gallery’ and much more! Mummy and Me Magazine appreciate that sometimes parents face some difficult challenges that life can throw at you. Therefore we regular feature support and information on a wide range of topics which have included; single parenting, domestic violence, childhood illnesses, disabilities and returning to work. We also work very closely with some fantastic charities and actively support the National Childbirth Trust (NCT).
Mummy and Me Magazine is a FREE publication to give all parents the opportunity to gain access to vital information. Parents can obtain copies from a wide range of locations or you can view copies online
Bizziebaby Bronze Award winner 2012/13 and Bizziebaby Silver Award winner 2014/15
Very easy to handle and easily digestible advice, it was also easy to dip in and out of the magazine and pick and choose the sections that were most relevant, all in all a handy sized informative magazine.

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