Section: Baby/Toddler

Fisher Price Food Warming Flask

1 - Feeding

The Fisher-Price Food Warming Flask offers the perfect solution to feeding your child on the move. The set comprises an unbreakable stainless steel vaccum flask, a water container, food mixing bowl (with lid and holder) and a food mixing spoon. All these fit together in one compact unit for easy transportation. The hot water stored in the flask can be poured into the water container, then the food in the food mixing bowl can be floated on this to gently heat the child's food. Alternatively hot water from the flask can be added directly to reconstitute food in the food mixing bowl.

This product is a must for any mum or dad while on the move. It saves the worry of how you are going to warm your baby’s food whilst out and makes a trip out so much easier, whether its meal times or not!

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