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Babymoov’s Nutribaby 5-in-1 processor

1 - Feeding
Babymoov’s Nutribaby 5-in-1 processor -  Steam cooks to maintain freshness and nutritious values of foods-Mixes to prepare soups, sauces, purées -Warms bottles and jars - Sterilises bottles and accessories - Defrosts small meals prepared in advance.   Nutribaby makes homemade's baby food very easily! This food processor will steam cook meals, puree.100% automatic: just set him off and nutribaby is doing the job!5 functions, right from birth: warms baby bottles, and jars, sterilises, steams, defrosts, blendsBottle warming and sterilising: up to 3 bottles at a timeTo-the-minute adjustable cycle duration: no more need to calculate the water quantity to put into the tank!2 baskets to separate the food groups, and thus preserve nutrients and tasteRemovable tray to adjust the cooking capacityLCD screen to easily manage all the different  functionsChopping thanks to a button on the top of the bowl: possibility to open the cover during chopping to add liquid to adjust the texture, or any other ingredient to create an original recipeSound and visual alarmsAutomatic switch offMemorization of the last cooking time. BPA free
I want my baby to have more variety I like the sleek design it looks very modern. I found it easy and quick to clean as that is important around a baby.

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Bib’expresso from BEABA

1 - Feeding

The Bib’expresso from BEABA is a functional and stylish way to heat baby milk in just 30 seconds with one hand with the water always delivered at precisely 37°. Designed to be the ideal solution to making baby’s bottles during the day or at night the Bib’expresso has a simple one handed operation that delivers water at an accurate 37° while also helping to mix the water with the formula milk while it is being dispensed. The water takes just 30 seconds to reach the preset temperature, about the same time that it will take to measure the formula. The Bib’expresso easily transforms into an ultra-compact bain-marie ideal for heating prepared bottles and food jars, and because of its compact size it is ideal for taking away. The Bib’expresso has an inbuilt steam cleaning operation to ensure that the appliance is always totally clean and hygienic. Also included with the Bib’expresso is a microwave steriliser with room for 3 bottles which also doubles as a handy storage unit.


Stylish and effective, if you don't mind a little indulgence, this could be the next "it" product for you.

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First Years BabyPro Nursery Bottle Warmer

1 - Feeding

The First Years' popular nursery bottle warmer works with most bottle systems--wide, narrow, angled, even disposables. It can also be used to warm baby food jars. Conveniently keeps bottles cold for up to eight hours, then warms a chilled bottle in minutes. The babyPro Nursery Bottle Warmer features an auto shut-off for added safety and a built-in night light to help makes late-night feedings a little easier. Bottles not included.

 Fantastic and I will continue to use every day no doubt.

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Koo-di Bottle Beanie

1 - Feeding The Koo-di Bottle Beanie is a great way to help and encourage baby to hold their own bottle.Filled with insulating beads, the Koo-di Bottle Beanie helps keep cool drinks cool and warm drinks warm.Soft and easy for baby's hands to grip so they can get a firm grip to hold their own bottle.The clear window allows mum to see how much drink remains.The silicone top ensures a tight fit so that bottle stays securely in place.Handwash 30ºCAvailable in: Blue Polka I would definitely recommend this as a way to developing independence. It is an interesting and innovative concept for improving independence.

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MabyLand Floral Double Size Insulated Bottle Bag

1 - Feeding

The MaByLand double size insulated bottle bag is designed to retain the temperature of it’s contents for 4 hours (warm or cool), ideal for parents’ on-the-goThe Bag’s larger size will hold 2 wider sized bottles (e.g. Tommee Tippee Bottles), which is great for parent's who are on longer trips out with a hungry baby, also ideal for parents' with twins, and when you begin to wean your baby it can hold a bottle as well as their lunch.The bag features the new zesty MaByLand Floral Print, and has been designed for long term use, once your baby has grown, you or your child can use it has a cute lunch bag for trips out!

I reallylike it and couldn't find anything wrong with it! It looks great, easy to use, great quality and it works!

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1 - Feeding

Myyfeed Baby Formula Mixer works by allowing you to store the required amount of hot water in your bottle and up to 9 scoops of formula in the powder dispenser. Attach them together and store  inside the insulated flask to keep the hot water in the bottle warm for hours. To make a feed you simply press the push button to allow the formula to fall into the hot water and mixThe insulated flask also doubles up as storage for food jars & bottles for expressed or cows milk, keeping them hot or cold. (Baby bottle NOT included, compatible with Myyfeed & Tommee Tippee* bottles)

The fact it keeps water for hours is great I use this all the time when out and the fact that I have a warm bottle ready in seconds is great as now Mason is not waiting on me having to prepare feed and cooling It down this is a fantastic. 

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S-Bottle warmer from Difrax

1 - Feeding

The innovative S-bottle warmer developed by Difrax heats baby milk to the ideal breastfeeding temperature of 37°C within 3 minutes. No more waiting for the baby bottle to cool. With just the press of a button the breast milk or formula milk will be custom heated. The S-bottle warmer retains all the vitamins and nutrients of expressed breast milk and formula milk. The anti-colic S-baby bottle is ready for feeding your baby immediately after being warmed up. The compact S-bottle warmer can be placed within reach in the kitchen, on your bedside table or in the nursery. With one press of the button the baby milk will be heated to breastfeeding temperature within a time span of just three minutes. The nutrients of breast milk are always preserved and there is no need for shaking the bottle during the heating process for thermal dispersion. The S-baby bottle can be used instantly for feeding your baby and retains all the benefits such as the patented anti-colic system.In addition the S-bottle warmer is portable and lightweight, a blessing to parents-on-the go. Also a reassuring thought when you are not the one warming the (breast) milk and feeding the baby. All sizes of the Difrax S-bottles types Natural and Wide are employable on the S-bottle warmer. Operates on AC 230V. An indispensable, unique item amongst nursing accessories! Top-notch comfort, safety and free from hassles

If you have breast milk or use pre made formula then it is a good product.

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Yoomi 8oz Feeding System

1 - Feeding

The yoomi 3-in-1 feeding system is a premium easi-latch bottle, a travel warmer and a bedside warmer in one compact and stylish package.At the touch of a button, yoomi warms baby's milk to the natural temperature of breastmilk in just 60 seconds.  Now includes the NEW super–quick charging pod to make feeding even easier.warms feed in 60 secondsbreastmilk temperature every timeportable, ideal for feeding on-the-go or at nightnaturally shaped teat for easy latch-onunique 6 anti-colic vent system for less colicrechargeable warmer x 1502 minute charging pod (compatible with 750-1000 watt microwaves)100% BPA freeall yoomi parts interchangeable across the rangeIncludes:1 x 8oz bottle* with orange collar1 x warmer1 x charging pod* all bottles now come with a slow flow teat

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2012/13 and Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2013/14

As I was using this for expressed breast milk I would charge the unit at the time I expressed so that I knew it was ready to go when needed. It’s a great product for busy mums, to allow someone else to feed for a change.         

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