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Chiggs Baby Feed Wheel

1 - Feeding

The Baby Feed Wheel is a really useful nursery item for new parents that helps them keep track of baby's feeding times – simply turn the numbered dial to record the time when baby has his or her milk feed. Also a beautiiful yet handy new baby congratulations card, the Baby Feed Wheel is available in blue, pink and lemon, has "To" and "From" on the reverse, and is supplied with an envelope in a cellophane wrapper.

Excellent product for you or for a gift and I would be lost without it, shame I never had one with my first baby.

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Luvion Timer

1 - Feeding

The Luvion Itzbeen Baby Care Digital Timer Pink allows you to learn your baby's natural rhythms by letting you know when you last changed your baby's nappy, last time you fed your baby, what time you baby awoke or fell asleep.

But using it did make things a tiny bit easier; it jogged my memory of the last time I fed William

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Munchkin Deluxe Drying Rack

1 - Feeding Keeps work tops clean and accessories dry. It holds bottles, nipples, cups, valves, straws and a bottle brush. The built-in reservoir keeps work tops dry so they won't breed germs. The patented design folds flat so you can store it away in a snap. Wouldn't it be nice if the rest of your life could be as organised. Patented design Folds flat for easy storage. Ideal for bottles, teats, cups and accessories. Holds bottle vents, straws and Bottle & Nipple Brush upright. Holds 8 sealing discs. No assembly required. Top rack dishwasher safe.

This is a good, useful product. 

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1 - Feeding
Helps you get your baby’s milk formual right
The Heidi Products ScoopMate is simply a levelling device which helps you keep count of the number of scoops of milk formula you have put into your babies bottle/dispenser. Following the simple instructions the ScoopMate will help you prepare your babies feed accurately even when distracted or tired! This reduces the risk of under/over feeding your baby and also prevents costly waste.The ScoopMate is suitable for use with all brands of milk formula.The ScoopMate is made from and packaged with BPA free plastic.The ScoopMate is suitable to be sterilised and is dishwasher proof.The ScoopMate is manufactured in the UK
The ScoopMate is recyclable, in more ways than one.
Take a heaped scoop of milk formula using manufacturers scoop.Level off the scoop with your ScoopMate.Using your thumb, simply move the slider along 1 click to record that scoop.Place the formula into a bottle.
It is a good productthat does what it is supposed to do.

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The Wean Machine

1 - Feeding

The Wean Machine is a clever contraption which makes baby food in three easy steps! It makes weaning your baby onto solid foods easier, healthier and safer.

Solid robust product, very useful for dining out with baby

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