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Orzo♥Coffee Pronto: Organic Instant soluble barley

1 - Hot Beverages Orzo♥Coffee Pronto: Organic Instant soluble barley (200g)
How to prepare it:
Orzo♥Coffee Pronto, organic instant soluble barley, is easy to prepare. 
Easy peasy! Put 2 or 3 teaspoons of Orzo♥Coffee Pronto in a mug. Add a little hot water and stir until Orzo♥Coffee Pronto has dissolved. Add milk or sugar to taste and your Orzo♥Coffee Pronto is now ready to enjoy!
For a creamier flavour Orzo♥Coffee Pronto can be prepared with warm milk instead of water.
Orzo♥Coffee Pronto can also be used to make cakes, biscuits and other recipes. Share yours at  Orzo♥Coffee  in the Kitchen. Reseal this packet or use an air-tight container to keep your Orzo♥Coffee Pronto fresh. Keep in a cool and dry place. Nutritional values (per 100 g of Orzo♥Coffee Pronto)
Energy: Kcal 346 (kJ 1471); Protein:6.5 g; Carbohydrate: 79.8; Fat: 1 g   
When the Orzo landed in my letterbox I was weary but once I tasted my first cup I was hooked it tastes just like your average coffee only Orzo is a little creamer which I loved. I also used it in a few recipes. Much to my Childrens delight especially my older son who is ADHD they could share in a slice of coffee cake.          

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