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Online reviews how are they affecting our buying decisions?

n 2008 a group of mothers got together and decided they wanted to make a difference. They wanted to help other parents have access to information on products arriving in the market place. The internet was changing and giving parents immediate access to all the information they needed. was created and a unique Review Website was launched.  Why was this so important?  Parents all talk to each other, tell each other about products they have found, used and when they find a superb product they shout from the roof tops. 

Who are the Experts? 

Parents of course they are the ones that use products daily.  They know what makes them so valuable and helps things run smoothly.  They know exactly what they are looking for and what they demand from a product.  This is why so many parents are inventors of new products arriving on the market every year.  They KNOW WHAT THEY WANT

Bizziebaby is not a blog it is a dedicated review website.  The concept of Bizziebaby is to deliver a variety of reviews for each product featured.  This then gives parents the opportunity to read reviews from a selection of families to find out if the product suits their lifestyle, where they live and if it would benefit them as a family.

The UK has many different cities incorporating many different lifestyles and this is important for the items they are sourcing to purchase.

Bizziebaby delivers more than online reviews.  It delivers in-depth information on each product featured.  Our Bizziebaby Experts, yes the Parents are the experts put each product through its paces analysing every aspect of it and they list in great detail their experience, views on the item, whether it is good value, will they recommend and if they TRULY BELIEVE it is worthy of an award. 

Each review page not only details informative information on the product and how well it works.  The review page lists stockists in the UK plus all the contact information for the Company who manufacture or distribute item in the UK.  All the information any parent needs is available in just one click. 

Since 2008 Bizziebaby have seen a substantial growth in items submitted for review and entry into their annual awards. 

Why is this growth vital?

The internet is evolving each day and now it is part of everyone’s life.  Parents are always looking to source quick access to information about parenting, health, teething babies, sleep patterns and much more.  NOW Parents are continually sourcing information on product reviews.  They scour the internet to find what other parents have to say.  This information is then assessed and they aid them in the next parenting purchase.  

Just take a moment to check out the reviews organised by Bizziebaby over the last 4 weeks.                  

Charmazing Lets Get Started Emoji, Organix Apple Rice Cakes, Organix Raspberry & Blueberry Rice Cakes, Hello Home BearHug Toddler Bed,  GERONIMO! CHILDRENS FESTIVAL,  The Snappy Bin,  JUST DONE 9 MONTHS INSIDE PINK/SKY STRIPE BABY T SHIRT, innovative Kids Zip Sheets,  Mixers re-usable nappies by Dotty Bots, Diddi Dance CDs,  NEW Zuma the Dog Popagami,  Hauck Lock me, NEW Hauck Cool Me, Spontex MICROFIBRE KITCHEN KIT,  Ella's Kitchen 6 months range Cauliflower Cheese with Butter Beans,  On-Music PRESTO Speaker ,  NEW innovative MediClock , Fruit Heroes Fruit Bars,  Real Easy Prints from Wonderoos, Bamberoos Re-usable Nappy, Original L-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow, Organix multigrain mini cereal puffs and REHAB London Argan Oil Shaving Gel.  

Story Box 2 App from Bayard Silver Award Winner, Story Box 3 App Gold Award Winner,  Little Brown Bear Interactive Picture Book App from Bayard Bronze Award Winner, Peter Rabbit-Tales of the Start of Spring DVD Silver Award Winner,  Indestructibles Baby Book from Baby LYK SCOOPS Bizziebaby Bronze, Hello Canvas HD Metal has the WOW Factor Gold Award winner,   Didriksons Wylie Kid's Jacket SCOOPED Bizziebaby silver Award, 'Special Needs' Accessories Category and first review for Wheelchair gloves from Blossom awarded  Bizziebaby Gold,  Kiddylicious Yoghurty Melts SCOOPED Bizziebaby Bronze,  Tenstickers - Quality Decals & Stickers SCOOPS Bizziebaby Bronze Award,  Annabel Karmel by NUK Cutlery Set Bizziebaby Bronze award,  NANOGEN THICKENING TREATMENT SHAMPOO Scoops Bizziebaby Bronze, NANOGEN Double Award winners THICKENING TREATMENT CONDITIONER SCOOPS Bizziebaby Bronze,   NANOGEN ROOT BOOST HAIR THICKENING SPRAY Bizziebaby Bronze Award,  THE BODY SILK SEAMLESS NURSING BRA from Bravado SCOOPS Bizziebaby Bronze Award, Zuma The Dog Denim Jeans came up trumps and Scooped Bizziebaby Bronze Award, Zuma The Dog Long Sleeve Top another hit and Scoops Bizziebaby Bronze Award,

Hauck Change Me change mat SCOOPS Bizziebaby Bronze award, YOU All Purpose Cleaner SCOOPS Bizziebaby Bronze award, Boj - Blast off Buddies DVD was a HIT with all our Bizziebaby testers and children and SCOOPS Bizziebaby Silver Award, HUGGIES® Pull-Ups Bizziebaby Silver Award,  Seascape Les Petits Body Lotion, soft, gentle on skin and Bizziebaby Bronze Award winner,  Seascape Les Petits Hair & Body Wash  a hit with our Bizziebaby testers Scooping Bizziebaby Bronze Award, HUGGIES® Pure Wipes SCOOP Bizziebaby Bronze Award,  Seascape Soothe Sleep Oil is a lovely relaxing oil SCOOPED Bizziebaby Bronze Award,  Ella's Kitchen 6 months range Macaroni Cheese with Basil & Winner Bizziebaby Silver Award,  Ella's Kitchen 6 months range Tomato Lentil Bake with Red Pepper SCOOPED Bizziebaby Silver Award, Suffer from allergies or hayfever? HayMax™ Pure Balm SCOOPS Bizziebaby Gold Award,  HayMax™ Lavender Balm SCOOPS Bizziebaby Gold Award,. natural, works and value for money,  HayMax™ Aloe Vera Balm SCOOPS Bizziebaby Gold Award,   On-Music BRIO Speaker, great sound, portable and SCOOPS Bizziebaby Silver Award,  Hauck iCoo Acrobat Shop'n Drive System Scoops Bizziebaby Silver Award, Original U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow awarded Bizziebaby Gold Award,   Hauck Watch Me 1 Car Mirror Scoops Bizziebaby Bronze Award, Turnouts Babywear Snuggle Suit awarded Bizziebaby Gold Award,  The Original Nursing Pillow SCOOPS Bizziebaby Silver Award, DryNites® Pyjama Pants Scooped Silver Award, Shmuncki Woodland Baby Cotton Romper SCOOPS Bizziebaby Silver award, BRUZZ NAILBRUSH SCOOPS Bizziebaby Silver Award, Organix banana, peach & apple muesli SCOOP Bizziebaby Silver award,  Do you love your Sport?  Whether you love walking, running, hiking, cycling etc., just check out the Rave reviews for the 2XU 24/7 Compression Sock silver award winner, What a Hit Drumond Park RAPIDOUGH game was with our expert testers and fun, fun, fun all the way.  Read why this was awarded Bizziebaby Gold Award, Feminine Hygiene SASS INTIMATE PH BALANCED SERUM and find out why Awarded this the Bizziebaby Gold and finally Little Bou Duns Sweden Stripy Dress Scoops Bizziebaby Silver Award. 

Bizziebaby now have over 17,700 reviews live online and this is growing monthly. You can also check all the latest Bizziebaby updates by following them on Twitter @BizzieBabyUk or Facebook

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