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Bizziebaby Celebrating More Fabulous 2016 Award winners

Bizziebaby the online review website for all the family. If you are looking for detailed in-depth information on products from pregnancy through to a growing family then just click onto to help you make those all important buying decisions.

Today we are also celebrating more Fabulous Bizziebaby 2016 Award Winners – Voted for by real parents – Award winning products that are a ‘Must Have’ and obtained the Bizziebaby Testers seal of approval.

Lilypod Baby Bean Bag SCOOPS Bizziebaby Bronze Award 2016 – Baby Chairs and Swings Category -

As one tester commented Excellent product, my son found it very comfortable and I found it a great help with his daytime naps’

Doddl Cutlery Scooped Bizziebaby Silver Award 2016 – Feeding – Cutlery category – Read rave reviews

As one tester stated “We will definitely continue to use the cutlery. Shona now uses the fork and the spoon with every meal and Orla uses the knife regularly. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to encourage self-feeding from 12 months onwards as the cutlery is easy for toddlers to hold and use independently. Excellent, easy to use cutlery which aids self-feeding and independence at meal times”

Buggi Lights innovative and a ‘Must Have’ safety item Scooped Bizziebaby Silver Award 2016 – Prams/Strollers – Safety Accessories – Read more

Just one of the fab comments about these unique safety items for buggies “I had a good experience, and I'm excited to use it in the winter in the dark nights as we do enjoy walking in the evening after dinner. It was a pleasure to test these”

Haberman has been winning the hearts of our expert Bizziebaby Testers and just read all about their 2016 award winning items.

Haberman 360 Junior Cup Scooped Bizziebaby Silver Award – Toddler Cups Category – read more

“It is a quality beaker with no faults in the time we tested it. Lovely colour, easy for a child to hold it and drink from it. Overall excellent. Top of the range at a valued price.”

Haberman Adventure First Cup for baby Scooped Bizziebaby Bronze Award 2016 – Baby feeder Cups -

“I was very impressed with the product my 19 month old still needs to get the hang of it but my 4 year old is in love with it”

Haberman Suckle Feeder obtained the ultimate award this year Scooping the Bizziebaby Gold Award 2016 Feeding – Bottles Category read why our testers just loved this product

“Since receiving this to review I have already purchased another 2. I would highly recommend this bottle. I would definitely go onto using these bottles permanently as my experience was very positive and it made feeding my daughter very easy”.

Organix are certainly winners with all our expert Bizziebaby Testers and have secured a wealth of award winning items.  Read more

Organix Raspberry & Banana Muesli Scooped Bizziebaby Gold award 2016 Organic for Baby Category – Read rave reviews

“I have always been happy with Organix products so would recommend not only this product for the brand itself. Easy to use and offers some unique combinations that I wouldn’t usually combine together. As mentioned before I’m very happy with the items received. We don’t usually buy muesli to eat for breakfast so it was nice to offer out little girl something different without having to commit to a large packet”.

Organix Animal Biscuits Scooped Bizziebaby Silver Award 2016 within Toddler Biscuits Category find out more “Organic and the perfect size for a little afternoon treat for toddlers. I really expected no less from ‘Organix’, another fantastic product. A fantastic product that has become a family favourite, one biscuit is a treat for my daughter, she enjoys a tasty product and I appreciate that it is long lasting and especially the fact that she doesn’t end up covered in biscuit”.

Organix Baby Rice Scoops Bizziebaby Silver Award 2016 – Baby Food category -  “I would purchase and recommend as this is the best of the baby rice’s we have tried to date and I really trust the brand. Packaging could do with a bit of brightening up. A fab, healthy, no junk introduction for baby's first foods. Love it”.

Organix Apple Rice Cakes Scoops Bizziebaby Silver Award 2016 Food – Snacks Category – read more “These are brilliant. Great experience. Easy, hand snack that my child loves. No awkward staining colours so there is little mess involved. Tasty and nutritious. Great product”.

Organix Carrot Sticks – health, tasty and Winners of the Bizziebaby Bronze Award 2016 – Food – Snacks category read more  “Fantastic product would recommend to anybody wanting their children to try a different snack. This product is very tasty and a great snack for my little girl, a lovely snack for her”

Organix Fruity Apple Porridge Scooped Bizziebaby Bronze Award 2016 – Food – Cereals category read more  “I certainly would buy it again. I would recommend. Both Mum & Baby were happy with the product and even at ten months old, Romy enjoyed the taste and texture”

Nelsons Teetha just keep on winning and for the 4th year running Scoop Bizziebaby Silver Award 2016 within Oral Care – Teething relief items.  Read why our testers just love this product “I only wish that I had tried it from the beginning of my daughter teething. Have already recommended. Fantastic. A must for any new parents who will feel so helpless when their child is struggling with teething. I only wish I had found it sooner”

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