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The Flavour-led Weaning Cookbook By Zainab Jagot Ahmed

What is Flavour-led Weaning? The objective of flavour-led weaning is to prepare your baby for the big table by using flavours that reflect your personal home cooking, for a seamless transition to the big table when baby is 12 months or, simply, to keep your little one’s palate as broad as possible to avoid those table tantrums later on. Zainab’s Flavour-led Weaning Cookbook will help you and your child:

• Develop a positive relationship with food

• Reduce the chance of fussy eating behaviours emerging

• Enhance flavour with natural herbs and spices that contain added nutrients and health benefits to quick and easy meals

•Achieve a well-balanced diet when transitioning from breast milk or formula to solid food

Flavour-led weaning is not designed as an alternative to spoon-led or baby-led weaning, instead flavour-led weaning works alongside them to help your baby’s palate flourish into a beautiful, colourful, fragrant flower.

When Zainab and her daughter Aaliyah started their weaning journey, Zainab trawled exhaustively through weaning books, websites, blogs and forums to learn as much as she could about weaning techniques. She was shocked to find that weaning recipes, so rarely reflected the flavours she would go on to feed her little one at the family dinner table, and were often bland with little to add flavour.

Zainab wanted her daughter to love food and a variety of flavours, so undeterred she set out to create her own recipes for Aaliyah to enjoy. From which, emerged her flavour-led weaning philosophy and her new cookbook, which contains all of her research into nutritional requirements, food groups and the health benefits of herbs and spices, combined with over 100 new flavour-packed recipes for weaning.

 The Flavour-led Weaning Cookbook will guide you through each stage of weaning with expert and realistic advice, meal plans and recipes from purees through to meals for the whole family, as wells as useful charts and tables to show you which herbs and spices can be introduced at each stage of the weaning process.

About the Author

Zainab Jagot Ahmed is the UK’s leading expert on flavour-led weaning with aromatic flavours and spices. Zainab has featured in and has written articles for leading parenting titles and is an expert speaker at The Baby Show, the UK’s leading pregnancy and parenting event. Her debut cookbook Easy Indian Super Meals has won three national parenting awards. A full revised edition of this book, was published by Ebury Press in 2016.

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