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Help your child get a head start on learning a new language.

At Boolino we are always interested in new and innovative ways of encouraging children to develop their reading skills, so we were delighted to team up with One Third Stories, a brand-new start-up company that publishes children’s books that combine both English and a foreign language in its story-telling.

The books are available in four different languages – Spanish, French, German and Italian. The story is a lovely whimsical adventure that follows a young girl on a word search. She encounters lots of different characters along the way that help her find the missing words and throughout the story new vocabulary in the foreign language is gently introduced. The illustrations that accompany the story are detailed and interesting, bringing the story to life and helping children to discover new words. Included with the books are practice flash cards and an audio copy to help perfect your pronunciation.

Children will enjoy learning a new language with the subtle techniques used, making this a great starter book for those that are just beginning to learn a foreign language at school.

For those that are really interested in learning languages there is also a box subscription available, packed with useful activities and learning resources to take the book even further.

You can discover the One Third Stories Collection on our website at and learn more about One Third Stories at

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