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Breathe Easier with Cair

You can save a HUGE 40% off the Cair Smart Air Quality Sensor at using voucher code BIZZIE40.

The Cair Smart Air Quality Sensor is a sensor used to continuously track the air in your home. It learns your asthma and allergy triggers that are caused by poor indoor air quality and uses this intelligence to come up with suggestions that will help you in your day to day dealings of allergies and asthma.

Since we spend up to 90% of our time indoors, the Cair Smart Air Quality Sensor has been developed to make this time more comfortable. By monitoring the air in your home you can help make it a comfortable and healthy environment for you and your family.

Indoor air pollutants found in certain furnishings, toys and paints can negatively affect your breathing and health. Use the Cair Smart Air Quality Sensor as an environmental monitor and receive alerts when temperature, humidity, or contaminants are outside optimum levels

Poor indoor air quality is linked to a range of undesirable health effects (sneezing, dry skin, itchy eyes, headaches, asthma, and allergies). Cair will alert you when levels of airborne contaminants & irritants (like animal dander, mould, toxins & pollen) are elevated.

Features & Benefits

  • Air Quality Sensor: Detects airborne contaminants using a VOC sensor
  • Temperature Sensor: Important measure for a controlled environment
  • Mobile App: App for real-time data and customised alerts
  • LED Night Mode: LED Indicator automatically dims in darkness
  • Easy Set Up: Plug-n-Play technology which gets up and running within minutes
  • Wireless: Enables the device to connect to the cloud via the WiFi router
  • Humidity Sensor: Measures the relative humidity in the room

Particle Sensor: A sensor that counts large and small particles (triggers)

The RRP is £199.99 and we are offering a HUGE 40% off, which means
you can purchase the Cair Smart Air Quality Sensor for the promotional
price of £119.99 using voucher code BIZZIE40.

Valid until 31st May 2017.
T&C’s available at

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