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 .·         UK parents spend on average £166 on hosting parties for their kids

·         39% of parents of five year olds feel obliged to invite the whole class to their child’s party

·         Seven year olds enjoy the most extravagant parties with the average costing £188.41

·         Parents reveal used hairbrushes, drawn in colouring books and IOUs as most unusual presents received!

·         Disney’s Party Index highlights the UK’s latest children’s party trends as new Disney Party site launches for parents to be inspired, plan and shop for their little one’s party 

A party is a time to celebrate, but research released today shows hosting children’s parties can leave parents stressed and perplexed with the pressure to host the perfect day for their youngster.

To mark the launch of Disney’s new one-stop children’s party destination site, Disney Party, the UK’s first children’s party index has been commissioned, revealing the latest trends in children’s party planning.

Following a survey of 2,000 UK parents, the research from the Disney Party Index reveals that Brits spend on average £166 a year hosting parties for their kids. Seven year olds enjoy the most extravagant parties with the average costing £188.41, while 11 year olds appear to have more modest taste with only £152.95 spent on their shindig.

With the hefty price tag that comes with organising your child’s party, it is no surprise that 58 per cent of parents claim that cost is their primary worry in the run up to the event and 60 per cent even admit to joining forces with other parents to host a joint party, in a bid to keep costs down.  

The newly launched Disney Party site can help alleviate some of the costs associated with party planning by catering for all budgets. From its free personalised Disney, Marvel and Star Wars party invites, its free party dashboard that helps manage and schedule the big day, the inspirational party Ideas section, the best selection of paid for Disney Party products, plus the character call from Mickey or Minnie Mouse to your little one on their big day (when you do make a purchase, however small), the site is designed to help parents give their kids an unforgettable party.

The report highlights that we’re a nation of ‘present pleasers’ with 23 per cent of parents admitting they’ve spent more than they can afford on gifts because of the pressure to impress. Londoners spend the most on average - £12.62 per gift compared with residents of the South West whose average spend is £8.40. But presents don’t have to be over-budget as shown by the parents who revealed an IOU, a drawn in colouring book and a used hairbrush as the most random presents they’ve received!

And it’s not just a financial investment parents are making, as nearly a quarter of Brits (23 per cent) start planning their children’s party two months in advance - with six year olds getting the most attention given to their special day with a huge six weeks planning time.

The Disney Party Index research also shows that good old fashioned British manners still play a pivotal role in the big day. Only 7% would dream of sending guests home empty handed and 1 in 4 parents feel obliged to invite the whole class to avoid upset (this increases to 39% of parents of five-year-olds). Over half (52 per cent) of parents polled also insist that their children write thank you letters to all their guests. However, kids in the South East are more polite with 64% writing them compared to only 29% in Northern Ireland.

Parenting expert, Anita Cleare, said “Although it can be a stressful job, it’s great to see that 53 per cent of parents still enjoy hosting parties for their children. The Disney Party Index highlights the numerous challenges parents face when planning or attending a party – from deciding how many people to invite, to how much to spend on gifts. Parents feel pressured to not only impress their children, but other parents too. We hope the report provides budding party planners with useful insights that they can use when planning their next children’s party.”

Graham Burridge, managing director at Disney Stores Europe, said: “We created the Disney Party site as we know people love putting on Disney, Marvel and Star Wars themed parties but that parents are time-poor and there are lots of different stresses and costs associated with party planning. We hope that by offering a one-stop-shop where parents can be inspired, plan and shop for all things Disney in one place, they’ll have all the tools to put on a great party for their children in an affordable and fun way.”

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