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Hi, I'm Marie Delanote Author of 'Acorns to Great Oaks – Meditations for Children'

I want my four children to live happily, healthily and successfully (and there are many different meanings for success!) What did I do for myself and my children? What can you do?

I developed very easy to apply fun visualisation techniques that enhance creative thinking, mental strength, positive thinking, and self-esteem, in order to harness the mind – the basis of a fabulous, happy, and successful life. You can use these exercises together in a playful way, there is no right or wrong, whatever works best for you and your child. That way, when they really need them to deal with their emotions and life, they will know what to do!

So I created my new book and CD
'Acorns to Great Oaks – Meditations for Children'.
Meditation and awareness training allows us to find the place in our hearts and minds where we feel happy and trusting, so that we can feel good again,
in any situation, wherever we are, and as quickly as possible.

By performing my meditations and visualisation exercises regularly,
children will become:

• aware of their own importance in the world

• aware of the role of energy

• aware of how their thoughts and feelings influence their
lives and those of others

• aware of their connection with the beautiful planet we live on

• aware of how they can change anything for the better, easily and quickly, in order to create trust, strength and happiness.

• decreased levels of the stress hormone cortisol

• help to acknowledge feelings instead of pushing them away, (pushing emotions away is at the base of depression, anxiety, eating problems…)

• higher concentration

In Acorns to Great Oaks – Meditations for Children, you will find:

• ladybugs that eat away unpleasant situations and feelings

• dragons that show how good change can be

• fairies who suck away angry energies with hoovers

Competition time!
We have 3 books and 3 CD's worth £9.99 each
to giveaway to 6 lucky winners.

To Win just answer the following question:

Where does the book and CD launch for 'Acorns to Great Oaks - Meditations for Children' take place?
(The clue is on my website

Answer A: Waterstones-Leicester Square

Answer B: Waterstones-Piccadilly

Answer C: Foyles-Westfield Stratford City

• colours to breathe-in and make them feel a certain way

• angels who will remove the backpack of worries from their shoulders

• and so much more

The meditation exercises can be performed in as little as one minute or 5-10 minutes, making it easy to incorporate them into daily life.

Then send your answer to Marie Delanote
with your name and address, and you will automatically be
entered into our Prize Draw.

When submitting entry please highlight preference book or CD version.

Competition ends Friday 9th June 2017.

Find out more by visiting my website
You can also find me on 
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