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Getting zesty helps with the housework!

Sodasan’s new Lime Oil Power Cleaner is the perfect cleaning product when it comes to blitzing the home.

Not only does it have a natural, fresh citrusy aroma, it can be used around the home on all wipeable surfaces and even banishes furniture and carpet stains, removes glue, chewing gum and ball point pen marks in upholstery, fabric and carpets. The Sodasan Lime Oil Power Cleaner even removes grease and fat spots to transform a dirty smelly oven into a freshly scented gleaming beauty.

Most cleaning products that are capable of removing tough stains such as felt-tip pen, glue residue and nail varnish are packed with harsh toxic chemicals which can harm the environment and also the skin. But the new Sodasan Lime Oil Power Cleaner is the perfect eco-friendly natural alternative for the conscious consumer who make only natural choices to protect both people and the environment; it uses pure plant based surfactants, is free from synthetic dyes and preservatives, is chlorine and phosphate free, is biodegradable and not tested on animals.

Sodasan’s Lime Oil Power Cleaner is suitable for vegans, packed with natural ingredients and is surprisingly tough on stains making it a versatile cleaner for around the home and eliminates bad odours such as those caused by outside bins.

Sodasan Lime Oil Power Cleaner is available online at and in all good health stores,  £7.95 for 250ml

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