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Welcome to the new Winter 2017 Spring 2018 Enfield Event Listings

If you are wondering what’s happening across Enfield this season fret not! Enfield is bursting with events and activities throughout the Christmas season and beyond.

The biggest pantomime in North London is coming back in full swing at Millfield Theatre. Starting on November 23rd, families across the borough and beyond will walk through the Millfield doors to be entertained… ‘Oh yes they will’. 

Forty Hall has many fine activities this Christmas; lots of brand new and exciting events are taking place. It is the perfect opportunity for local residents to step inside away from the cold into the beautiful Hall. The Night before Christmas Exhibition will allow you to experience the sights, sounds and scents of Christmas past. Then for the first time join Forty Hall for the ‘Late Opening’ of their new exhibition.


The Dugdale is bursting with arts and culture activity this season. From exhibitions to children’s Christmas shows and already sold out musical shows to film events the Dugdale has a great varied programme this season.


Seasons Greetings in advance and we hope you enjoy seeing everything taking place across Enfield.


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The Enfield Presents Team


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