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Welcome to the wonderful world of Freddy Buttons!

Freddy Buttons is a food education tool and resource to help parents and teachers encourage children to take an interest in good, wholesome food
and where it comes from.

Freddy Buttons goes on food adventures with his talking animal friends who he calls his FBI, which we all know could only mean one thing…the Freddy Buttons Investigators! Together, they have wonderful food adventures which teach children about different foods and animals
in a fun and exciting way.

The world of Freddy Buttons is full of fun and exciting things to do.  On the website you can find tasty recipes, links to our YouTube cooking tutorials, puzzles, colouring pictures and lots more! If you are a Freddy Buttons fan, we’d love to see you on our Freddy Buttons Fan Gallery.

A bit about Freddy Buttons, Freddy is an 8 year old boy who lives at Tumbledown Cottage with his parents.

He likes school. He loves to grow food. He really loves to eat good food. He really really loves his animals. He’s just like you or me really – but….. Freddy can talk to the creatures at Tumbledown Cottage.

Whether it’s Gossipy Gloria or Lissy the Cat, Freddy can stop and have a chat with them. Cool isn’t it?

And when things go wrong and there’s a mystery to solve, Freddy can call on the FBI (Freddy Buttons Investigators) to help him solve the problem.

Freddy's Friends are Juno the dog, Gossipy Gloria, Lissey the Cat, Mahatma Gander, Major Prickles (He's the Hedgehog) and Willow Goose.

 .To enjoy more of these adventures, recipes and fun things to do visit: and use

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Now you can enjoy all his adventure. 

For more information about our books visit us here or follow us on
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