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Get set for squeals and giggles of sheer delight as little ones give full vent to their fascination with all things poo… Because the simple idea behind this game revolves around WHETHER GASSY THE COW WILL MOOO - OR POOO! Tee hee… and she looks so innocent, too.

Drumond Park’s new and endearing Gassy the Cow table-top game (rrp £24.99, age 4+) will be careering into the shops in time for Christmas…so be prepared! The aim of this jolly, easy-to-play game is to avoid Gassy’s poo and dodge the golden brown mega poo – thus keeping your welly boots the cleanest.

Play starts as the children take turns on the spinner – and the person with boots in the colour it points to has to ‘walk’ their boots up to Gassy’s bottom and wait… whilst the first player lifts her tail. If she moos you’ve been lucky, as it’s just ‘wind’ and no poo will present itself.  Phew – you’re safe, this time around!

Here’s where it gets super-exciting! 
There’s a good chance that Gassy will ‘poo’ when her tail is lifted, and a plastic Splat will come out! It could be a POO (brown Splat) - which you stand in your wellies to clip it to the bottom of your boots, but you’re safe for the time being.  Or it could be a WEE (yellow Splat) – this is good because it ‘washes’ any poo splats off your boots. However, if it’s a splat of MEGA POO (golden brown) – ewww, that’s really, really gross… and also means that you’re OUT of the game!

The WINNER is the last player standing – the person with the cleanest boots. Hurrah!
 Note:  Requires 2 x AAA batteries

Competition Time and we have 3 to give away!!! All you have to do to be in with a chance to win is finish this sentence -
Watch out for the MEGA POO - it's ______!
You will find the answer here.
Best of luck!

Send your answer to with heading #WIN Drumond Park/Gassy the Cow.  *3 lucky winners will be chosen 05/01/18*

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