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Get a whopping 25% discount off Alteya Organics

It is Christmas time! The season for cheers, festivities and celebration! The season of kindness, of treats, of giving and receiving gifts!

And when it comes to gifts, it is our little ones that seem to love them the most - the anticipation, the shine in their eyes, the delight they experience when they feel our love expressed through giving!

This year we at Alteya Organics have again joined forces with the ever caring Bizziebaby team to offer you a present of our own – an amazing discount throughout the festive

season on selected Alteya Organics products for an even better Christmas time.

Our Certified Organic Mom and Baby products are hypoallergenic, clinically tested, free of synthetic ingredients and pesticide residue. We developed these premium products to be safe and effective and to use on our own babies and children, and we are proud to offer them to other parents and moms-to-be!

And now, ONLY until the end of this year or until stocks last you can get a whopping 25% discount off the real price of the products below! Just follow the links and apply promo code ALTEYA25 when buying! USDA certified organic Baby Wash
for Body and Hair (150ml) is a very mild and highly effective body and hair wash, safe
and gentle enough for even the most
sensitive new-born skin.
Alteya USDA certified organic Baby
Lotion is a wonderfully gentle, soothing
and nourishing daily moisturizer made
with the finest grade rose, calendula
and apricot oils.
Alteya USDA certified organic Baby Calming Mist is a gentle aromatherapy spray to help baby relax and to promote restful sleep, a wonderful addition to the bedtime routine.

With these three products above, you can give your child a complete and incredibly healthy and pleasurable treatment routine – first a bath or a shower, then applying lotion for a happy nourished skin and then a whiff of magic with the calming mist for a restful sleep! And all for a very modest price when you apply promo code ALTEYA25 now!

And we have not forgotten about you – the parents!
Give yourself a treat too, you deserve it!

Take a look at the options below!
Alteya`s USDA certified organic hair treatment and conditioner is available in two different sizes
(40ml and 100ml) is a high-class treatment and conditioner which keeps hair strong and nourished. Regular use fortifies weak, thinning
and shredding hair.
Alteya`s USDA certified organic relaxing massage oil is and exquisite blend of highly beneficial plant oils carefully selected to help induce a sense of lightness and relief from all mundane worries! Give yourself the peace
and the bliss!

The promo code ALTEYA25 will expire on 02/01 and is valid until then or until the stocks last so be quick!

Grab a 25% discount now!

Wish you a fabulous Christmas! :)

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