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Little Hope Organics, The Collateral Beauty behind it!

The Story behind the formation.

Little Hope Organics story behind the formation of their new baby
skincare line. Little Hope Organics, has a Collateral Beauty story behind it
and is very close and personal to my heart as it is named after my baby daughter Hope, to demonstrate never to give up hope when life gives you
a curve ball and the love, care and affection a mother holds for a child sensitivity to the very touch of a child.

This brand is not just another baby skincare line it is inspired by a story of a daughter who lost both her parents in transition to becoming a first-time
mother herself. Little Hope Organics is inspired by unfathomable emotions
that revolve around life, death and time. I received three ingredients it
was LOVE, TIME and DEATH. They did not come in that specific order,
it’s as if the pain and the joy, the love and the loss existed as two sides
of a coin that was spinning so fast I couldn’t tell one from the other.
It all started with one event after the other, when I endured an electrocution accident in 2014, unable to get out of bed the next morning with numbness in both my legs not being able to stand up to walk was devastating the thought and the fear that went through my heart and head was terrifying it felt like darkness. My world was shaken up overnight and it felt devastating. I manage through determination and physio to recover and walk again. Shortly after that while heavily pregnant in my 40-week trimester I received the news from abroad in August 2015 that my mum past away, this was a week before I became a first-time mum. I was blessed with a beautiful little baby girl called Hope a week later and on February 2016 my dad past away. I was torn apart, and in such a short space of time I lost both my parents and I also knew that my daughter would never meet her wonderful grandparents. Living on the other side of the continent and not being able to go to the funeral was heart breaking, as my daughter was just born. My world was shaken losing my mom and then my dad it was a very difficult time for me, while at the same time I was blessed with immense happiness of a lovely angel named Hope. That deep feeling of love which overwhelms you? In that you see this collateral beauty, because it starts to make you remember all the things your parents may have done for your wellbeing and the how good and bad memories you have shared with them, and how fortunate you might have been to be among them.
Through this journey I have learned, we need TIME to develop LOVE
and we need LOVE to understand and accept DEATH. We need
DEATH to make use of our TIME meaningfully.
Time is a concept. There is no beginning, no end. We only feel time when
we feel it in our bodies. Time is set to measure existence. But really, what
is time? Real time is when you interact with the people you love to create
an impact, to live a life full of love, not even death can conquer.
Where there is no beginning and end… that love doesn't have to stop
when life ends because death is just a symbolic beginning - for the
ones left behind to live and love life. That in death, there is love. Love transcends time, and death. And in death, there is love. And in time,
there’s no death - if we are filled with love with the people we love who loves
us back, unconditionally… we are all connected.
Life is a teacher and Love is the reward in all its forms. When we can see
love where darkness used to reside we can finally turn our lives and those around us into something glorious.

Little Hope Organics are offering you the chance to WIN some of their baby goodies in one gorgeous gift bag worth £70.00.
The company is offering five different products, which includes massage oil, nappy cream, baby lotion, tip to toe wash, and baby shampoo.

Little Hope Organics will also be launching some more exciting new products for mum and baby, both prenatal and postnatal. Little Hope Organics specialize in natural, organic skincare. Each exclusive formula is developed to nourish, replenish and protect especially delicate and sensitive skin. We felt that the preservatives and synthetic ingredients used in beauty products, and their negative effects on both the skin and environment needed to change. Creating gentle yet effective skincare suitable for mum and baby and research, fact-finding, formulating and design saw Little Hope Organics launch.

Little Hope Organics is in memory of my parents and devoted to my beautiful little baby girl Hope. Engela van der Berg Little Hope Organics

For your chance to WIN 1 of 3 baby bundles worth £70.00
all you have to do is answer the following question.

Who is the main mascot character for
Little Hope Organics? Blossom The .....!

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b) Otter

c) Squirrel

d) Bunny

e) Badger
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*Competition closes 12th April* 

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