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Survey reveals drop in self-confidence suffered by C-section mums

The devastating drop in self-confidence suffered by C-section mums of all ages has been revealed in a new survey.

 .Almost 40 per cent admit they are less confident in their post-birth body – and 42 per cent now refuse to wear a bikini.

The figures comes after it was revealed C sections are on the rise in the UK and now account for more than a quarter of UK births. In 2015-16 approximately 173,000 Caesareans were carried out.

In the survey one in five women confessed to being too self-conscious to get undressed in front of their partner or to wear tight clothes.

Around a third suffered upset or concern due to their scar’s appearance.

The findings were revealed in a survey of 800 British women by Fagron UK, the manufacturer of silicone scar gel Nourisil MD.

Nourisil MD treats scars left by wounds, burns, cosmetic surgery, general medical procedures – and C-sections – with a unique blend of
five silicones and vitamin E.

Peter Batty, Fagron UK’s general manager, said: “There are many reasons why a woman may undergo a Caesarean section.

“For those who do, there can be quite serious changes to the way they view their bodies afterwards.

“Of course, becoming a mum is a life-changing event, but the consequences of a C-section on self-esteem are not always considered until later.

“C-sections are becoming increasingly common in the UK and scars and pain following the surgery are obviously a concern for many mums.”

Nearly a quarter of mums had taken steps to conceal their wound, with a sixth admitting to using a recovery gel at least three times a week.

Peter continued: “While the mother and baby’s health are the clear priority, this survey shows women who have a Caesarean may be left with
unexpected emotional scars.

“With around a sixth of women saying they use a recovery gel, it is important they choose the best available.”

Elective C-sections are planned, such as for a baby that is either in the wrong position or very large. Of these, there were 73,551 on the NHS in
2015-16, around 6,750 more than four years earlier.

In contrast, emergency caesareans are typically carried out because of complications during labour. Figures show an increase in these, from
97,054 in 2011-12 to 99,403 in 2015-16.

During the same period, conventional births dropped from 407,031 to 382,514.

Other common reasons for a C-section include the woman having a low-lying placenta or pregnancy-related high blood pressure, known as pre-eclampsia.

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