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Who will Become the Mölkky Master?

Durability and fun – these values make Mölkky from Tactic Games a genuine 2000s game sensation. The rules are simple, providing great fun for players of any age.

Mölkky is a fun combination of chance and skill that is quick to learn and exciting to play. Take turns to throw the Mölkky skittle to try and knock over various numbered pins. The aim of the game is to score exactly 50 points. But watch out, if you get more than 50, your score will be knocked back down to 25! 


Mölkky can be enjoyed in any outdoor space – from your back garden to the local park. Play one-on-one or get a team together – the more the merrier! All ages and fitness levels are welcome. 

The Mölkky game is originally from Päijänne, in Southern Finland, where it has been played for centuries. It is the most popular outdoor game in the Nordic countries and it is gathering momentum all over the world! 

Annual National Mölkky competitions have been held in several countries around the world since 2004. Teams from all over the world gather to most important tournament of the year to compete of the World Champion title! The 2018 world championship will be held in Pori, Finland - the home of Tactic Games OY where Molkky is manufactured. 

The game is manufacturerd from wood that has been logged from sustainably managed forests with the PEFC-certificate. This makes Mölkky is an environmentally friendly way to enjoy some fresh air and a little friendly competition! 

The perfect game to get family and friends together in the great outdoors, put the pins up and get playing! 

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