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Grandparents are in the know when it comes to in car safety for kids

Survey reveals grandparent confidence in child car seat law

Almost double the proportion of grandparents claim to know the law compared to parents 

 Nearly three quarters drive their grandchildren more than one to two times per week

Grandchildren are in good hands when their grandparents are behind the wheel.  Research released today by mifold, the Grab-and-Go child restraint, has found that nearly 80 per cent of grandparents claim to be clear about the rules and regulations concerning child car seats, with 38 per cent being very or extremely clear.

Not only do grandparents know the law but they also haven’t flouted it – nearly 80 per cent of grandparents say they haven’t broken child car seat regulations.   

This is in stark contrast to parents - with only 44 per cent of parents admitting they are clear on the rules and regulations of travelling with kids in road vehicles.  Furthermore, over a quarter of parents fear they have inadvertently broken regulations relating to travelling with children in vehicles and 54 per cent worry they might in the future and not know it.  

The survey of 135 grandparents found that they are hands on – with nearly three quarters (72 per cent) driving their grandchildren more than one to two times per week and over 40 per cent driving them more than twice per week. 

Father-of-four, Jon Sumroy, who invented mifold, said: “A quarter of working families use grandparents for childcare and our research shows this involves driving them around.  We’re pleased to see that grandparents feel confident with car seat rules and regulations as road accidents account for a large number of deaths of young children each year. Our mifold Grab-and-Go child restraint is ultra-compact and highly portable, making it the perfect solution for children travelling in cars where their usual car seat is not an option. Of those families using mifold, 45 per cent are being used in grandparents’ cars, proving it has become very popular with grandparents around the world.”

For those journeys when a child’s regular car seat is not available, mifold, engineered for four to 12 year olds, offers a highly portable child restraint that offers the following benefits: 

Advanced engineering

Built using super tough plastic polymers, aircraft grade aluminium and supportive Dense Foam, top designers, engineers and industry experts have created the mifold to not only be mighty strong but to also offer ultimate comfort. 


Measuring only 23 x 10.5 x 4.5cm (LxWxH) when folded and weighing less than a small bottle of water (0.70kg), mifold can adjust to securely restrain children of all sizes – the lap belt guides have three positions and the Quick-Clip allows fast, easy and accurate adjustment for children of all heights. 


Mighty small and mighty strong, mifold is highly portable.  It can be carried in a child’s backpack, a mum’s handbag, hand luggage and even kept in a vehicle’s glove compartment. 

How mifold works

mifold harnesses the seat belt around the child in three places - instead of lifting the child up to reach the seatbelt.  3 belt guides accurately hold the seatbelt down on the shoulder and hip bone, offering the correct amount of restraint in the event of impact.  

mifold is available from, John Lewis, and other selected retailers for £49.95. Visit for further information.

·        Grandparent survey undertaken via Survey Monkey May 24 – 1st June 2018.

·         mifold is distributed in the UK by


Product specification:

mifold is designed to conform to the most universally accepted global booster car seat regulations worldwide.  It has been regularly and rigorously crash tested in facilities around the world, complying successfully with the performance requirements of all the regulations.

·         Group 2/3 car seat regulated according to ECE R44.04 of child restraints

·         For children weighing between 15-36kg or 33-79lb

·         Aged 4-12 years old

·         Features 3-point belt guides to ensure the seat belt is correctly and securely fitted to a child

·         Weight of car seat: 0.70kg

·         Dimensions when folded: L23 x W10.5 x H4.5cm

mifold has sales operations in 51 countries and distributes around the world.  mifold uses ‘rocket science’ technology that has been recognised with a NASA ‘Create the Future’ design award.

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