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To celebrate International Babywearing Week 1st October, LittleLife shares the benefits of carrying your baby in a back carrier as they develop and grow.

Babywearing helps parents to bond with their babies and to adapt to the world at large.  It allows a baby to hear a heartbeat and familiar voices, which are comforting and reassuring and foster the natural bonding process.

But there comes a time, normally when a baby is bigger and stronger, can sit up comfortably on their own and enjoy the world around them, that parents should consider a back carrier. 

Transitioning from babywearing with a soft front carrier to popping them on your back, out of sight is a proud moment but it can also feel quite daunting.  Below we explore some of the many benefits of using a back carrier.

  1. Exercise and health

A brisk walk with your baby in a carrier is considered by many fitness trainers as great cardio and good for your health.  Walking while carrying your child in a back carrier will increase your heart rate and at the same time, release those all-important endorphins. It also puts less strain on the wearer and can help improve posture.  Carrying home your shopping in the large pocket, as well as your child, will certainly raise a sweat, burn calories and build core strength.

  1. Hands free

Back carrying is one of the most liberating types of carries – it enables you to be hands-free and keep your little one stimulated by their surroundings and safe all at the same time.  Back carriers quite simply allow you to remain active and get around places that might otherwise be tricky - crowded shopping centres, cobbled streets, airports, museums and castles - the list is endless and there is no need to compromise when you have the option of using a baby carrier.

  1. Physical closeness

Even as your baby grows, they still have a fundamental need for physical contact with their parents and caregivers. It’s proven that little ones who are carried sleep better, cry less, feed and gain weight better.  They also tend to be more alert and interact with the world around them. 

  1. Development and awareness

Carrying your little one on your back enables them to take in all the sights and sounds of the world at large.  Babywearing allows for both closeness and mobility for the parent but the back carrier can open up an entire world for both baby and parent.

When they realise they can see what you see, babble to you, and still have a wriggle, they usually love it. Often, children are lulled to sleep by the gentle sway of your walking, resting their heads on the pillow. And when it all goes quiet, you can check on them using the pocket mirror.

  1. Explore and adventure

With a back carrier, you can plot an off-road route, taking your usual kit – snacks, drinks, nappies, wipes, phone and a friend – and go for it! There are apps, like the OS maps app, that are brilliant for discovering new parts of the countryside. Being out in the fresh air will literally lift your gaze from the floor to the sky and you will feel better for it, freeing your mind from the repetitive mechanics of life at home.

Autumnal weather is no excuse – your well wrapped-up baby will be snug as a bug in their carrier, and with the waterproof cover they will stay dry. Venturing off the beaten path (or the pavement) with your carrier is liberating. You can go so much further than even an off-road buggy will allow – not limited by rocky paths, stiles or even muddy bogs.


  1. Make sure the carrier fits well, with the lower edge of the waist strap resting on your hips, allowing them to take most of the weight, rather than your shoulders.
  2. Walk with your back straight and shoulders back. Resist the temptation to strain your head forward, putting pressure on your neck and shoulders.
  3. Keep ankles and knees flexed and responsive – ready for uneven terrain and wriggling cargo.
  4. Use the rain cover or sun shade.


Years of technical know-how are poured into LittleLife’s child carriers.  Thoughtfully designed so that parents can retain their freedom to explore but also share the experience with their precious cargo.  LittleLife has carriers suitable for short trips to the shops through to long hikes in the country.

The lightest British Standard framed back carrier at only 1.7kg, the Ranger S2 is perfect for short walks in town or country.

The Ranger S2 features an adjustable back system, and the patented ‘anchor point’ to add stability when placing a child in the carrier. It also includes handy top grab handles, soft face pad, two useful hip pockets and the option for a six-litre storage pouch (available to buy separately).

Spec: Suitable for babies from 6 – 36m, Suitable for adults 1.57 – 1.87m, Max load 20kg, Dimensions 260 x 280 x 750mm.

RRP: £99.99




An award-winning child carrier, weighing only 1.9kg, the Adventurer S2 includes a kick-out leg offering stability on the ground and allows the carrier to collapse for storage, making it a great travel companion.  A perfect option for trips to the park and shops as well as weekends away.

Spec: Suitable for babies from 6 – 36m, Suitable for adults 1.57 – 1.87m, Max load 20kg, Dimensions 410 x 320 x 730mm.

RRP: £119.99



This clever design incorporates a hidden frame and fully padded backsystem, as well as our patented X-buckle for enhanced comfort for adult and child. The compact design makes it ideal for air travel as it is classified as hand baggage by most airlines.

Spec: Suitable for babies from 6 – 36m, Suitable for adults 1.57 – 1.80m, Max load 15kg, Dimensions 280 x 260 x 510mm

RRP: £134.99  

Set your family free to explore with the latest range of child carriers from LittleLife.  Find our more or view the full collection 

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