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Planning your 2019 Budgets?

Then check out the promotional opportunities on offer from Bizziebaby.

                                                                                                                     Do you have a promotional Video showing your product at its best?

                                                                                                                             Do you have a Buy Now Link for your product?
                                                                                                                Will you be planning special events or discount promotions during 2019?

                                                  If the answer is YES to all of the above then we have the ideal promotion for you.

The Visual Aid

A Video tells you everything you need to know about a product. It highlights how easy
item is to use, how well it works and gets everyone into BUY mode. 

Just imagine throughout the targeted break selecting specific products to showcase your Best Video and link to BUY NOW – Never been easier.

Bizziebaby now has the Video Promotion – You supply us with text, YouTube Video and buy now link. Once approved this will run 8am Every morning and 8pm every day on our
Bizziebaby Facebook and Twitter pages for 7 days.

Each morning your Video Buy Now Promotion will reach 37,000 Plus Followers at prime time

Cost £80 

                                                                                                  So take advantage of this unique targeted
                                                                                                         promotion today and contact 


                                                                                   Bizziebaby have over 19,500 families on their database which is updated weekly.

Do you have a product that will appeal to a new and growing family?
Do you have a product that is perfect for Baby and Toddler’s?
Do you have a product that will make life easier for Mum & Dad’s?
Do you have a new Eco Product that will appeal to new and growing families?

The list is endless as our database captures new and growing families from pregnancy right the way through to children leaving school.

                                                                  A family is changing each and every year and we have the Audience for you.      

                                                                                                     Bizziebaby Solus Newsletter

Bizziebaby is the Only service for parents that dedicates their website to feature
in-depth reviews of products, services, places to visit, sport, men’s, women’s products, baby, pregnancy and so much more. Once you become a family your life changes throughout
the years and our Bizziebaby website is dedicated to delivering informative, Real Time,
honest reviews of products that are applicable to everyone from the first pregnancy
through to teenage years and beyond.

Our database is updated weekly and we now have a database of 19,500 families which you can target with Special Promotions, competitions, events of general update on new product arrivals.

This can be achieved by utilising our Bizziebaby Solus Newsletter
which is mailed at 8pm every Monday and Friday throughout the year. A Solus Newsletter totally dedicated to your Brand and this will land in 19,500 mail boxes.  What an opportunity.

Cost £50.00

                                                                                           Take advantage of this exclusive promotional
                                                                                                   opportunity today and contact
                                                                               Becky Taylor – 0845 2930998 Email:

        Plan your 2019 promotional activity today.  Whether you have a top winter product, launching  new products next year, have special                 promotions for Spring, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Summer, Back To School, Holidays, Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas                                                                      2019 we can deliver a cost effective promotion for you.


We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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