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As the #DCby1 (Dental Check by One Campaign) gained momentum in Spring 2018, Bickiepegs Healthcare supports dental practice managers and hygienists to get babies into the dentist’s chair before their first birthday.

Bickiepegs Healthcare is reaching out to dental practices nationwide by pledging to award certificates to babies on the their first dentist visit to help promote the BSPD’s (British Society of Paediatric Dentistry) and NHS’s #DCby1 initiative.  This programme is designed to encourage parents to take their babies to the dentist before their first birthday.  Bickiepegs believes that together with dental practices they can play a significant role in highlighting the unacceptable level of children with tooth decay so are focusing on rewarding visiting babies with a certificate at their local dentist surgery.

Melonie Prebble, Dental Therapist & Hygienist comments “Some parents might feel daunted by the prospect of taking their small baby to the dentist before they are one.  I have seen mums and dads worry that their baby won’t settle or allow the dentist to look in their infant’s mouth.  It’s important to tell parents not to worry since dental professionals are used to dealing with the youngest of patients.  Whilst the first check is about an overall examination of the mouth, gums and any erupted teeth, it is just as much about acclimatising the baby to the sounds, sights and experience of being at the dentist.  We do our best to make it as gentle and fun as possible.  The baby can sit on their parent’s knee throughout and it will be over in a matter of moments!” 

Melonie continues “This first check is also the ideal moment for a dental expert to give home oral care advice recommending a specialist baby toothbrush, such as Bickiepegs Finger Toothbrush and Gum Massager,  so that babies start a good regime as early as possible.  We can also help with teething advice too – and Bickiepegs will even give your baby a certificate to mark this special day!.”

Bickiepegs Healthcare, a committed supporter of babies’ oral care since 1925, recognises the key role dental surgeries play. To this end they are supporting dental practices with #DCby1 posters and certificates for babies on their first dental check up. 

Alex Blincoe, Director of Bickiepegs Healthcare explains “The aim is to get educational messages up onto the walls of dentists’ surgeries and in reception rooms so that both the parents of young babies and expectant women are in no doubt of how important it is to take their baby to the dentist before they are one year old.”


Instructions for Use:  Wash hands and fit over adult’s index finger.  If the silicone is too tight you can roll the brush-up from the bottom and gently stretch the brush to help the fit.  Once on the index finger, moisten the brush with clean water and gently rub the teeth and gums at the front and back of the baby’s mouth.  Use a circular motion when cleaning teeth and gums.  Do not use with toothpaste unless advised by a dentist.  Wash with warm soapy water after use and sterilise with a cold-water system regularly.

Technical Details:  The product comes in twin packs (two brushes per box) and are BA, PVC & Phthalate-Free.  They are made from food-grade silicone making them safe for use in infant and adult oral care.

Safety Advice:  For use only by an adult on an infant.  Do not leave your children unattended with this toothbrush.  Never allow your child to play with or swallow the toothbrush.  Keep out of reach of children when not in use.  This is not a toy or a pacifier and will damage if chewed.  Replace the brush if torn or damaged.

Pricing & Availability: Available as twin packs with a recommended retail price of £4.49 from Ocado, Sainsbury’s, leading pharmacies  as well as on-line at

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