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BabyBjorn Soft Bib

The BABYBJÖRN Soft Bib is ergonomically designed to fit your child perfectly. This soft and comfortable bib catches food that "misses” baby’s mouth. The neckband is a soft beaded ring and has an adjustable fastening. This allows your rapidly growing child to use it for a long time. With the BABYBJÖRN Soft Bib, washing sticky bibs will be a thing of the past. Just rinse it off and use it again.

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BabyBjorn Soft Bib Reviews

Product Tested by: Joanne Leece - Lewis 15 Months

Product Tested By Joanne Leece – Lewis 15 Months

Joanne Awarded the Babybjorn Soft Bib 5/5

First impression was that the bib was very soft and flexible compared to other bibs I have used before. Nice bright colour too! I was very impressed with the fastening on this product, it was very soft so has never caused any soreness or irritation to my son. Very easily adjusted also. Very good quality, i feel it is definatley worth the RRP. Currently is the perfect size for Lewis, it in no way bothers him whilst he has it on, the coverage is very good, catches all the crumbs and food that manages to miss his mouth!! He still has alot of room to grow into it too. Love the shape of the bib, previous products i have tried have been way too wide for him so he has been really uncomfortable, with this one its nicely shaped around him. The tray at the bottom is a godsend, it catches every crumb or piece of food that misses his mouth, which means less cleaning for me! I love for the fabric of the bib, its so soft and flexible that he will even play with it still on him. The fabric of the fastening is also excellent, has never irritated him around his neck. The bib is so easily cleaned, have found with previous products that tomato based foods have stained them, this bib however has cleaned up straight away in hot soapy water. Definatley good value for money, would definatley go out and purchase another if needed to, Lewis will we wearing this until it no longer fits him. When I first received the product I was quite wary as to how Lewis was going to react to wearing it due to past experiences with different products, but was very impressed when I felt how soft and flexible it was and how easy it was for him to wear it. I think this product is an excellent product and can safely say that he will be wearing it until he has fully grown out of it. I would definatley pay the RRP for this product, it is definatley worth every penny! Joanne Leece – Lewis 15 Months


Product Tested By Briony Campbell – Isabella 15 Months

Briony Awarded the Babybjorn Soft Bib 5/5

Good quality bib.  The Plastic material is durable, easy to clean and soft and supple.  the neck fastening is easy and safe to use and never caused Isabella any irritation.  Also once secure was not easy for Isabella to take off so protection (clothes kept clean).  This is so easy to use and clean and as it has been so good we even take it with us on our travels.  So bendy you never have to worry as fits in your change bag and just bounces back into shape.  We thought this was an excellent Bib and good value for money as it will last a long time.  We will loved this bib and have recommended to everyone.  Briony Campbell – Isabella 15 Months 

Product Tested By Lindsey Brown – Benjamin 17 Months

Lindsey Awarded the Babybjorn Soft Bib 4.8/5

On first inspection I quite like the bib. It is made of plastic but it wasn’t as rigid as ones I had tried and disgarded. Initially I was a bit worried the beaded neck tie wouldn’t be big enough for my little one. I like the beads as once it was fastened it wasn’t easy for Benjamin to pull off. However it wasn’t always easy to do up especially when I was in a hurry and Benjamin was wriggling. Excellent quality, very sturdy and easy to care for. Excellent size for Benjamin and we didn’t have any mess left behind. Shape was good and it gave good coverage, the catch tray was also great. Benjamin discovered dropping food into it and then picking it back up, he thought it was great! Flexible plastic was great although it was still a little too rigid to fit in his lunch bag so we didn’t tend to take it out of the house on outings with us…..which was a downside. It could do with being a little more flexible so it’s practical to transport. I was dubious of using this product due to past experience of similar products which I had used in the past. However, with the neck tie being beads it does mean that it has a more comfortable fit around the neck which meant Benjamin was not constantly trying to take it off. Perfect product. Lindsey Brown – Benjamin 17 Months


Product Tested By Cursty Searle – Bradley 16 Months

Cursty Awarded the Babybjorn Soft Bib 4/5 

At first I thought the bib wouldn’t be very comfortable because it is made from plastic. I liked the bibs fastenings though but there is not enough room for my babies neck. It didn’t look too comfortable on them so I think I would only use it up to 12 Months. The shape is good but it could do with being a bit longer, Most of the food didn’t end up in the tray but it is practical because it is easy to clean but I am not convinced it looks comfortable. A fairly good bib, but just not perfect for us. Cursty Searle – Bradley 16 Months


Product Tested By Imogen Armstrong – Lester 13 Months

Imogen Awarded The BabyBjorn Soft Bib 5/5

Loved the look of this bib, good size and very well made. This is made of really soft and flexible material.  Also available in nice colours too. Website is fab and lots on offer. Good fastening on the bib, kept it in place and was comfortable for Lester to wear. Very good quality, but then again well known name.  Easy to clean and durable.  Great all round bib. Catches everything so thumbs up for us.  Imogen Armstrong – Lester 13 Months  


Product Tested By John Gouche – Leslie 14 Months

John Awarded the Babybjorn Soft Bib 5/5

A well designed bib made of flexible plastic.  Liked the colour.  Fastening easy to use and secure and safe for baby. Good size for Leslie and good coverage as catches all the pieces of food she misses while eating.  Does not go over the floor which is good for us!  Shape good, easy to wear, comfortable for Leslie and easy to care for and keep clean. Very good value for money and we have already purchase more and of course recommended.  Good design, good quality, durable, easy to clean and worked for us.  John Gouche – Leslie 14 Months

 I would definatley pay the RRP for this product, it is definatley worth every penny!


Joanne Awarded the Babybjorn Soft Bib 5/5

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