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100 First Animals

Published by DK Children
The ideal first animal picture book for babies and toddlers. Build little ones’ vocabulary with 100 important animals, all with bold photographs and beautiful illustrations.Bright and colourful themed pages cover pets, farm animals, big beasts, cute baby animals, and animal colours and patterns. 100 First Animals is a large board book with a padded cover and makes an ideal first gift for babies.Crystal-clear photos show the wonder of the animal world, while engaging illustrations tell simple stories that stimulate talking, from a swan with her cygnets to a fish being chased by a smiley shark! Word labels encourage pointing, naming, and picture-and-word association. Cleverly designed to inform and entertain, 100 First Animalsmakes learning an exciting adventure for your baby.

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winners 2018 – Educational Books Category

£7.99 Available Amazon, Waterstones and online here

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100 First Animals Reviews

Product Tested By Claire Brain – Katie 22 Months

Claire Awarded The 100 First Animals Book 5/5

Absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful images, wonderful quality. Really great book. Has all types of animals in a fun and large way. It makes a child want to look at. The front cover is bright and inviting for a child. She was very excited to look inside. She can say dog and cat so saw them and was very pleased. She loved it. She loved opening it up and looking for the animals. The illustrations are really clear, bright and friendly. They work well with the photos. She wasn’t confused by any as they all look like the animal they should be.She really enjoyed learning about animals and our planet. We went through the book over and over again. In a way it improved word association, she is still learning to say the words but she started to recognise the different animals. This is a great educational book. My daughter can say more animal words than she could before. Wonderful quality, nice thick pages that are easy to turn for a young child. I would gladly spend the money to buy it as a gift for someone. I like the bright way the images are done. Everything is so clear and inviting. It is a great book. I would be happy to buy it as it would be a book to look at a lot and would teach her things. I would recommend because other animal books are small and don’t have as many animals in, this has lots. Wonderful book really helped my child some new words. It has been lovely looking through the book together. She loves to point at everything things. I like the variety of animals. Claire Brain – Katie 22 Months

Product Tested By Areej Yasser – Nawal 2 Years

Areej Awarded The 100 First Animals Book 5/5

Very colourful and big. My daughter’s impression “Wooow what’s this” says it all. It’s a great book for learning all kinds of animals. It’s very well thought out with the different sections of animals like, pets, farm animals, in the sea etc. Very eye catching front cover, lovely colours, definitely caught my daughter’s attention. She loves learning new things, so it was great to see her interests in finding out more animals in the world. Illustrations are lovely and colourful, with a mixture of drawings and photographs. The writing is in a clear font so easy to read for the kids once they get to that stage. She loved learning about animals and the planet. She loves seeing different kinds of animals so the book was perfect to show her that. I would say this book has helped improve word association. This is a lovely book and very educational. The quality is very good, with hardback and padded cover. Easy to wipe clean with just a cloth if your child decides to draw in it. This is definitely worth the price. I like how colourful it is, and the pictures are a great size, very easy for your child to learn. I would definitely buy it; it’s affordable and very educational. I would highly recommend this book. Overall I am extremely pleased with the book. It’s one of my daughter’s favourites, and if you know the sounds each animals make then they will have laugh learning. Areej Yasser – Nawal 2 Years

Product Tested By Danielle Nash – Alice 2 Years

Danielle Awarded The 100 First Animals 4/5

The product looked good, really well made and nice and thick, my daughter likes to chew things and this looked sturdy enough to cope with her.I liked that it included unusual animals as well as the standard.My daughter grabbed it from me straight away and ran off with it so safe to say she wanted to read it. She read it every day for several weeks and still asks me to read it now. The illustrations are very accurate but cute images off some of the animals. My daughter loves animals and gets very excited to see them, even in a book.This book did help improve word association. She can now say every single animal in the book. When she started it she only knew cat, dog and bird. This is very educational. She has learnt lots of new words and the book helped us have conversations about the animals. Very sturdy and well made. Excellent value for money. Would happily pay that for it.I loved that it included some more unusual animals. I want to buy one for my nephew as he loves reading ours. I would recommend for all the reasons above. As already stated in my answers this book is well made, educational and fun for children who are beginning to talk and helps widen their vocabulary. Danielle Nash – Alice 2 Years


Claire Awarded The 100 First Animals Book 5/5

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