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100 First Words: City Book

100 First Words: City

Super-stylish gift board book with BIG flaps to lift on every page!

All toddlers will adore searching for the colourful characters behind the shaped flaps, then naming the animals, objects and people you might find in a city. Arranged by theme, with stunning artwork from homeware designer Edward Underwood, this beautiful book is a celebration of city life in all its vibrancy and diversity.

A brilliant tool for building vocabulary and stimulating speech, this delightful title is also just a whole lot of FUN!

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100 First Words: City Book Reviews

Product Tested By Maggie Goffin – Christopher 1 Year

Maggie Awarded The 100 First Words: City Book 5/5

Lovely book, bright and colourful. Was amazed at the size as was expecting something smaller. He was drawn to the images, he pointed to several and babbled at us, he liked the ice cream picture the most. He wanted to open the book straight away. The flaps are large so easy for him to grasp hold of an lift (obviously needed to be done first by an adult to get them creased otherwise not easy) he did manage to rip off one flap quite quickly but this I guess is a problem with all of these types of books and I think you do need to assist with the flaps to avoid this happening. There was also a whale flap which folds at a diagonal rather than up/down or left/right and this has been creased as it is not a natural fold out motion so my little boy has bent the flap, I have had books in the past and this has been an issue with those books as well when they are young. He did enjoy looking at all the pictures and we named all the animals as we read through the book. There were a few pictures of animals which were not the usual animals in these sorts of books which was nice to see, not sure if llama will end up as one of his first named animals. Plenty of objects for him to look at and us to name when going through, some bright colourful, large pictures which kept him entertained. There again were some unusual things which wouldn’t necessarily have come across in other books aimed at his age which was nice. Plenty of words which we could introduce to him, some common every day words he will come across naturally like baby or cake and others he would only really see if we were able to take him places. My son’s speech is still very limited at the moment, only a few words even though he is almost 2 despite being exposed to nursery etc. So no it didn’t but I don’t think this is a fault of the book so to speak and maybe with a child who is more of a talker this may well have had an impact. I do agree this book is educational and makes learning about city life fun. There are a few words which I wouldn’t necessarily use, such as postal worker or assistant or queue so would give him exposure to these words. 100 words could have been very limited but I do think they provided quite a range of different words to illustrate city life. It also provides talking points, so the pudding for example gives chance to say about the fruit in the pudding so exposing more words. The queue shows different types of people which again can promote discussion. My son is still young and will jump from one thing to another quite quickly, hence pages were turned quickly and not all words have been used in the time. He has enjoyed turning through the pages with us. Bright and clear illustrations. They are not overly complicated and cartoon style. I wouldn’t use it as a “first” book as such as it is quite big and there is a lot too it so might be a little overwhelming especially for younger babies. I prefer shorter books which have less per page for them to look at. For me I would use it when they have been introduced to books well and understand turning pages etc. He loved it! Was happily babbling away and turning pages, lifting flaps every time we looked at it. We would look at this book several times a week. My son liked the flaps the best, he loved turning quickly through the pages and lifting each flap. I liked the range of words and how it had some more unusual words and items. I don’t think it is a suitable range for him, Christopher is near the top of the range and to me he is now getting things from the book but I don’t think he would really get too much from it when he was less than a year. I would put a range of maybe 1 to 3 instead, for my personal preference of how to use this type of book. I think for younger babies it might be a bit too much information and maybe it could be a bit overwhelming for them. Christopher I think will benefit more from the word aspect of the book in the next year, so when he is 2 yrs. old and older. I also think that it would help with slightly older kids who are starting to read as it has clear words with the pictures so they can start to apply their reading skills and get familiar with the written words knowing what the picture represents. My older son who has just started school has also enjoyed looking through the book. This is good value.  It is a book that can be used for a while and wouldn’t go out of fashion or become out dated. It is a good sized book for the money too. It is great quality, the pages are well made and the material isn’t a cheaper one, the flaps are thick enough to not rip too easily but thin enough to turn. There are glossy sections to the front of the book, the pages are solid and everything seems to be well made. I would buy this. I think it is a book that has good potential for developing vocab and introducing baby to different things in the world. I like the fact that this is a “city” book so there obviously can be a range of books all on different parts of life. I would recommend as it is a lovely book that would benefit my friends children who are similar ages, plus a book is always a good buy. Apart from not yet being able to help Christopher develop his speech due to where he is develop wise it does have the potential to help him when he does start speaking more, it certainly helps expose him to different words including some that I wouldn’t necessarily have exposed him to myself. Very solid book which fascinated both my 1 year old and my older kids were also very happy to read through and look at the pictures and lift the flaps. My 1 year old loved looking at the different pictures and pointing them and babbling away to us. Maggie Goffin – Christopher 1 Year

Product Tested By Cherelle Moxam – Jada 3 Years

Cherelle Awarded The 100 First Words: City Book 5/5

When I first received this book I was really intrigued as the book straight away was bright and looked fun. I was extremely impressed by the quality and didn’t expect it to be such a large book. The moment my daughter saw the front cover, she was straight away engaged with the book, and wanted to read it. She loves books, so when she realised it was a interactive flash card styled book she was interested and excited. My daughter loved the flap aspect of the book and recognised the majority of the animals. She is very good at recognising animals, so it was another fun way to engage and remind her. My daughter found the objects and people aspect of the book very interesting. She was able to recognise some of people titles, where most was through guidance. She remained engaged throughout and didn’t get bored at any point. This book has definitely helped to encourage learning new words and developing vocabulary skills as my daughter found it so entertaining. This book definitely helped to stimulate her speech, where she would comment on the items that she recognises, and copy the words that I read out loud. I definitely agree that this book is educational. It is very relevant to today, has many words and things that can be learnt and is very modern. I love that different cultures were represented throughout. This book has kept my daughter entertained on the first read, and every time she reads it. She is a child that has many toys, books and distractions, however she will always ask for this book as she loves the flap interaction and images. The illustrations are very clear, fun and easy to recognise. They are very colourful, realistic and entertaining for toddlers. I think this would be too advanced as a baby’s first book, however more ideal for a toddler. I say this as for a baby I personally think it would be too big and busy. This book is perfect for my just turned 3 year old, as it is big so great for us both to hold during book time and she engages and recognises many things in the book. She thoroughly enjoyed this interactive board book and continues to reach for it from her book stand! We read it every other day or whenever the mini boss of the house requests! She loves the interactive flaps within the book as the suspense of what behind the flap is entertaining for her. I think she likes the independence of being able to lift the flap herself also. I also enjoyed the flap aspect of the book, and must admit, I have become protective over the book to prevent any rips and damages. I would say this book is more suitable for 1-3 year olds as this age group is more likely to recognise and be familiar with the content. Under ones would be more suited to smaller, simple books with different textures. My daughter is just turned 3 in December and I feel that this book is perfect for her at this stage now as she interacts and understands a lot of the content. You can also genuinely see the enthusiasm she has for the book. This book is definitely excellent value for money and is worth every penny. The quality is fantastic and the illustrations are detailed and fun. The quality of this book is excellent. I love how sturdy it is, smooth and the cut out flaps camouflage within the pages. I would happily purchase this book after testing it as it met my expectations and more. It is an entertaining, well thought book that any child and parent will enjoy. I would definitely recommend this product to friends and family as I found it is excellent quality and value for money. It is interactive, educational and entertaining for all members of the family. I cannot fault this book where both mummy and daughter enjoyed the content and  found it very refreshing. It is detailed, high quality and a joy to read and look at. Overall my experience with this product was a very positive one. My daughter has many books, so for her to be drawn to it makes me extremely happy and positive towards it. The illustrations are fun to look at, whilst there are many random but relevant words to teach my daughter that she will come across in life. I intend to lookout for anymore further releases to add to the collection. I will definitely recommend this book to friends and family as I hope their children also get the same joy that we did. Cherelle Moxam – Jada 3 Years

Product Tested By Abby Cope – Nate 17 Months

Abby Awarded The 100 First Words: City Book 4/5

Really liked it – a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be, really thick and good quality! My baby loved the book straight away – it was so colourful so think that really helped. My son is still quite little but the big flaps were perfect for small hands – sometimes books can be so small and fiddly the size was perfect and he enjoyed all the big pictures. I liked the theme of this book as it was a bit different to the normal baby books you get such as animals, alphabet, numbers etc. it was fun seeing what was under the flaps as they were all different. We live more in the countryside so was good to look at a book and learn about other places to live! Not currently helped with vocabulary skills as my son is still quite little, but I think as he gets older, this will be a really nice book for him to use and learn from. Again, my son is quite little but I think it will be perfect for slightly older children. He was making cooing sounds lifting up the flaps as he enjoyed the bright colours etc… so it’s a start! This book is a good educational book. It was educational without being complicated and picked out just key words for the little ones to learn and understand – it is a very vibrant book which is lovely. As much as anything does at this age and keeping them entertained! We spent quite a long time together turning the pages and playing with the flaps etc. I really liked the illustrations – they were simple, easy for baby to look with bright and lovely colours. I don’t think it’s a first baby book, I think it’s better for slightly older ones 1 1/2 upwards I would say, purely down its size and the interactive elements. My son loved lifting all the flaps to see what was hiding behind each one! We probably look at it a couple of times a week. My son loved the bright colours he really loves and all the different flaps. I loved the quality and size of it – really good for little hands that the flaps aren’t easily rippable etc., and also thought the colours and pictures were really fun. I think it’s probably most suited to at least ages 1 and above, when they can enjoy the pictures and start understanding the words a bit more. I think it is quite pricey for just a book, but I think you do get what you pay for with the excellent quality and size – so think it is probably value for money. Excellent quality! Really good, think pages and flaps which is what you need and a lovely strong front cover to avoid rips etc. I think I would buy it, but maybe if it was slightly less in price – I wouldn’t normally spend more than £10 on a book but it would be nice to collect others in the series! I think they would last quite a long time and could use them with more than one child etc. I have already shown a couple of friends and they really liked it too! A really lovely book and perfect for little hands. I liked the theme of the book as it was different from others and a lovely big size to easily see and enjoy all the pictures. This was a really fun book, full of bright colours and pictures and fun flaps to enjoy and explore. It made learning about the city really fun and even my 3 year old loves it. Excellent quality and it will last for a long time! Abby Cope – Nate 17 Months







I would recommend as it is a lovely book that would benefit my friends children who are similar ages, plus a book is always a good buy. Apart from not yet being able to help Christopher develop his speech due to where he is develop wise it does have the potential to help him when he does start speaking more, it certainly helps expose him to different words including some that I wouldn’t necessarily have exposed him to myself. Very solid book which fascinated both my 1 year old and my older kids were also very happy to read through and look at the pictures and lift the flaps. My 1 year old loved looking at the different pictures and pointing them and babbling away to us.


Maggie Awarded The 100 First Words: City Book 5/5

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