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100% Natural Australian Jojoba

Jojoba nourishes and moisturises your skin, hair and nails. Suitable for all ages and skin types. 100% NATURAL. Powerful natural moisturiser- Visibly smooths lines, wrinkles and stretch marks- Soothes the skin- Hair, scalp, hand and cuticle conditioner- Visibly balances the skin

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100% Natural Australian Jojoba Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By
Catherine Jenner

Awarded The 100% Australian Jojoba 4.2/5

packaging. Not such an appealing smell. However nice to have a natural product
that doesn’t have added fragrance, as I have very sensitive skin. Aesthetically
pleasing. Bottle leaks around the seal slightly. The pump is powerful, meaning
the jet shoots the oil out quite far. Instructions
satisfactory if a little limited. The
quality is brilliant. I suffer from dry winter skin on my hands. It has made a
huge difference moisturising and soothing my skin. The oil is easily absorbed into the skin, and
doesn’t leave you to greasy. This is a very good product and certainly value
for money. I would cons8ider purchasing
this as a very desirable product, however the price point may be a little high
for me. I have already recommended. A lovely natural
product. Brilliant on sensitive skin. Let down by the packaging slightly as I
would have taken around as a hand moisturiser in my bag if the bottle didn’t
leak. Catherine Jenner

Tested By
Lillian Whalley

Awarded The 100% Australian Jojoba 4.8/5

Looked very well presented when
arrived liked the style of the bottle and design too. Also really good to know this is all natural,
and no nasties going onto my skin. Easy enough
to dispense as has pump action top. Simple
instructions and easy to follow. I think
this is a fabulous product. Had never
used before but will be using again. I
do suffer from very dry skin and this has worked wonders for me. It absorbs into my skin with ease, does not
leave any residue and has changed the look and feel of my hands, arms and
face. My skin now looks soft and smooth. This for me has been excellent and worked
wonders. As soon as this bottle is
finished will be purchasing more. I have
recommended to a few of my friends who suffer from dry skin. Price is high but a little goes a long way so
will last. This has given me back
confidence as skin looks a lot softer now and hands feel smooth. Would have been a 5/5 just price was a bit
too high. Loved it and thank you Lillian Whalley

Tested By
Hayley Griffiths-Jones

Awarded The 100% Australian Jojoba 3.7/5

product comes in a handy easy to use bottle. I was intrigued to try it out as I
have never used this kind of product before. The oil came packaged in 2
individual plastic containers with a pump action dispenser and plastic lid. Aesthetically
simple but perfectly adequate. Very simple instructions but perfectly adequate.
The bottle states ‘Use daily as a
moisturiser and to soothe the appearance of skin’. I did not think this made
sense e.g. soothing the appearance of skin? It felt as if it was missing the
word ‘dry’? I used the product on my hands (nails) and hair in the main. I did
try it once on my face but didn’t like the feel of it. The smell is inoffensive
but in my opinion not particularly enticing. It felt very oily going on but
once it had been absorbed wasn’t too bad. This is not a product I have used
previously and so I find it hard to compare quality. I have looked online and
the price seems comparable to that of other companies selling Jojoba oil. It goes a long way and so would last a long
time. Personally I didn’t like the oily feel of the product and wasn’t too keen
on the smell. I’m also not convinced about how much difference it made to my
nails, hair and skin. I do like the fact it is a natural product though. I
think it is something worth trying and have heard other people speak very
positively about Jojoba Oil. The product
was well packaged and looked appealing. Simple instructions but perfectly
adequate. In my opinion the product itself did not live up to my expectations
and I am not sure that it made much difference to my hair, skin or nails. I was
not keen on the oily feel or the smell. I would however, recommend it to other
people to try as I think it will depend on the individual. A natural product
which I enjoyed trialling but unfortunately wouldn’t use again. Hayley

I have already recommended. A lovely natural product. Brilliant on sensitive skin. 


Catherine Awarded The 100% Australian Jojoba 4.2/5

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