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2 in 1 Clip and Go Baby Sling

The sling incorporates a padded head hugger and lightly padded crotch fastening which secures the baby and adds swaddling comfort.  The base of the sling is well padded particularly along the spine area to encourage baby to lay flat and avoid dangers of chocking. The sides of the sling are elasticated to add to the cosiness of the baby inside the sling.  The sling has a further advantage as it can also be used in car seats as it has the same openings as a traditional head hugger or tiny traveller. This saves having to disturb baby in moving it in and out of carriers. The shoulder padding and easy to wear buckle fastener with adjustable strap makes this sling one of the easiest and most comfortable slings to wear.  Suitable for newborns until up to 20lbs

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2 in 1 Clip and Go Baby Sling Reviews

Product Tested by: Dawn Telfer – Baby Amber

Product Tested By Dawn Telfer – Baby Amber

Dawn Awarded The 2 in 1 Clip and Go Baby Sling 4.8/5

Very secure and easy to use sling.  Loved the cute ‘apples’ trim and the bright colour (red).  The products are displayed and photographed well on the website.  The site is well laid out and simple to navigate.  This babysling uses a fabric I would not normally associate with a baby sling, but the quality is good.   The sling was really easy to adjust, just pull or loosen as needed and it can be done one handed.   Because of the head hugger and groin strap, it was simple to load Amber into the sling and I knew that she was in the correct position.  Amber was very secure in this sling, more so than in a traditional sling.  She did not slide down or roll to the side at all.  I managed to do the dishes while wearing the sling as well as chase after my two older children.   After the initial period of getting used to the sling, she settled pretty quickly in the sling.  She enjoyed the closeness of being in the sling and the motion of walking helped sooth her when she was unsettled.  I would use this twice a day each school day.   I would load Amber into the sling then strap her and the sling into the car seat to go do the school run.  You do have to remove the head hugger from your car seat first in order to use the sling in the car seat, but it is a minor inconvenience.   It made the school run so much easier for me.  Whereas before I would have to unload the pram or carry the car seat into the school, now I simply clipped the sling on and I had my hands free to keep a hold of my middle child.  We attended a bonfire and fireworks display and Amber was kept toasty and warm in the sling.  It is also shower proof and protects her from the wind.  I will be continuing to use this sling on a daily basis until it is too small.  The 2 in 1 clip and go sling will be recommended to family and friends with babies over any other sling. This is superb value for money and good quality.  A Simple, time saving and easy to use sling that offers a real alternative to a pushchair or pram in all weathers.  Dawn Telfer – Baby Amber

Product Tested By Carla Magee – Baby Christopher 16 Weeks

Carla Awarded The 2 in 1 Clip and Go Baby Sling 3.8/5

Really pretty design, looks comfortable, keeps baby safe and snug.  Website is reasonable, could look more professional.  However, links were not working and was unable to review the website effectively.  I have since clicked online and all working fine.   The fabric used is very soft and nice on Babies skin.   VERY easy to put on.  Being wary of slings prior to using this one due to the complications of putting them on the 2 in 1 Clip and go Baby Sling is really as simple as Strap baby in, put strap over your head, Clip and Go.  This sling really does what it says on the label!  However, in my personal experience, I found that I could not have the strap as tight as I wanted!  Slightly complicated to "load" baby into sling if there is nowhere to lay the sling down as it clips much like a bouncer chair, however if there is a helping hand around there are no problems at all!  Baby is completely safe and secure while in sling, although in my personal opinion a bit too safe as Christopher did not really enjoy being in the sling as he couldn’t move about as freely as he wanted to.  Perhaps it was just me not feeling completely confident in using the sling in general, but I felt that Christopher was being squashed or excessively "sticking out" so I worried that I may bump him, so did not use this when carrying out household chores.  If Christopher was about to go asleep when being put into the sling he would be fine in it, but when I tried to put him in awake, he got a little stressed out as  there was not very much room for him to move about freely.  This could also be down to the fact that he was not used to it from birth!  I used the sling within Christopher’s car seat and he seemed very comfortable and warm in it (He slept for approximately 4 hours each time when we are used to 30min catnaps!!)  The material is not waterproof, so I would not suggest using it in heavy rain, however that said, the baby is completely covered by material so no worries about being caught in a shower.  Definitely value for money!  I will continue to use the sling on a weekly basis for short trips to the grocery store when I need to have both arms free!  Would definitely recommend the sling to friends and family if they wanted a sling that they would only use occasionally, and for short trips.  Extremely easy to use sling, comfortable for mother and baby and very pretty in design, definitely eye-catching!  Carla Magee – Baby Christopher 16 Weeks

Product Tested By Dawn Thorpe – Baby Oscar 18 Weeks

Dawn Awarded The 2 in 1 Clip and Go Baby Sling 3.2/5

Had a look on the website, had a  Good range of well known products, well laid out but nothing priced up when I checked online, however this has now been addressed and you can find price and purchase online.  The product is Great quality, and fabric nice and strong.  Sling is very easy to put on, is easier to adjust when off than trying to do it when baby is in.  Very easy to position baby.  Great Velcro fastening inside makes you feel confident baby is secure when on the move. However I found the bottom of the sling bends too easily; at 14lb it almost folds the baby in half.  Felt baby was in the way whilst trying to do some everyday things. i.e. hoovering – sling swung about when bent over.  He liked it when younger but as he has got more inquisitive the sides are too high for him to see anything so he is not happy in there now. There is not enough support in the base.  Tried with pram and car seat, cannot be used with a five point harness.  This sling hides them from wind and sun, but very easy to get wet.  I would suggest this is good value for money if you purchase this item and use from birth onwards, as baby can grow out of it quickly.  We found that this was not suitable for Oscar as he grew and became heavier.  Personally I feel this sling does not offer enough support in the base and also pulled on the shoulder.  Dawn Thorpe – Baby Oscar 18 Weeks

A Simple, time saving and easy to use sling that offers a real alternative to a pushchair or pram in all weathers. 


Dawn Awarded The 2 in 1 Clip and Go Baby Sling 4.8/5

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