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2XU 24/7 Compression Sock

Padded Zones – Giving you added cushioning to the heel and balls of feet.Superior Grade Circular Knit – For 360º stretch and unsurpassed power.PWX Compression Fabric – Supports the shin, calf, ankle, Achilles and arch of foot.Graduated Fit Promotes Circulation – For muscle performance and faster recovery.Flat Lock Stitching – For maximum comfort


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2XU 24/7 Compression Sock Reviews

Product Tested By Donna Benjamin

Donna Awarded The 24/7 Compression Sock 4.5/5

Well Packaged, Look good quality. The instructions were good, and good that the socks had Left and right on! The quality of these socks is very good. After a run it did seem almost immediately to help relive my legs. They are a bit pricey but the quality is great and you get the quality you pay for. I would purchase this as good product and do what they say efficiently. I would recommend although if you are on the shorter side can hurt behind your knees. I Love these socks they were very good, the only problem I had was being only 5’3” they did hurt behind my knees. If they were a bit shorter would have been 5/5. They did however do what they are supposed to. I have always suffered after runs with my calf muscles and these have worked a treat, No achy legs the next day. Donna Benjamin

Product Tested By Kerry Pearce

Kerry Awarded The 24/7 Compression Sock 5/5

My initial impression of these socks was good. They did look small, however. They arrived safely and presented well. The instructions were good. The socks were easy to put on although I thought at first they looked quite small, and were comfortable to wear. The quality is really good. I have worn these to go running which I do so at least 4 times a week. They are washed after each run and still look good as new. They are about the right price for something like this. I will be buying another set, so I don’t need to keep remembering to wash these ones straight away after my run, ha. I have recommended these to friends and my Dad who is a keen cyclist. My overall
experience with these has been good. My legs feel less achy, whether this is due to the socks or not, it’s a good thing and I will continue to wear them. Kerry Pearce

Product Tested By Becky Derbyshire

Becky Awarded The 24/7 Compression Sock 4.5/5

They look like a sporty brand with the bold colours and font used on the outer packaging. They look more like long socks than compression socks which I really like after having used prescribed compression socks for varicose veins for many years. If it was on the shelf in a shop it would stand out. It looks the part for a sports accessory with the types of colours used. The labelling was clear and I knew what it was from looking. I didn’t have to go searching around the pack like you do with some products. The instructions were simple and clear. I knew exactly what I had to do. There wasn’t anything that was misleading or difficult to understand. I really liked the product. It was very comfortable to wear. The only issue I had was that after wearing it for a few days, the material around the toes began to bobble up quite a bit. This did begin to get a little uncomfortable and rub whilst running. I pulled these bits off and they were fine again. I think other than the bobbling I had no problems. They seem to be made out of good, strong material that is very comfortable to wear and would last a long time. They didn’t lose their stretch after washing either which was great. I would purchase these. I think the price is a little high but would still buy them as they are comfortable and do the job intended. I think they work well for people like myself who suffer with varicose veins. They nicely compress the leg area that tends to ache after a while if not supported. They look much better than prescribed compression stockings and blend in more with every day wear. I think for people who run or do a lot of exercise, these would be very useful and would definitely recommend these to them. I would only mark it down slightly due to the bobbling and that they are a little expensive. Would definitely get them if they were more like £25. Very comfortable to wear. Easy to wash. Good material. They look nice. The packaging looks great and stands out. They look the part. Great if you suffer with varicose veins. Becky Derbyshire

They did however do what they are supposed to. I have always suffered after runs with my calf muscles and these have worked a treat, No achy legs the next day.


Donna Awarded The 24/7 Compression Sock 4.5/5

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