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Sockie Stars Storybook and Socks

Little Stories for Big Feelings, Sockie Stars are here to help! Sockie Stars is an enchanting and funny Story Book accompanied by 3 sets of beautifully presented Vibrant Socks with Capes and a Table Conversation Card in a lovely presentation box suitable for Girls and Boys. 72% Cotton, 25% Polyester, 3% Elastane

The story book tells the stories of ‘Coco’ the ‘Brave’ socks, ‘Sockie’ the ‘Calm’ socks and ‘Todd’ the socks who realise its ok to be the ‘Odd’ one out.

The Conversation Card allows families an opportunity to open conversations which they may otherwise find difficult to begin

The Socks with Capes are infused with ‘Sockology for the Sole’ allowing warm positive feelings flow through you when you put them on

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Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2021 Clothing socks – Girl & Boy Categories 

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Sockie Stars Storybook and Socks Reviews

Product Tested By Kris Barrett – Boo 3 Years

Kris Awarded The Sockie Stars Storybook and Socks 5/5

Very well presented and child friendly design. It is a good idea if a child has anxiety or confidence issues. To be honest, the fact that it looked like a book and had a Velcro fastener was the biggest hit. The story wasn’t really of interest, the socks were the main interest. The conversations cards weren’t concerns she has so she concentrated on the socks! These socks are colourful and bright and they wash well without any colour bleed. Unfortunately these were not a good fit, but her older sister is using them until she grows into them. My Daughter did find these socks comfortable to wear. I thought the Velcro at the top without the cape attached might be scratchy but they never commented on it. Brilliantly presented and a lovely idea for any child in need of some nurture support. Colourful and bright they’re engaging and fun. To be honest lack of confidence is not a concern for my daughters.  They read the book once but they opened the Velcro fastener more times than I could count! The socks were worn many times. These were easy to wash.  I did think they would release colour in the wash so put in a colour catcher but nothing came out. Amazing! They liked the faces and the happy vibe of the socks. I loved the face the socks washes well. I also loved that it is a simple confidence building idea from a new company that has really had children at the heart of their thinking. The socks seem hard wearing but I prefer organic cotton or bamboo. I would not buy for my children as they are confident and happy but if a friend’s child was struggling I would buy them a set. I would recommend for the same reason. Well-presented and durable, my only suggestion would be Velcro strips to attach the capes to when not in use. A lovely, simple idea well presented for children with anxiety. It’s an empowering idea for the whole family to embrace. Kris Barrett – Boo 3 Years

Product Tested By Gemma Maxwell – Dominic 4 Years

Gemma Awarded The Sockie Stars Storybook and Socks 4/5

I loved the look of this. I was expecting a little box with some socks but instead you get a full size A4 book with a little presentation box for the socks and capes. It was brightly coloured and intriguing. We loved it! It really encourages self-reflection with kids while being fun and reassuring.  My son did find the cover of the book appealing. We talked about what colours were on the cover as well as the name of the book and spelled the words out together. He loves it! We initially read the stories before bedtime but now we read them as part of our morning routine to prepare him for the day ahead. He’s taken the initiative to push himself to try things he was previously scared of which I absolutely love. We tried the conversation cards when my son was feeling calm and relaxed to see if I could help him when he is feeling upset or worried. We came up with some strategies that seem to have worked so far. It’s good because you can use the cards to revisit the conversation and adapt things where necessary. We love the colours and quality of the socks but found the Velcro strip irritated my son. He wouldn’t keep the capes on for more than a few minutes.  Aside from this, the socks are excellent quality, fantastic colours and have a cool design. We opted for the larger size as my son has size 12.5 feet already and I’m glad we did as the bigger socks fitted him perfectly. It would be better to size the socks according to UK shoe size rather than age though as my son is only 4 but has huge feet. If we’d got the right age, they would likely have been too small for him. He mostly found them comfortable to wear apart from the Velcro strip. We ended up mixing the socks up so he wore 2 with no Velcro on otherwise he would get irritated by the strip. We tried saying they were magic socks but while wearing the cape and strip, he was too distracted by them to focus on how else he was feeling. We  started reading the book  before bed but we now read it on a morning while having breakfast before going to nursery as the stories seem to set him up for a better day.  The socks would be worn every few days. They washed and dried excellently. No shrinkage or loss of colour. My son liked learning to read the book the most! He loves the colours of the Sockie Stars so that really held his attention when reading. I love the message behind the book and socks. I like that it encourages reflection and helps to reassure children to be confident and try new things. The book was our overall favourite. It was easier to incorporate into our routine. The quality is excellent.  A really well thought out story with an extra tool to keep the confidence up throughout the day. I would considering buying this although the socks might need rethinking for children with sensory issues. I would recommend especially for children who struggle with confidence or anxiety. It’s helpful as well as reassuring. The book is great as are the stories. The only downfalls I felt were the socks being aged rather than shoe sized, the socks being held to the card by plastic tags made the material pull when taking them off the card; and the Velcro strip was irritating for my son who doesn’t have sensory issues so I imagine it could cause more issues for children with sensory issues.  A really well thought out book to help children with worries and confidence. A great tool for parents to open conversations up with their children and revisit this through open communication. A snazzy way of children feeling reassured with wearing the socks, especially if they’re away from parents. Gemma Maxwell – Dominic 4 Years

Product Tested By Adeela Hussain – Safiyah 4 years

Adeela Awarded The Sockie Stars Storybook and Socks 5/5

I was really intrigued and overall impressed with the item. The storybook was a nice concept and made it great as it was interactive with the socks and capes. My daughter was eager to get reading. My daughter was due to go in for a heart operation just before we received this to review. So it was ideal to use this book to discuss her fears and use the socks to aid her emotional issues. The conversation car were a great help especially since we are expecting to go back to hospital in the next 2 weeks this book will be a great addition in preparing my daughter for future operations. We both really liked the design of the socks. The socks were a perfect fit for my daughter. She enjoyed wearing these so must have been comfortable. My child felt happy when she wore these and I could tell she was feeling confident.  We would read the book every 2 days.  The socks would be worn every other day. These socks were very easy to wash and washed along with my other stuff. My daughter loved the different cage to go with the different coloured socks. I liked everything about this whole set.  I really loved the interactive concept of the book and socks. Great quality socks and capes. I would buy these. I would recommend for all the reasons above.  We enjoyed reviewing this as it helped my daughter discuss her fears she had for her upcoming operation at the hospital. Adeela Hussain – Safiyah 4 years


Kris Awarded The Sockie Stars Storybook and Socks 5/5

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