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Splash About Happy Nappy Duo™

BRAND NEW – The Happy Nappy DUO is the most advanced reusable swim nappy in the world.

It’s the only nappy system you will ever need for your baby’s swim class. The classically form fitting and leak proof outer layer is still the Happy Nappy you know and love, but inside is a highly technical active silver inner layer, which is scientifically proven to kill pathogens that cause tummy bugs – like Cryptosporidium, E.coli and COVID 19 – inside the Nappy, before they can enter the water. Making the pool safer for your baby and for other swimmers too.

Working with one of the world’s leading virologists and 4 years in development, the SILVER LINING inner layer is extremely gentle on babies skin, but highly effective in destroying pathogens that can be found in faecal matter.

But that’s not all. Because the Happy Nappy DUO has been approved by swim schools as a double nappy system, it means you no longer need to buy disposable swim nappies to wear under the Happy Nappy, saving money and saving the planet by not contributing to millions of tons of disposable nappy waste per year, which can take up to 500 years to break down in landfill.

Long lasting, reliable and with a naturally antibacterial layer to help stop the spread infections, the Happy Nappy DUO really is the only swim nappy you will ever need.

All in one double nappy system, incorporating the famous Happy Nappy – Approved by swim schools – Replaces disposable swim nappies, meaning less waste in landfill – Kills pathogens such as Cryptosporidium, E.Coli and COVID 19 in its unique silver lining

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Splash About Happy Nappy Duo™ Reviews

Product Tested By Harry Gilder – Charlie 2 years

Harry Awarded The Happy Nappy DUO 5/5

Impressions were good. The colours are bright and it came well packaged. The concept is great. Saves us from purchasing disposables for our family swim sessions. However, our weekly swimming lessons still ask that children who aren’t potty trained wear disposables as well. The instructions were very clear. This was slightly tight but I think our son is bigger than average. My son said it was comfortable and there were no complaints. I didn’t really notice a difference in freedom of movement because my son is usually very excited in the pool however, it looks more comfortable than with a disposable underneath. The new technology certainly gave us peace of mind. Unfortunately most places still ask for a disposable underneath regardless so most of our swim sessions we did put disposables on as well. This was effective and it feels gentle and we didn’t have any problems when we did use it without disposables. The concept is great and it would definitely save us money if our swimming lessons didn’t ask for a disposable underneath regardless. However, it does save us money for our swim sessions outside of our lessons. I do agree this would be the only swim nappy you need. It has everything you need in one! I wouldn’t now purchase a nappy that you had to use with a disposable. We used this every week in our sons swim lessons and at the weekends at our local leisure centre splash pad. Mostly used for swimming lessons. I like the added reassurance knowing that if you child does have an accident you’re protected. I think that this would be fantastic for kids that have just been potty trained as it makes them feel like they don’t have a nappy on but still protects if they do have an accident in the pool. I think it is value for money as disposable swim nappies are expensive in the long run. I have no complains about the quality, I think it’s worth the asking price. I would buy this as I think the concept is great. I think it will be especially useful once we’ve potty trained for the extra peace of mind. Unfortunately swim lessons still ask for a disposable nappy on underneath while children aren’t potty trained. However it worked well when we took our son swimming on the weekends. We would buy this as it is very useful. No longer needing to carry a disposable means one less thing to remember (always a bonus!). I have recommended this to the others in our swim class. The concept is great. It works well, quality is good and therefore saves money in the long run! We have really enjoyed testing this product. We used with disposable nappies and without disposable nappies. Work well both times! Unfortunately our swim lessons still ask for disposables nappies underneath when children aren’t potty trained however I feel as soon as my son is, that is when the product will be especially useful, giving us as parents extra peace of mind in case of accidents. The quality is great. I feel like it is worth the asking price! The colours are bright which I also like as makes it easier to see children under the water! I have and will recommend this to friends and family. Harry Gilder – Charlie 2 years

Product Tested By Ruth Smith – Alex 2 Years

Ruth Awarded The Happy Nappy DUO 4.5/5

Sent in minimal packaging which was great and lovely bright pattern on the nappy. I love the concept of the DUO reusable swim nappy and the fact it has been proven to kill any faecal bacteria which could in the nappy before it enters the pool. Which should in turn reduce the spread of infections (tummy bugs) and pool closures. The DUO works thanks to the Silver Lining that you’ll see inside the Happy Nappy, the silver particles break down any bacteria and render it harmless before it gets into the water. The Silver Lining is naturally anti-bacterial, kind and soothing on baby’s skin. Clear instructions very easy to follow. It was a good fit and it is designed to be tight around the thighs, so it was slightly tricky to get a wiggly toddler in. Once on it was a great fit. Once on it was very comfortable and worked well. No limitation in movement. This did give him freedom to move with easy and he was able to use his legs normally with no restrictions. This is a great design. Would have peace of mind if all babies in them as normally catch illnesses from others. It fitted well with no accidents. He had no skin reaction to the nappy. I think this is great you only need to purchase his swim nappy. Much better for landfill. I do agree this is long lasting, reliable and has a natural antibacterial layer to help stop spreading infections. If all children had similar it would reduce the spread of infection. We have used it 4 times so far with no problems. We have used this for at the public swimming pool. I like the colourful design and how my son could move freely in it. This is good value.  The size we are using if it lasts for the 12 months then it is good value for money. Well made, fits well, very little fading. This is a great swim nappy that works well I would consider buying it again. I would purchase for summer holiday as it is useful that it is an all in one duo action nappy. Which means less things to pack on holiday. I would recommend as it works well, easy to use and clean and good value for money. A great product with extra feature of antibacterial protection. Ruth Smith – Alex 2 Years

Product Tested By Sara Humphries – Finley 18 Months

Sara Awarded The Happy Nappy DUO 4.3/5

Good quality, looked expensive and felt like food material. It’s a good idea but I do still put a swim nappy underneath as I am a bit worried about cleaning a number 2 from it!! Instructions easy to follow. I have size 2.3 for my 18 months old and it is a but snug even though it’s for an older child! My son seemed very comfortable and didn’t pull it off at any point. This did give him freedom to move and seemed comfortable and happy. It did not seem to bother or irritate him. I felt safe knowing he may not become ill from swimming. He has not had an accident in the pool yet but again I have put a swim nappy on him still just in case! The product has not affected his skin. I have not stopped using disposable swim nappies with this as feel my son is too young. I think when he is older I will stop using the swim nappies to. I agree it is lasting, reliable and has the protection but I don’t agree it’s all you need with babies under 2. We have used this every week when he goes to swimming lessons. I loved the bright colours and the soft fabric which did not irritate my sons skin. I do agree this is good value for money. Quality is very good as soft good material, made really well so will last a long time. I would consider buying for an older child not a baby. I would buy this for our next summer vacation as it will provide protection for my son against infections. I would recommend as good quality product and will save you money in the long run. Really good idea but I am afraid to not use a swim nappy at my sons age as well!  Overall experience was really good.  The make if the nappy is good quality and did not affect my sons skin. It is tight so will hopefully hold in any number 2s and I like the idea it protects children from infections. Not so keen on the product for tiny babies as I feel it could leak and would be messy to clean after!! Would recommend to friends for older children who are not potty trained.  Sara Humphries – Finley 18 Months

Product Tested By Jeanette Philpot – Alfie 10 Months

Jeanette Awarded The Happy Nappy Duo 5/5

Looked lovely, loved the design and the company sent us video showing how to use which was very helpful.  I think the idea fantastic being able to take Alfie swimming with just one nappy is so good, saves money too.  I would say maybe the company should educate the swim teams as ours stated if not potty trained we still had to use disposable nappy too. This was a good fit and Alfie looked comfortable in it. Alfie seemed to be able to move freely in this and he loves his swimming lessons so much. This is such a great design, protects them in the pool, if you have an accident covered and you just need to purchase one swim nappy which you can re-use.  Although our local pool asked us to use disposable nappy with this we have an indoor pool at home so used this at home and worked a treat. This feels soft and gentle inside and was ideal to use without having to put in a disposable swim nappy. When you think now when we take Alfie swimming we can just take on nappy that does it all, brilliant idea. When Alfie grows out of this one will definitely be purchasing another one. We used this for swim lessons and at home twice a week and used as it is intended without having to put in disposable nappy and worked a treat. Loved the fact if there was an accident all would be OK and most importantly safe, comfortable and just one purchase necessary which is fantastic. Superb value for money only have to purchase one swim nappy so saves you heaps on purchasing disposable swim nappies. I will be buying more and have told everyone about this new swim nappy as we just love it. Great product works a treat and we just love it.  Also so many great designs on offer on the website. This has worked well, will be buying more when we go on holiday next year and gives you confidence our son is protected from any accidents in the water and saves you money on having to purchase disposable swim nappies.  Just think the local pools need to be educated regarding what this new arrival offers. Jeanette Philpot – Alfie 10 Months








We have really enjoyed testing this product. We used with disposable nappies and without disposable nappies. Work well both times! The quality is great. I feel like it is worth the asking price! The colours are bright which I also like as makes it easier to see children under the water! I have and will recommend this to friends and family


Harry Awarded The Happy Nappy DUO 5/5

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