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My Little Training Pants

Cute, fun characters to provide encouragement. I make the transition from nappies to pants more fun and encouraging. I give little one’s consistency and confidence when potty training. I catch small accidents if you are caught short or a little too late. I am super soft and comfy and perfect for active toddlers. I save you money on nappies. Together we can help save the planet! Machine washable at 40 degrees and reusable.

Available in a wide variety of designs

Available in sizes from 18 Months through to 4 Years

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Price £16.99 Available Fenwicks, Bentalls, Amazon and online 

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2022 Toilet & Potty Training & Training Pants Categories 

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My Little Training Pants Reviews

Product Tested By Stephanie Ward – Charlotte 2 Years 4 Months

Stephanie Awarded The My Little Training Pants 5/5

They looked beautifully presented, plus fun and eye catching for a child. My daughter loved the box it was in with the carry handle. The carry handle is though too short and so to get the pants out the handle had to be ripped off. Great concept and ideal design for young children. Perfect instructions. These were perfect size.  We’ve tried another brand which come up much bigger/too big. These fitted perfectly. These were very comfortable for my daughter to wear. The character on these did encourage my daughter to want to wear these pants.  She loves cats so loved the cat design. This did help with potty training as she wanted to be a big girl. She loved these training pants. She wore them when we were home either in the morning or the afternoon. These also washed perfectly.  My daughter loved that these made her feel like a big girl. I liked the fact my daughter quickly felt the wet feeling rather than in nappies.  These are great value. Good quality, but the packaging could do with improvements as the handle is too short to allow you to get the pants out. I had to rip off the handle. I would buy more. I would recommend for those early days of potty training and I think they’ll be very useful for long car journeys in case of accidents and times when I can’t get her to a toilet quickly in those early stages or potty training. These are well made, fit well and are a great design. Stephanie Ward – Charlotte 2 Years 4 Months

Product Tested By Charlotte Squibbs – Tommy 2 Years

Charlotte Awarded The My Little Training Pants 5/5

Lovely packaging, small and compact. The handle prevented the box from opening fully so had to be pulled, the handle needs to be longer. Great concept. Very forward thinking and eco-friendly. Easy to follow instructions. We had size 2-3 years and slightly tight on top of thigh/hip, my child wears correct size clothes for his age. Left a little mark so a tad tight but Tommy didn’t seem phased. My son dis love the character on his pants as very bright and good to talk about. I would not say these necessarily helped with potty training.  However, they were ore fun and good that Tommy knew when he was set as this was helpful. He was confident wearing these.  We had little accidents, however you never know how ‘little’ they are going to be. We would use these every afternoon at home. These were also very easy to launder.  My son really loved the design.  I liked the softness and that they are easily washable. Great value as they would save a lot of money. Great designs, soft, durable, sizing may cause issues but size guide is useful on website.  I would buy more.  I would recommend as they are quirky and do what is needed. Great for small accidents, wash well, nice to look at. Easy to use once box was opened (see note about packaging). Great designs. Ensure people refer to size guide when purchasing. Charlotte Squibbs – Tommy 2 Years

Product Tested By Megan Beckley – Rosie 2 Years

Megan Awarded The My Little Training Pants 4/5

Loved the bright colour and fox print, especially the tail on the bottom, this was a big appeal to my 2 year old daughter who thought it was hilarious to have the tails bottom on her bottom! I think it’s a great concept and very appealing to toddlers, I think many parents would be interested in buying these. Really straightforward, clear washing instructions and purpose was clear. We had size 2-3 and a really good fit for my toddler. No issues, my daughter seemed comfortable wearing them. My daughter absolutely loved the fun character on these training pants.  It really encouraged my daughter to try them on and the fox was a big selling point. Absolutely helped with potty training, my daughter was reluctant to try normal pants in the beginning however these bright, fun pants definitely encouraged her. My daughter was able to comfortably wear these and pull them up and down when going to the toilet. The extra padded gave her reassurance too, as going straight to pants can feel quite bare for children. These were effective and we had a few accidents on the first day and I made sure she was also wearing these if we were out and about. They did a great job at catching accidents and there were minimal leaks. My Daughter wore these for the first week of potty training to build her confidence and also our confidence whilst out and about.  A real mixture as worn at  home and out and about. We washed all pairs most days, most of them washed well however 1 did gain a hole just under the elastic after the first wash. The others however washed well. My daughter loved the fun animal print. They gave me confidence that if she did have an accident, it wouldn’t go through to her trousers and soak everything making it much easier to change both at home and away from home. I think they are good value for money but I would not use them instead of nappies, they are however a very good step for being in between nappies and pants. They feel like good quality pants, and very comfortable giving my daughter added padding which, similar to what a nappy would have done, making it an easier transition. However, as noted above, 1 pair did have a hole in after the first wash. I would purchaser these.  I was actually looking for something that would be good to use to transition from nappies to pants, as pants I feel can feel almost bare to a toddler who has only known nappies and these were the perfect fit. Comfortable, fun and practicable. I would recommend as they made the transition to pants much easier and also encouraged my daughter to want to wear pants and use the potty. Overall I think this is a really great product that would be extremely appealing to parents who are nervous about moving to pants completely and also for toddlers who may not be comfortable in wearing pants immediately. I was really impressed at the overall design of the product, straight away my daughter was interested to find out what they were and how to wear them. The fun design was a great bonus and my daughter loved the fox’s tail. The box they came in looked appealing however the string handle was too short and made opening the box very difficult, this should be made longer or removed to make it easier. The pants gave great comfort to my daughter in her transition and was able to catch accidents with minimum leakage which was great as previously leaks through to trousers previously would have really upset her, so they have her extra protection whilst she adjusted to the idea of pants. I would definitely (and have) recommend these pants to friends with children of a similar age looking to potty train and transition away from nappies, these provide confidence for both child and parent, especially when out and about. Megan Beckley Rosie 2 Years



I would buy more. I would recommend for those early days of potty training and I think they’ll be very useful for long car journeys in case of accidents and times when I can’t get her to a toilet quickly in those early stages or potty training. These are well made, fit well and are a great design.


Stephanie Awarded The My Little Training Pants 5/5

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