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37 Degree sleepsack

37° is based on temperature regulation to help newborns and young children combat everyday fluctuations in ambient temperature and weather changes. The range is designed to be both functional and stylish.This product has been created by mothers who understand the problems and joys of a new baby and want to ease some of the most common worries – ‘is my child too hot?’, ‘is my child too cold?’
This is the first and only product using smart textiles for the benefit of the child.

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37 Degree sleepsack Reviews

Product Tested by: Hannah Cracknell – Lucy 7 Weeks

Product Tested By Hannah Cracknell – Lucy 7 Weeks

Hannah Awarded The 37º Sleepsack 5/5
The product is beautiful; fabric is so soft and feels amazing, especially important when putting your precious baby in it! Also comes in a sheer bag and looks gorgeous. The design is simple but unisex which means can be used for future children. I went for the up to 9month bag and it’s huge, plenty of room for growth, you actually wouldn’t need to get another one. Very luxurious it feels expensive so soft and washes really well, has come out like new each time, no bobbles or sign of wear after 6 wks. It fits really nicely even on a newborn. We’ll if I say she had her first good night of sleep wearing it would you believe me? This is lovely material and never caused any irritation. Washes really well and I didn’t iron it, just hung it up and looks fab. I think this is good value for money, you can definitely get cheaper ones but the quality of this speaks for itself. I would purchase more and would certainly recommend as would make a lovely gift. Do I have a good baby or does the sleepsack work miracles? I will not stop using it so I will never know!! Thanks for letting me test a great product! Hannah Cracknell – Lucy 7 Weeks
Product Tested By Lucy Lowe – Zak 11 Months

Lucy Awarded The 37º Sleepsack 4.5/5
That it is a high quality product. Packaged beautifully. Well-designed does the job it is required to do. It fits well with room for growth. Fabric is thick and silky soft to touch. This looked really comfortable on Zak. I did not notice any difference with sleeping pattern as Zak is a good sleeper and slept the same using the sleepsack. This is made of lovely soft material and never caused any irritation. This item is machine washable, takes a while to dry as is thick. The item is high quality and is worth the money. However it provides the same comfort as a cheaper product. I would recommend as would be a nice present for a new mum. Beautifully designed unisex sleepsack, the material is thick and luxurious to touch. Lucy Lowe – Zak 11 Months
Product Tested By Michelle Minton – Edward 10.5 Weeks

Michelle Awarded The 37º Sleepsack 4/5
Lovely design and soft material. A good quality product. I really like the unisex design. It has lovely soft colours and is suitable for either boy or girl. It is far better than the picture depicts. It comes in a nice organza bag too. This size (0-9mths) is far too big for a newborn of 7lbs. We have only just used the sleepsack at 2months old/12lbs so sizing I would say is more appropriate for 3-9months. 0-9 months is wide age coverage considering the size difference of a baby a few weeks old compared to a 9month old? If a parent bought this thinking they would get longevity of the product they may be disappointed to realise it is too big to use with the majority of babies from birth. We haven’t used the product any sooner as our baby was swamped by the size of the sleepsack. He isn’t a small baby either and has grown at a good rate. Initially his arms only just reached out of the sack and the armholes are huge. We were frightened that he could tuck his arms in and slip down inside the sack*Dangerous* hence the reason for not using it earlier. I hope common sense would prevail and stop parents from using a sleepsack too big. Therefore I wouldn’t recommend this for small babies or newborns. Maybe a recommended weight or length guide would be useful. At 10 weeks our baby has lots of growing room length wise which is good. The width has plenty of growing room too but we now feel safer that his arms are out of the sleepsack and he won’t slip down inside. An improvement would be to have press studs below the armpits to allow adjustment on the size of the armholes therefore reducing the gape under the arms and preventing babies from tucking their arms in. As baby grows the press studs needn’t be used if more arm room is required. The fabric is soft and not bulky. It feels dense due to the fabric technology this is a positive. This is comfortable apart from the size which will soon be overcome with baby’s growth. I like that this sleepsack isn’t bulky or high up under the chin like some we have used. This means we can leave him in it during his night feed. Others we have had to roll down to make it comfortable over the chest/under the chin whilst wearing a bib. With this sleepsack he can be lay back down after his feed without disturbance of needing to re fasten it. Baby slept for a longer stretch the first night we used this. He has continued to have a comfortable night’s sleep as do we and he appears to settle nicely in this sleepsack. During the colder weather we have also used a blanket over his legs and stomach. Baby has never been too hot or cold in the sleepsack. Am interested to see how it performs during the warmer weather. This never caused any skin irritation. Laundered with baby clothes and lightly tumbled no problems. Yes good value for money due to the technology of the fabric used. However it is at the top end of sleepsack budget therefore could put parents off if they compare it to sleepsacks with Tog ratings which can be bought for £12-£25. They would need convincing that the fabric technology is worth the extra cost and can improve the quality of baby’s sleep. So many friends have babies that wake up because they are too cold during the winter nights. Could this be the solution? I hadn’t heard of this brand before and I expect a lot of parents haven’t. Undecided as to whether I would purchase. It’s a cost issue not a fault with the product however quality night’s sleep is priceless! I would definitely recommend. Lovely soft sleepsack providing a comfortable night’s sleep for baby and parents. Michelle Minton – Edward 10.5 Weeks


I would purchase more and would certainly recommend as would make a lovely gift. Do I have a good baby or does the sleepsack work miracles? I will not stop using it so I will never know!! Thanks for letting me test a great product!


Hannah Awarded The 37º Sleepsack 5/5

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