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3M Nexcare™ Maternity / Pregnancy Support

3M Nexcare Materninty/Pregnancy Support Available in Size 10 – 18. Ease the strain of pregnancy; be pregnant and comfortable too. tex free, whisper-soft elastic provides gentle, yet firm support. fts the abdomen to achieve relief from sagging weight and leg pain. Expands to accommodate baby’s growth. Helps relieve discomfort in your back, abdomen and legs. Suits pre-pregnancy dress size 10-18. Nexcare™ Products from 3M – the makers of 3M Steri-Strip™ First Aid Skin Closures, Micropore™ First Aid Tape, Littmann™ Stethoscopes and many other leading healthcare brands.   If you have any concerns regarding the use or suitability of this product, please consult your doctor.

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£35.72 Available to purchase online

3M Nexcare™ Maternity / Pregnancy Support Reviews

Product Tested by: Sam Deane – Bradley, Toby & Arrabella – 6, 2 and 3 Weeks

Product Tested By Sam Deane – Bradley, Toby & Arrabella – 6, 2 and 3 Weeks

Sam Awarded The 3M Nexcare Maternity Support  4.9/5

First impression looked strong.  Packaging very good you can see the item clearly.  Instructions precise and easy to follow.  The quality of this product is excellent.  Also very good value for money.  Now that I have used this item would consider purchasing it.  Have also recommended to others.  I suffered with a bad back during my pregnancy so this was ideal item to review.  This was a very easy item to put on.  This was comfortable to wear.  Also helped ease my back pain for small periods of time.   This did not have any effect on discomfort in my legs.  I did not have any discomfort in the Abdomen area so could not state if this would have helped. Wearing the 3M Maternity support certainly helped me feel better.  This was easily worn and very discreet under clothing.  It was more beneficial for my back. The belt was comfortable at first but I couldn’t wear it for long.  Personally I wouldn’t say I was happy to feel restriction around my stomach but it was effective.  Sam Deane – Bradley, Toby & Arrabella – 6, 2, and 3 Weeks.


Product Tested By Maria Butlin – Evie Mae

Maria Awarded The 3M Nexcare Maternity Support 3/5

Was really looking forward to reviewing this product as I am suffering from Pelvis Dysfunction in my pregnancy, and really thought this would be helpful.  Thought the retail price was high.  Personally I thought the style looked a little old fashioned.  Very good instructions, found it very easy to put on.  The material that sits under your bump is flimsy and I could feel it folding over itself.  The back support does however feel more secure and supportive, but has fine strands of exposed elastic covering it, and these are very easily torn when putting on or removing the support, as the Velcro catches it.  This product did not help my Pelvis Dysfunction so I would have been disappointed if I had paid for this.  I volunteered to review this item to help me with the extreme pain I have been experiencing in my pelvis.  This was a very easy item to put on and did not really need to refer to the instructions.  I must admit I did not feel comfortable wearing this support as it .did seem to make me feel bit nauseas after a while, also felt very uncomfortable when it folded down under my bump.  It did feel secure around my back.  I haven’t suffered from any back discomfort.  It didn’t really help any pain in my legs.  I’ve put on a bit of weight with my pregnancy and when you put the support on all the excess weight and skin is pushed up over the top of the elastic and is just left to sit there.  The problem above means my bump didn’t look great under my clothes with the Nexcare Maternity Support on.  I really feel the packaging could be improved as it is does retail at a high price, and I wasn’t impressed with the box and the design.  The support was uncomfortable due to it folding in half around my middle, think it works better when walking about rather than sitting.  This didn’t help the problems I have been suffering with my pelvis dysfunction at all.  The only thing is the support around my back was very secure and I am sure anybody pregnant suffering from back pain would find this helpful.  Also as I am not a size 8 (I am a 16-18) and it did feel very tight, I am sure ladies who are a smaller dress size would find this more helpful and definitely more comfortable.   Maria Butline – Evie Mae


Product Tested By Jessica Simms – Allison 12 Months

Jessica Awarded The 3M Nexcare Maternity Support  4.7/5

Looked good quality and was keen to try.  Packaging was good, informative and you could see product clearly.  Instructions easy to follow. The quality is very good.  I have used this item now for a few months and it has certainly helped with my back pain during pregnancy.  I found this easy to put on and was comfortable to wear. The main benefit for me was to ease back pain as never suffered any other problems.  It would certainly easy back pain for small periods at a time which was a help.  I found this comfortable to wear under clothing, never caused me any discomfort and did help.  I could not wear this for long periods of time, but the time I did wear this helped with my back issues.  A good quality product and helped my problems.  Would not wear for long periods of time, but when in use did ease pain.  I have been asked about this item by friends and have recommended.  A good qualtiy support belt, reasonable value for money and helped me.  Jessica Simms – Allison 12 Months

This was easily worn and very discreet under clothing.  It was more beneficial for my back.


Sam Awarded The 3M Nexcare Maternity Support 4.9/5

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