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4little1 Sleepytime Organic Massage Oil

If you’ve ever had a massage then you’ll know how relaxing it can be. Now you can complete the bedtime bliss experience for your baby with this fantastic organic massage oil with its special formulation of essential oils of lavender and Roman chamomile. It’s just one of Jo Tantum’s Seven Secrets of Sleep, creating a workable and effective bedtime routine.
No nasties such as parabens or sulphates, just a subtle blend of essential oils that will nourish your baby’s skin and send him off to bed in a completely relaxed state. Babies love to be touched and stroked and massaging your baby will also give you special time to enjoy each other’s company in the relaxed surroundings of his darkened and beautiful-smelling nursery.
You can also purchase the Jo Tantums 3 step sleep set and we also have our Sleepytime Range available online as gift set with special gift item included.  Just click online to find out more

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£7.99 Available in Waitrose stores and online

4little1 Sleepytime Organic Massage Oil Reviews

Product Tested by: Nikki Speck – Harry 13 Months

Product Tested By Nikki Speck – Harry 13 Months

Nikki Awarded The 4little 1 Sleepytime Massage Oil 4/5

Lovely bottle, organic ingredients are something I look for, smells divine. Nice blue bottle, looked classy. Spray was easy to direct and sprayed a good amount of product. This was very easy to apply to the skin. Absorbed really well. Personally I absolutely loved the aroma – beautiful. This oil did not cause any irritation of allergic reaction. Harry did not really enjoy the baby massage – I think he’s perhaps a little big for it now at 13 months; he kept trying to crawl away! Didn’t seem to make a difference to his sleep patterns. We used this as part of bedtime routine with the other products from the Sleepytime range. Harry doesn’t really suffer from any skin conditions so could not comment as to whether this product would help. The oil feels expensive to use and smells wonderful. We really enjoyed this product. Good value for money. I would buy this oil separately from the other Sleepytime products in the range. It feels very expensive and sinks in very quickly. I would recommend this product. Beautiful oil, it’s a shame my baby is a bit wiggly for baby massage now. Nikki Speck – Harry 13 Months

Product Tested By Melissa Holmes – Cora Aged 1 Year

Melissa Awarded The 4little 1 Sleepytime Massage Oil 3.2/5

Decent sized bottle, handy pump dispenser, interested to try out. I personally think the logo and labelling are cheap looking and too busy – too much going on! Nice blue colour though. Never had a massage oil in a spray bottle before, I thought it was a good idea and helped control the amount you get. The oil is a good blend, easily applied. This massage oil did absorb well, although not as well as others I have used. The aroma is pleasant, calming, and not too strong. Did not cause any irritation or reaction to my Childs skin. My daughter enjoyed baby massage more when younger but now at almost 1 she is too wriggly. Did not help my daughter sleep any better after using this product. I would use the oil 4-5 times a week. The massage oil was a fair quality; I have used nicer blends. Fair price for the Sleepytime set, perhaps a little expensive individually. Similar products are available for less and it doesn’t have the desired effect. Pleasant smelling, nice to use but didn’t have any effect on sleeping. Melissa Holmes – Cora Aged 1 year

Product Tested By Mark Astin – Kayleigh 11 Months

Mark Awarded The 4little 1 Sleepytime Massage Oil 3.5/5

It’s small and compact. Packaging is sufficient. I thought it was good how it sprayed out and just the right amount to use as well. This is very easily applied to the skin. It does absorb into the skin fine sometimes you need to rub it in more but overall it is fine. This massage oil had a lavender aroma which in my opinion was not a very nice smell. This is however a personal preference. My daughter had a rash from it so I had to stop using it. My daughter enjoyed her massage but we had to stop due to her reacting to the oil. I did not notice any change in her sleeping pattern after using this massage oil. It was an ok size its one you can have in a bag easy in case you stayed out with the kids at night. Reasonable value for money. I would recommend the product as good size and easy to take out with you. Overall the product would have been great if it wasn’t for the fact my daughter reacted to the massage oil. Mark Astin – Kayleigh 11 Months

I would recommend this product. Beautiful oil.


Nikki Awarded The 4little 1 Sleepytime Massage Oil 4/5

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