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4little1 Sleepytime Room Aroma

Put a few drops of our unique room aroma into a bowl of water in the nursery at bedtime or use a burner and you’ll be able to see the soothing effect on your baby. Sleep expert Jo Tantum says baby will come to recognise the fragrance as part of his bedtime routine – and you’ll feel pretty relaxed too.It makes a lovely pure air freshener for general relaxation. And stressed parents can put a few drops in their bath to help them relax when baby is finally asleep.
Sleepytime Room Aroma is a unique blend of pure and natural essential oils, specially formulated to be safe for your little one from birth. There’s lavender, which induces calmness and gentle relaxation. Roman chamomile – part of the daisy family – has excellent soothing properties while Petitgrain has a tranquil effect on the mind and can take any upset away. Frankincense also induces a sense of calm and is known for its capacity to promote mental relaxation while fighting off stress. Put them all together and you have a magical blend which smells fantastic. And not only is it great for babies but it’s pretty effective for tired mums and dads too.
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4little1 Sleepytime Room Aroma Reviews

Product Tested by: Mark Astin – Kayleigh 11 Months

Product Tested By Mark Astin – Kayleigh 11 Months

Mark Awarded The 4little 1 Sleepytime Room Aroma 3.8/5

It wasn’t what I expected. It was a basic packaging to keep the cost down. Instructions clear and concise. I was slightly disappointed in the size of the product I was thinking it would had been a little bigger. Personally I did not find the fragrance appealing but still used if for my child. I did think the aroma was overpowering and would have been nicer with a more subtle fragrance. It filled the room for a period of time but then it was just gone. I found it had no effect on making my baby sleep any longer or better than she usually does. In my own personal opinion this was not very good value for the price it is selling for. I would not recommend the product but have told people about this so they can make their own minds up. My overall experience of this product I would have to say I would not go out and buy this for my child or another children as I feel for the price this product did not meet the criteria it is selling for. Mark Astin – Kayleigh 11 Months

Product Tested by Nikki Speck – Harry 13 Months

Nikki Awarded The 4little1 Sleepytime Room Aroma 3.6/5

A lovely idea smells nice, nice organic ingredients. Nice packaging that co-ordinates with the other products in the range. Instructions pretty thorough, it just didn’t fit in that well with our routine so we had to work around it. Standard size of bottle I would expect for an essential oil/ room fragrance product. Fragrance is lovely and soothing. When we used this oil the fragrance did not fill the room immediately. We have been using this oil for well over a month now and still going strong. Lovely quality – seems to be a good strong smelling oil blend. My child did not really sleep better when we were using this oil. I like the products but as my baby didn’t sleep any better I would not continue to use the room fragrance, so for me it is not value for money. Every child is different and I would recommend friends and family to try it for themselves. Lovely idea, but it didn’t work for us. Nikki Speck – Harry 13 Months

Product Tested By Melissa Holmes – Cora Aged 1 Year

Melissa Awarded The 4llittle 1 Sleepytime Room Aroma 3.2/5

Looks like a standard aromatherapy oil/blend, interested to smell and try out. Logo and labelling too busy, looks cheap I think. Most importantly, I may have had a faulty bottle but it was VERY difficult to get open! Instructions were standard. Typical size for this sort of product. I found the fragrance pleasant and relaxing. The fragrance did fill the room, although very small room! Still in use after a couple of months (although not continuous). If used nightly I think it would last 1.5m considering how much I needed to use. Quality of this product is good. My child did not sleep better after using this product. I wouldn’t buy it as part of a set like this; I think a single lavender essential oil is just as nice and cheaper. Cheaper to buy Lavender essential oil. Wasn’t that enthralled by it. A pleasant enough product that doesn’t have the intended effect! Melissa Holmes – Cora Aged 1 Year



Mark Awarded The 4little 1 Sleepytime Room Aroma 3.8/5

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