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Fast acting, long-lasting, highly portable, great tasting and kind to your body, 6 is the perfect answer to the energy slumps we all suffer  leading such busy lives. It’s the pick-me-up that doesn’t put you down again five minutes later.

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£2.50 per shot or £24.99 for a box of 12 Available to purchase online

6VitaminShot Reviews

Product Tested by: Leslie Pearce

Tested By
Leslie Pearce

Awarded The 6VitaminShot 4.5/5

looked good quality when I first saw them. The packaging was nice. Small handy
bottles; ideal size for your gym bag.
Instructions informative and straightforward to take. The quality seemed really good. I actually
liked the taste too. I think these do
offer value for money. I would consider
buying them again. I would like to carry on with them to see if they continue
to work. I have already recommended them to friends. I would like to continue using these
shots to see if they continue to work. Leslie Pearce

Tested By
Richard Philpot

Awarded The 6VitaminShot 4/5

size, eye catching design and great for gym bag. Instructions informative and
good information on the packaging. Taste
is good. I regularly train so always
have vitamin supplements in my regular diet.
These seemed to work as well as my standard supplements and alongside my
diet kept my body working well. The
price is comparable to other products in the market. These are good size, taste good and would use
every so often as handy to pop in gym bag.
I do prefer my regular supplement as take this daily, but these are
always handy to have around if you need extra boost. Would buy again occasionally and have
recommended. Worked well enough and use
alongside good diet will keep you feeling fit and healthy. Richard Philpot

tested By
Louise Harker

Awarded The 6VitaminShot 3.8/5

first impression upon receiving the product was that it looks good, presented
with plenty of information on the packaging. Packaging was eye catching but at
the same time simple enough to be able to see what it is and the information on
the packaging. Instructions very clear and concise, I didn’t find myself having
to look online for example for more information. Tastes amazing and it did give
me a noticeable energy boost which I have not found with other similar products
– however – I found myself extremely tired the day after taking it and also
found I had some hair loss. The hair
loss could have been coincidence but it was the only thing in my lifestyle that
had changed and seemed to coincide exactly with taking this. I think the
product is a little too expensive. If I
had seen it on the shelf in a shop I would not have bought due to the price. Although
this product did work in giving me an energy boost, the tiredness the next day
and hair loss were enough to put me off purchasing it again. The packaging is
great and is a fab size to just throw in your handbag. Also the taste is great compared to some
others which leave an awful aftertaste.
I couldn’t give it a 5 due to the after effects that I experienced. The
energy boost was noticeable with this product; with other products I have tried
I have not actually noticed any effect so I was surprised that I did experience
that. I did not think I would like the
taste however was pleasantly surprised, it has a fruity taste which is pleasant
compared to comparable products. I tried
taking one a week, each week on the day following having the 6VitaminShot I
found myself feeling incredibly tired and noticed hair loss, enough to be
noticeable around my hairline – again this happened for a couple of days
following having the 6VitaminShot on all 3 weeks that had it.  this may be juswt my body reacting to the product and may not happen to others.  Louise Harker

The quality seemed really good. I actually liked the taste too. I think these do offer value for money. 


Leslie Awarded The 6VitaminShot 4.5/5

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