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A Helpful Guide to a Happy Baby

A Helpful Guide to a Happy Baby: Practical Wisdom from a Maternity Nurse for Birth to Three Months

The arrival of a new baby is a wonderfully exciting time for any family, but it can also be overwhelming. A Helpful Guide to a Happy Baby makes an experienced maternity nurse’s advice available to all new parents.

From practical advice for the first few days to gentle reassurance for the sleepless nights and upheaval of the first few months, this book aims to help parents enjoy their newborn babies and give them all the information they need, just when they need it.

• Step-by-step photographic instructions on bathing, swaddling and more
• Easy-to-follow routines to adapt to different lifestyles
• Week-by-week guides to what to expect
• Practical tips to problem-solve common issues
• A holistic approach to the whole family

A Helpful Guide to a Happy Baby is a fully updated, revised and expanded version of the hugely successful title, What Would Fiona Do?. Fiona initially wrote the book in response to new parents who found themselves asking that very question and wishing that her advice and guidance could continue to be available to them after she’d finished working with their families. It has since gone on to become an invaluable resource in households across the country.

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A Helpful Guide to a Happy Baby Reviews

Product Tested By Harriet Ashcroft – Olive 3 Months

Harriet Awarded The A Helpful Guide to a Happy Baby 4.2/5

The book was larger than I expected it to be considering it covers the first 3 months which was a pleasant surprise. Well packaged. I really like the concept of this book – the first 3 months can be very stressful for new parents. It can feel quite overwhelming, especially with sleep deprivation, so a handy guide just dedicated to the fourth trimester seems to fill a gap in the market. The ‘happy baby’ is bright yellow font really stood out along with the ‘practical wisdom’ phrase. These are 2 things I know I craved as a new mum! The author describes this books as a practical guide and this is very accurate. All the common things that a new parent might worry about such as feeding, bathing, nappies etc are all covered clearly and concisely. Bathing baby can be very daunting and this book explained it well with simple instructions and pictures. Routines can be a tricky subject. To some parents they are a godsend and for others they can cause immense stress if baby does not stick to them. The author does stress that the routines suggested are adaptable though and I found the advice on wake windows particularly helpful. Every baby and parent is different and the routines described will not work for everyone however they are clear and easy to find. The practical tips section is concise but useful to read through for some reassurance about common issues. The holistic section was not so useful for me as this is my first baby. I had been on an antenatal NCT course and a baby care course so a lot of the information about safe sleep, feeding, bathing was covered in those. Despite this I still found the book useful to refer to during the first couple of months for reassurance or a refresh. This book is extremely easy to understand and all the information was simple to find. I liked the simple, practical guides to things like bathing and massage especially when they contained pictures. I also liked how lots of different ways of feeding baby was covered, including combination feeding and using expressed breast milk. The book felt of a decent quality for the price point. I don’t think I would buy this book as a lot of the information had already been covered in the antenatal courses myself and my partner had attended. If I had not done so though I would definitely consider buying this book. Similar to above. For those who have not attended an NCT course or similar this book would be useful. This book provides clear, concise and practical advice on all areas you might need during the first 3 months of your baby’s life. It would be particularly useful for those who have not done an antenatal baby care course however even those who have will find plenty of helpful tips are covered. Harriet Ashcroft – Olive 3 Months

Product Tested By Angharad Mair Johl – Lily 2 Months

Angharad Awarded The A Helpful Guide to a Happy Baby 4/5

Really pleased to receive it and it was good timing as it was just after my little one was born. Perfect – there are a lot of huge books out there but the first few months were really important to know what to do and how or to offer some guidance and support – particularly for a first time mummy. The front cover would not inspire me to pick up the book it was the title that made me interested. I had spent a lot of time preparing for the birth as I was quite scared, but I hadn’t done much to prepare for what happened when I took her home and it was really helpful to have something to refer to. The  bathing  and swaddling section my favourite part of the book. Great pics and very .helpful, my little one loved being swaddled and refused to sleep if not swaddled. I like the idea of routines but it didn’t work for us as we had been told to feed on demand and let her sleep on demand by the midwives and hospital as she is very small and lost a lot of weight after birth so we have been trying to catch up – I do like the idea of this but just didn’t work for this baby on this occasion. The week-by-week guide to what to expect with a new baby at home was useful and good to refer to. The section on practical tips I found useful and would refer to this quite a bit to check things. The holistic approach was interesting but other parts of the book were more useful. This was a really useful book to have that focuses on those early stages and is easy to find relevant info within it. This book was well written and was clear and easy to follow.  I liked the reassurance of being able to check things quickly, that it’s British (a lot of the books I had are aimed at the American market) and the pictures of swaddling and bathing. Seems good quality, good size, printed well etc. I would buy this for the pics and for those pieces of advice, however the retail price seems high. I would recommend but with a huge caveat that the routines are definitely not for everyone – my health visitor was very against it – but I have the luxury of not being at work right now or having other children and therefore can feed on demand etc. Useful book and good to get insight and perspectives even if you don’t follow her advice completely. There was good advice on feeding whether breast, bottle or combined with no judgement which was really welcomed as there is a lot of pressure to breastfeed from the midwives and health visitors. Also very jealous of the mum’s who could afford to have her look after their babies overnight!! Angharad Mair Johl – Lily 2 Months

Product Tested By Annette Barns – Jimmy 2 Months

Annette Awarded The A Helpful Guide to a Happy Baby 4.4/5

Looked like this book would give me some valuable information.  I really like the idea of this book as this is my first baby and very daunting leaving the hospital and coming home with baby and you just have to get on with it. The cover and way it was designed would catch my eye in a book shop and made me want to find out more. The advice to help you during those first few days at home was so helpful.  All clear and easy to follow. I was really scared about bathing my baby and loved the photographic instructions really helped me and gave me the confidence to bathe my baby safely.  Also the swaddling section was so easy to follow. The routines section is very good but for us this did not work.  We were advised to feed when required and Jimmy was feeding regularly and during the night every hour so we found it so difficult to set a routine.  Still not getting much sleep at night but my husband works night shifts so he relieves me during the day to catch up on sleep.  We are hoping little Jimmy will settle into a routine soon and will keep the book to hand. The week-by-week guide to having a new baby at home was well written, but we had so many issues, I was ill from C-section, exhausted and was just so relieved my husband had 2 weeks paternity leave to help me.  I am sure this would be very useful to many new families.  We just encountered a few problems during those first few weeks. The practical tips is very handy and I would go back to this section a lot. Very helpful. I am sure for people who are interested in the holistic approach this would be ideal but not something for us. This did deliver lots of very useful ideas, tips and help and advice on general taking care of baby and was well presented and well written.  I just found some of the issues covered in the book our hospital and midwife totally disagreed with.  Bit confusing at times for us, but when you are a new mum you need all the help and information you can get. The book is a useful guide and easy to follow and you can find the information you need easily. I liked the picture guides for bathing and especially swaddling. I feel the book in good quality just a bit on the pricey side. I would not buy this book for my second child, but I would definitely recommend for any new mum’s as so much for the information helps you cope, get through those early days and builds your confidence is looking after you and your baby. This book is a good guide for any new mum and lots of very detailed and clear tips are covered.  We enjoyed this book. Annette Barns – Jimmy 2 Months



This book provides clear, concise and practical advice on all areas you might need during the first 3 months of your baby’s life. It would be particularly useful for those who have not done an antenatal baby care course however even those who have will find plenty of helpful tips are covered.


Harriet Awarded The A Helpful Guide to a Happy Baby 4.2/5

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