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Aalgo powder

Organic Seaweed Powder – Aalgo Sometimes finding a solution to a problem is simpler than it seems. Using only the natural healing properties of seaweed, Aalgo has helped over 900,000 people from over 30 countries alleviate, enhance and nourish irritated skin for more than 20 years.
1kg Aalgo powder in a warm bath for aches and pains especially arthritic pain – luke warm bath for eczema, dermatitis, dry skin and psoriasis.- Foot Spa for sore feet, swollen ankles or any dry, itchy, chapped skin problems.

– 35 Baths
– 70 Baby Baths
– 20 Detox Baths
– 70 Foot Spas

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£35.00 for 1kg Available to purchase online

Aalgo powder Reviews

Product Tested by: Sharon Galer


Tested By Sharon Galer

Awarded The Aalgo Dried Seaweed powder 1kg 5/5

excited to try it. Packaging was nice
and simple. Instructions very easy to
follow. Fantastic product I suffer from Dermatitis
and I put this in my bath and I noticed I did not scratch my skin at all during
the night. I also used this on my daughter as a face mask as her skin is really
oily and has acne. Her face came up lovely and soft. It is starting to dry out
her acne, without drying out her face. We
are making this a weekly ritual now to maintain our results. This is superb
value for money. It will last for ages
and it is a fabulous product. This has
been wonderful and without a doubt would purchase more. I already have recommended and have given a
little of it to my friend to try as her little girl suffers from Eczema and is
constantly itching. Fantastic
Product it really does work. Since using
this I have not scratched my arm and hand, which is a relief. I will continue to use this and recommend to
anyone that will listen. Sharon Galer

Tested By Jeanette Taylor – Imogen 12 Months

Awarded The Aalgo Dried Seaweed powder 1kg 5/5

arrived in a nice neat tub with screw top.
Easy to store in the house and in the bathroom. I also read up on this before it arrived as
my daughter has eczema so was eager to try it.
Packaging is very simplistic and all you need for this sort of
product. Instructions clear and precise.
When you open the tub the smell of this dried seaweed is very strong, but will
give anything a go if helps with Imogen’s eczema. As guided I put the powder in the warm bath
for Imogen. She was not too keen on the colour
of the water as went green, but sitting in the bath it seemed to really calm
her skin down. I used this every week as
would bath Imogen weekly using this dried seaweed powder. I was very impressed as the redness reduced
and she stopped scratching so much which can make the eczema so much
worse. After a few weeks of using this
as she knew it helped she never complained about the aroma or the colour of the
bath water. This has helped so much and
I am just amazed. The quality of this is
excellent, natural and it works. We now
use this weekly and it has been a godsend.
I also use it on my face as a face mask.
You just put a little bit in a bowl and get a nice paste, then put on
your face and let it dry. It leaves my
skin feeling lovely and refreshed and certainly cleans my skin really
well. Now I use this myself regularly as
a face mask. My husband also has very
bad eczema on his body and after a lot of persuasion he has used this in his
bath and calming his skin down too (has suffered with bad eczema for many
years). This is fantastic value for
money as you get a 1kg tub. If I added
up all the money spent on creams for my daughter and husband this is amazing
value. We still have some left and I
will continue to use this until finished and purchase more. I have been telling everyone about this as
never heard of it before and am so pleased I had the chance to review. This will be on my shopping list always as
such a great product and really works well.
It has calmed Imogen’s eczema down so much and gradually getting better,
helped my husband too and been a fab face mask for me. Amazing product. Jeanette Taylor – Imogen 12 months

Tested By Richard Philpot – Barney 2 years

Awarded The Aalgo Dried Seaweed powder 1kg 4.8/5

in neat round tub with screw top. Was
well packaged and arrived safely. Instructions on the tub tell how to use this
dried seaweed. I would bathe Barney once
a week as he really does suffer from very dry skin, which irritates him a
lot. It soothed and improved the skin
issue. Over the weeks the dry skin has
calmed down and with continual use this will eventually go. I have also used this as suggested as a foot
spa as have very bad skin on my feet and this has been effective. The tub lasts for ages. It is natural, organic and I was very
surprised at the results. I have already
recommended to family who suffer from eczema.
I will be purchasing more. Had
not heard of this product before. Was
surprised how effective it has been.
Helped Barney with skin problems.
Will definitely be purchasing more as represents great value for money
and works. A very effective organic
product that helps with a wide variety of skin complaints. Highly recommend. Richard Philpot – Barney 2 years





































Fantastic Product it really does work. Since using this I have not scratched my arm and hand, which is a relief. I will continue to use this and recommend to anyone that will listen.


Sharon Awarded The Aalgo Dried Seaweed powder 1kg 5/5

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