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Abbie Maternity Nightdress

Abbie Nightdress Available in Blue – Sizes XS,S,M,L & XL. Very fresh nightdress suitable for using whilst pregnant. The long placket with buttons at the front will also allow for breastfeeding once your baby is born.

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22.50 € - Available to purchase online

Abbie Maternity Nightdress Reviews

Product Tested by: Emma Grant – Baby Theo 4 Months

Product Tested By Emma Grant – Baby Theo 4 Months

Emma Awarded The Abbie Nightdress 3.8/5

The nightdress arrived beautifully packaged in brown paper.  After unwrapping my initial impressions were that it was very good quality and beautifully soft in a classic style (perhaps a touch old fashioned). I checked out the website and they have a lovely range – classic clothes which exude quality.  I particularly liked the Theo baby coat (but then perhaps I’m biased!).  The nursing clothes look simple and stylish.  I have to say the nightdress style would not be a style I would choose as it came up rather short on me (I am quite tall) – but I imagine the floaty shape would be very flattering on women who suit this cut.  The details on the nightie are very pretty and girlie and the material is lovely.   The nightie has buttons down the front for breastfeeding and it is cut loose to accommodate a growing bump and post-baby body making it suitable for a much longer period – you could even wear it when not pregnant or nursing as it just looks like a normal piece of nightwear.  The nightie is very comfortable – soft and light perfect for a nursing or pregnant woman when you tend to be warmer than usual. I did find the buttons were difficult to undo when half asleep at night with a crying baby wanting food and ended up sleeping with them open for ease of access.  However, with the buttons open it was very simple.  This does not look like a maternity nightdress as it is floaty and pretty. The high neck means that you are well covered so it would be ideal for hospital if you are shy and it means that you can easily open the door if the post man comes calling without inadvertently exposing yourself! Would personally have preferred either a lower neck line or a means of doing up the neckline that didn’t involve fiddly buttons – poppers would be easier for example (although perhaps not quite in keeping with the style of the nightie).  I would also have liked the item to have a bit of stretch to it and to be a bit closer fitting but this reflects my personal preferences rather than being a fault with the nightdress.  It is a really lovely nightdress and, while it is not the sort of item I would normally have picked, it is really nice to wear something which has such a good quality feel to it.  I would recommend this product to someone who wore clothes of this nature. Would recommend Dot baby to any friends or family looking for good quality baby/nursing clothing as they have some really lovely, classic clothing on their website. I love the idea of this nightie – gorgeously soft, high quality cotton, loose and floaty for maternity, post-birth and nursing and a pretty feminine design.  However, I did not find it very practical for breast feeding due to the button neckline which I found quite difficult to open.  Emma Grant – Baby Theo 4 Months

 Product Tested By Helena Nourse – Pregnant (6 months), Tamara (13 years)

Helena Awarded The Abbie Nightdress 4/5

The packaging was ok and the tags on the garment looked professional. The frills on the front had been flattened down during the journey so it looked a bit bland when first unpacked, although that changed after use. The site is bright and easy to use and the ‘tips’ sections aren’t patronising and would be handy for first timers. The maternity and breastfeeding areas could possibly do with a little extra detail on the front page – as the pictures aren’t huge it might be better to say if the item is, for example, a nightie or a dress. There is a wide range and the children’s clothes in particular are different to most of the High Street offerings. It is very comfortable and it looks much better on than when I first opened it. The detail around the button area and at the bottom makes it more interesting to look at and it falls well, even when you’re getting big (like me). It has a 60s feel to the shape and is generous in size, although it doesn’t swamp you when you are not too heavily pregnant. I am still expecting so haven’t needed to use it when breastfeeding yet but the buttons undo easily with one hand and it seems as if it will work fine. As a nightie it doesn’t twist and the design of the top section means that it doesn’t catch or wake you. It is very comfortable both to sleep in and for just hanging around the house. The fitted top makes it feel quite flattering while the main body of the nightie has plenty of room for growth and isn’t restrictive. At the same time it doesn’t feel as if it is too big or that there is too much material when you are in the second trimester and your bump isn’t so big. I haven’t had to use it yet for breast feeding, but it looks as if it will be great, the buttons undo easily with one hand and is well designed. The frill design at the front around the buttons matches well with the rest of the design around the top section, arms and the bottom edging so it doesn’t draw your attention and make it obvious that it is a breast nightie. I am quite tall and it is a little bit too short – I don’t think I’ll be taking it with me to the hospital. It is so comfortable that I will continue to wear it through the rest of my pregnancy and afterwards as it looks as if it will be very good for breastfeeding. For comfort, look and practicality this is a great nightie and I would happily recommend it to others. The initial impression, before trying it on, was not so great and it is a little on the short side. If it wasn’t for that it would have got 5/5 as it is so comfortable. This nightie is not only practical, both before and after the birth, but also looks great and feels comfortable – what more can you ask for.  Helena Nourse – Pregnant (6 months), Tamara (13 years)

Product Tested By Tracy Knight – Baby Bobby 4 weeks

Tracy Awarded The Abbie Nightdress 4.5/5

The packaging good, and looked quality. Checked out the website and easy to use and also had a lot of interesting items available, will certainly be checking back for more items.  I liked this item and found it very comfortabl to wear.  Must admit was nice to wear and warmed to it once started to use it as first impression was not too sure. The design round button area and bottom adds bit of style and it also fitted me extremely well. This is generous in size which is good while you are getting bigger so ideal to wear througouth your pregnancy. I have my little Bobby now and have found this ideal to use while breastfeeding. A versatile item of clothing, served me well during my pregnancy and easy to use while breastfeeding.  I am a standard size 12 (well when not pregnant) and this was perfect size and correct length. A practical, comfortable, good quality nightie that can be used during preganncy and for breastfeeding. This washes well and good quality material so always feels comfortable.  Have already recommended to friends. A versatile item which is practical, feels good on and looks quality.  Also pretty good value for money as will last a while!  Tracy Knight – Baby Bobby 4 weeks


gorgeously soft, high quality cotton, loose and floaty for maternity, post-birth and nursing and a pretty feminine design.


Emma Awarded The Abbie Nightdress 3.8/5

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