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Robust quality meets modern styling: The Tour backpack by ABC Design

Do you love adventure and aim to be prepared for any eventuality? Then the Tour backpack is exactly what you’re looking for! Not only will you love its looks from the outset, you’ll also be impressed by its inner features. As well as the large and roomy front pocket, the backpack offers six further side pockets of assorted sizes – ideal for people who like to be organised. To make sure you don’t lose even your smallest belongings, the backpack offers little zipped pockets and practical compartments to accommodate your creative chaos. There are two interior pockets – as well as a wet pocket. A hygienic travel changing mat, a removable pouch for small items and a removable insulated bottle holder are included. The large main compartment opens from the front, providing plenty of space – ideal for a city shopping trip or a long walk. The backpack also makes a stylish travel accessory, and the luggage strap makes it practical for taking on holiday. The Tour backpack looks good on the pushchair or on your back – ideal for anyone who wants a practical accessory for travelling in style. It can be attached quickly and easily to all ABC Design pushchair models using the universal fixing system.

Price: £104.90 Available Hello Baby Direct, Kiddies Kingdom, Baby Planet

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2020 Changing Bags 

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ABC Backpack Tour Reviews

Product Tested By Bronia Milburn – Max 12 Months

Bronia Awarded The ABC Backpack Tour 5/5

My initial reaction was that it looked like a luxury product, the quality looked high class and I was excited to explore it some more. The concept is great; you can never be over prepared when exploring with a baby or even just popping to the shop so the many pockets was helpful. The design was great. It was big enough to store EVERYTHING, but also narrow enough to not get in the way or feel uncomfortable. Came in a stylish colour that my partner also felt he could be seen out with. The front roomy pocket is fabulous. Plenty of space for all that a baby needs. The side pockets were great for holding a carton of formula, a spare bottle, flask, beaker…when you are out for a day you end up needing to take a lot, especially for a toddler with allergies – snacks etc. These pockets were great for knowing exactly where to go to find things. Loved the little zipped pockets. We kept spare dummies, small toys, snacks etc. in these compartments. Made sure the smaller things didn’t get lost in the big bag. We found the travel mat to be slightly too small, so in the end didn’t use this. The removable pouch was great for taking teething gels, crystals etc. The bottle holder was fab, if out for the evening we would warm the bottle at home and it would be at the perfect temperature when we required to use it. The large main compartment was really easy to open, and it opened wide enough to be able to rummage around and find everything you needed easily. Straps were very good, comfortable and easy to adjust.  Very easy to keep this bag clean. My son has always suffered with reflux and allergies, so is sick often. The bag wiped clean with an antibacterial wipe very easily. Really liked the idea of the luggage strap as it offers different ways to carry so when you are out perhaps with a lot of other shipping or luggage, manoeuvring a pram it helps to be able to adjust how you carry the bag. I used this several times a week for the entire test period. We are an active family and enjoy getting out. Mainly used this on family days out, where we would be out the house the entire day. It felt sturdy and of good quality, not cheap and like it would break easily. Looks smart and expensive. I feel that at £104 it may be priced out of the average families’ budget, although it is fab there are similar products available which come at a lower price tag. I loved how many little compartments there were. About 2 weeks in, I found another that I hadn’t noticed before! I enjoy being organised so this was a dream come true. If I was to have another baby I would definitely buy another one of these. It suits both me and my partner, and is stylish too whilst being very practical. I’d recommend to family and have already done so to friends who are expecting. It’s convenient having all you could possibly need to hand. I loved this product! The way it looked, the way it felt, how it hung on the pram. Everything. My previous bag was always chaotic but this allowed me to take everything I need, but also to be organised and tidy. The only downside was the changing mat size but that’s easily overcome. Bronia Milburn – Max 12 Months

Product Tested By Cally Butterworth – Molly 16 Weeks 5 Days

Cally Awarded The ABC Backpack Tour 4.7/5

Smart, sleek and stylish. Looked a lot smaller than our current bag which was slightly worrying. Slightly annoyed about the fixtures and the vendor lock in with that but replaced these with universal clips which work fine. This is well made, well polishes and durable. The front pocked didn’t zip down too far for fear of things falling out. The other 6 assorted side pockets each had its own use and make this bag amazing. The pockets for smaller items were great, just knowing where things could go. The changing mat was really helpful and well used, the pouch and the bottle holder weren’t used. The large main compartment enabled us to store everything we needed and still had room for other items. The straps were comfortable and easy to adjust. This was easy enough to keep clean. I used this bag every day.  I would take it everywhere. It was always attached to the pram or in the car ready to use wherever we went. Well manufactured, durable and nice to look at. You get what you pay for with this bag and the price simply shows its quality. I wouldn’t go out of my way to spend over £100 on a bag but this bag has changed my mind. I loved all the “secret” pockets – these made using this bag a lot easier with pockets for specific items. I would buy this bag.  I have already recommended to other mothers that I meet. Really good product, durable, stylish (even my husband doesn’t mind wearing it), the only improve I would make would be to add something more solid and flat at the bottoms of the bag so that it stays upright. When this bag arrived I was impressed with the look and feel – modern, stylish and felt incredibly durable. It was around 3/4 of the size of my previous bag which did bring up concern but after discovering all of the pockets I got to organising the contents and was surprised to be able to fit almost everything in with some room to spare. After going through the contents of the package and finding the clips I felt frustrated that these wouldn’t clip onto my pushchair and were specifically designed for their brand – after purchasing some universal clips this was quickly overcome but did get in the way after doing this as I kept kicking the bag while walking. Ever since I’ve started using this bag I’ve told everyone about it and all its features and pockets, it’s been my main bag for weeks now and I love it. Cally Butterworth – Molly 16 Weeks 5 Days

Product Tested By Shelly Norris – Willa 15 Months

Shelly Awarded The ABC Backpack Tour 4.5/5

Good size, sturdy design not thin like some backpacks. Material was good quality. They are a good design and like that you could design your own. I believe they do prams too and if I had purchased one of them I would like to keep the bag matching too. I didn’t originally pick black but was only one in stock. I think it’s simple and the touch of rose gold is nice and makes it look classy. Just loved the roomy front pocket. The ix side pockets which are assorted sizes are good.  Used the bottom waterproof one for bottles and the bottle one on side for quick access to a dummy. The little zipped pockets were great and I used them for a bag of hair bobbles, snack pocket, change etc. The two interior pockets and wet pocket worked well. We go swimming so these all worked well in that situation. The mat isn’t that nice I thought it was just cheap looking and very thin. The one I got with my cossatto travel system was far nicer with thicker padding patterns, Velcro etc. You don’t expect much I know as it’s just for changing but thought it didn’t go with the quality of the bag. It could maybe be thicker and could be rose gold to match zips.  Would stand out in the bag too. The best part of this bag is the large main compartment which opens from the front. Even all unzipped it was sturdy and rigid. Other backpacks would have collapsed. The Straps supplied were good thick and strong.  I have a few mark’s on the already I can’t get out but I would normally have opted for a pattern as I know I can be rushing and piling stuff in my car quickly and banging stuff together. I used the bag daily. The quality of this was brilliant. I thought it was a really nice bag but I would be waiting for it to be on sale as it’s a little on the pricey side. I’ve seen similar with USB cables and better changing mats. I loved the tall sturdy design and that you can choose different patterns.  I would purchase if needed another bag but would wait to see it on offer. I would recommend it as it is really good especially if you have their other things just a few things to improve. Great sturdy body, great to choose your design and loved the mix of materials with fabric and leather. Love extras such as bottle holder and purse.  Also this is a very durable bag to have.  I have seen some where wipes slide in a side pocket with a slit so I can grab with one hand.  Would like to see a section for nappy bags too. Also they could improve changing mat design/colour. Add a musical button/clip on side for a toy/attach pouch to add in wipes. I have really enjoyed using it. Once I stop using my pram I will solely use this bag but for the moment I will use my bag as strap goes over my chassis. Shelly Norris – Willa 15 Months



I’d recommend to family and have already done so to friends who are expecting. It’s convenient having all you could possibly need to hand. I loved this product! The way it looked, the way it felt, how it hung on the pram. Everything. My previous bag was always chaotic but this allowed me to take everything I need, but also to be organised and tidy.


Bronia Awarded The ABC Backpack Tour 5/5

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