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ABC Design Ping Pushchair

Stylish. Luxurious. Exclusive. A new definition of aesthetics. High-quality materials, expressive styling and elegant designs combine for a stunning up-to-the-minute look. The Diamond Edition stands for pure elegance and high design standards down to the last detail.

For little ones, discovering the world starts right on your doorstep. But for those families who are always on the go or love to travel, the world of adventure continues far away from home. Travelling with small children needs the right equipment for the challenge, and a light, small buggy is of course an essential. The handy and practical Ping stroller is ideal for travel-loving parents and their offspring. Its extra-compact folding ability, down to hand luggage size, and its very light weight impress on journeys by car, plane, bus or train. The manoeuvrable travel buggy can be effortlessly folded, unfolded and steered with just one hand. Besides the practical handling, your child’s comfort always comes first, especially when travelling. Thanks to 4-wheel suspension, a padded seat with completely flat reclining position and the generous sun canopy, your child can enjoy stress-free, relaxed and comfortable journeys. Whitewall tyres and trendy designs make the practical travel companion a buggy with global style visually too.

Price £279.90 Available Pramworld, Kiddies Kingdom, Baby Planet, Babybabyonline

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ABC Design Ping Pushchair Reviews

Product Tested By Zeynab Sayid – Aisha 1 Year

Zeynab Awarded The ABC Design Ping Pushchair 5/5

I thought it was very stylish and I absolutely loved the colour that it came in. I like how there’s space to put items under the pushchair too. I love how the seat is padded so my child can sit in position comfortably and I also like how the pushchair is able to go in to a flat reclining position meaning my child was able to relax and enjoy herself. In my opinion, the design was perfect for me; very lightweight, compact and there is enough space for the child to sit comfortably. I like how I’m able to put items under the pushchair too which saves me from carrying the child’s items on my shoulder. The instructions were very easy to follow and wasn’t confusing at all; it was made very simple and it was clear to read. it was very easy to use when I was outside and it was very easy to fold away once I was done. I absolutely love that it’s compact and I’m able to fold it when not in use so it takes the least amount of space as possible. I haven’t been travelling nor have I been on holiday but the pushchair was very easy to fold and put away when not in use, so would be ideal to take on your travels. Steering this with one had was very effective for me as I’m able to control the pushchair with one hand and I don’t have to push it hard for it to move. I used the pushchair on concrete, carpet and also vinyl tiles. It was very easy to steer on concrete & vinyl tiles, it was gliding easily on those surfaces but when I used it on carpet , I had to use a little force for it to steer properly. I like how effective the 4 wheel suspension is; The wheels are able to move up and down independently meaning that all 4 wheels will always be in contact with the ground which is great because some pushchairs that I’ve seen the wheels aren’t on the ground which isn’t safe for a child and my child being safe is my number one priority. The multi position recline was very effective. When I put my daughter on the pushchair and did the flat reclining position, she was extremely comfortable and she was able to even get some sleep when I put her in that position; when she sits upright, she is able to eat comfortably and also play comfortably without any issues. The padded seat was great for my daughter and she was very comfortable in this buggy; the padded seat gives her some support in the pushchair. The sun canopy was very effective. When I use the sun canopy, she is able to sleep for a very long time which is great because it shows how comfortable she is in the pushchair. This is definitely lightweight and ideal to take on your travels. I found it very lightweight which i like because it’s very easy to push around and it was very easy to steer around which is great and it was also extremely easy to fold when not in use. The bumper bar was easy to use and it was effective because it keeps my child safe so she doesn’t fall, it makes her feel comfortable and it gives me peace of mind knowing that the bumper bar is in place. I liked how effective the raincover is and it provides very good coverage and it protects my child from the rain. I like the size of the shopping basket ; it’s very compact and handy if I’m out and I need to get some essentials for my daughter I don’t need to carry items in my hand so it’s very convenient for me. I like how the stroller has been built, it’s very strong, firm and I love the material that’s been used to make this; it’s very nice and comfortable. This fitted perfectly into the boot of our car. very easy to fold and put away when not in use. I do agree this would be perfect from newborn through to 3 years.  This is perfect for my daughter and she is 12 months. I use this stroller around 4 times a week when I take my daughter out. I use the stroller outside the most , when I go and take my daughter out for a stroll to get some fresh air. my child was extremely safe in this stroller ; she was very comfortable and the bumper bar being in place gave me peace of mind so she doesn’t fall or have an accident. I definitely think that this stroller could be used to pass onto someone or could be used for another sibling because it’s very strong and well built. I like how the stroller has been built, it’s very strong, firm and I love the material that’s been used to make this; it’s very comfortable for my daughter. It’s well built and it looks very durable meaning it looks Luke it is something that will last a very long time. I think it is worth paying £279.90 for this stroller because I have never seen a stroller that is more durable and one that comes with many features like this one; my daughter seems very safe and comfortable in this stroller and when it comes to safety and comfort of my child , I am willing to pay more for this. The one thing I like most about this product is that it provides an adjustable backrest meaning that my child has been able to relax and sleep comfortably while in this stroller because of this feature. I would consider buying it because using the product has made me realise all the different features it comes with ; I’m able to steer the stroller with one hand which is very easy and convenient for me, it’s very lightweight and compact , it can be folded very easily and I love how I can adjust the height so my child is able to use the footrest properly. I would recommend this product to friends and family because it’s not only affordable to purchase, but the pushchair provides many features that other pushchairs don’t have which is amazing because the more exciting and useful features it has, the better the product is. I absolutely love this product and it comes with some amazing features ; it’s not only very stylish and well built, but it’s also designed to keep your child safe whilst providing them Comfort which I absolutely love. I like how the wheels are swivel so it’s easy to move around and steer my child and I like how the seat is padded so it not only keeps my child safe, but it makes them comfortable in the pushchair too. The bumper bar is great for keeping my child safe and providing them support in the pushchair. Thanks to the adjustable seat, my child is able to sit upright comfortably and also sleep very well when I put her in a flat reclining position. Zeynab Sayid – Aisha 1 Year

Product Tested By David East – Evie 2 Months

David Awarded The ABC Design Ping Pushchair 5/5

I really liked the look of the pushchair and thought it looked like a premium product. The design is great. The way you can collapse and fold away the pushchair with one hand is such a great feature. The ability to so this whilst holding our baby is brilliant. I don’t think the instructions could have been any clearer. very easy to use. The fold mechanism is brilliant and we have a large family car and also a city car. The size of the pushchair fits easily into our city car with space for shopping etc as well. I think the folding system was very easy to use. Possibly the easiest I have used on a pushchair. The ability to complete this task with one hand is amazing. Unfortunately due to the current Pandemic we didn’t travel too far with the pushchair. It was ideal for our daily walks and fitted nicely into our small city car. I would definitely take this pushchair on my travels in the future due to its ability to fold up so small and also be transported easily once folded. This was very easy to steer with one hand. We own a variety of branded pushchairs. This was better than any stroller style pushchair I have used but was not as sturdy when turning as say our large pram 3 in 1 system. It would absolutely be my go to for trips out and when our daughter is slightly older due to its transportable build. We tested this out on various surfaces from pavements, grass, and woodland trails littered with twigs and stones. It handled all of these very well. It is clearly better suited to paved areas due to the wheel size but still performed absolutely fine when the going got tough. we walk daily through our local woodland area usually with our larger wheeled travel system pram. When using the Ping my daughter was hardly bounced around and I noticed a huge difference here. So I would say the suspension is a huge success. we had no issues with the recline and had it fully flat all of the time in use due to our daughters age. I didn’t get to test the seat upright but my only concern with this would be it being held up by Velcro. Like I said we didn’t have the opportunity to test this so it’s not a real negative but something I would like to explore further when the time comes. The seat is perfectly suitable for our child and she seemed very comfortable whilst she slept for pretty much all of our walks. I really like the canopy and the travel on it is brilliant to shield our child from the sun. Also the viewing window is very handy to keep an eye on the little one. It is the lightest pushchair I have used and it certainly makes it easy to manoeuvre on walks. The bumper bar worked as I would have expected and it was easy to use. The rain cover was a nice addition and provided excellent coverage and protection from the rain. The basket is a really good size for such a small pushchair. We were able to fit all of our bits and pieces in when out on our walks. The material was very nice. The stitching on the leather components was a little rough on the hand but I’m sure this would wear down after significant use. We have a city car and large family car. The stroller went into our Volkswagen Up! with ease and had room to spare for shopping.  It certainly works well from birth as our daughter who is two months old has been out in it a lot. We used this stroller 3-5 times per week. We mainly used walking around our area on a mix of surfaces. I felt my daughter was very safe in this stroller. This is definitely a stroller we could keep and use for another sibling. The lightweight design and compact folding ability is really standout and makes travelling easier. It’s build quality seems good so I would not be concerned with it not standing the test of time. the quality is very good and is definitely a product I have no worries entrusting with the safety of my child. I think being lightweight and small when folded does mean this offers value for money. Coupled with the nice design and premium look it certainly is a nice package. The folding mechanism and the size when folded means I don’t have to fill the car boot with a huge travel system every time we want to go out. I would buy this stroller.  I would recommend due to its small compact size and premium look. I think the pushchair does represent value for money. The standout features for me are its weight, compact design, and suspension.  I have really enjoyed using the Ping. I think the suspension is brilliant. Maybe as an accessory you could produce larger wheel attachments for more rugged terrain that can just clip in. The one negative I had was the brake pedal. I have size 11 feet and then pushing the chair I found I would inadvertently engage the brake while walking. Whilst not dangerous it was a little inconvenient and I found myself over extending my arms to compensate. Maybe a brake system on the handle would work better. The folding ability of this is truly brilliant and super convenient. Overall a great product and it looks really nice in the grey/brown combination we were sent. David East – Evie 2 Months

Product Tested By Kyleigh Haines – Aubrey 5 Months

Kyleigh Awarded The ABC Ping Pushchair 4.4/5

when the box arrived I couldn’t believe a pushchair could be that small, when I opened it up and put it together I was shocked how compact and slim it looked. The look of it was aesthetically pleasing, the contrast of fabric to the leather look handles gives it a modern, high quality look. Once you become a parent you need so many essentials which take up a lot of space. A pushchair is one of the many essentials and the concept for this pushchair is to be light, small and practical fits into today’s families that are always on the go. The instructions were limited. The diagrams were clear and easy to follow. It was easy enough to use and on the instructions on A3 page each image represented the parts accurately. I thought the folding system was easy to use but you must remember that when you push the button on the handle that you move it to one side to release the mechanism so it folds down. This catches me out occasionally especially when I am in a rush. The size that the pushchair folds down to is fantastic, it sits nicely in the boot of the car without taking up too much space. We were planning on going away this summer on a plane and this pushchair was going to be perfect as hand luggage, so we didn’t have to carry baby as much. the one handed steering is effective it has allowed me to free up a hand so I can walk the dog alongside the pushchair or hold one of my other children’s hand when we go out for walks. It never seemed to steer off to one side which my previous 3 wheel pushchair did. the pushchair is fantastic on paths, roads and grass, however I have a pebbled drive and it is constantly getting stuck. The suspension was great on the grass and paths that aren’t smooth, the pushchair just seems to glide across those surfaces, but as mentioned Previously it lets itself down on pebbles. the multi-position is a great feature and is required if you have a young baby or when your child falls asleep. Although it was easy to change the position down, trying to put the chair back up into the seat position is difficult when the baby is sat in it. The seats looked comfy and my baby most of the time looked comfortable, I was a little concerned that if my baby fell asleep In the upright position and tilted to one side there isn’t any side padding, however the harness keeps my baby securely in place without her tilting to one side. The sun canopy is the perfect size for protecting my baby in both the flat and upright position. I agree that this pushchair is lightweight and easy to push around as it seems to glide so smoothly. It is perfect to take on your travel and if the terrain is bad it can be folded and carried. the bumper is easy to attach and remove. I do have a toy on mine to occupy the little one, however it is in quite a low position which currently she can’t hold or play with her toy. the rain cover is fantastic. It covers the whole of the pushchair and the material is fairly thin so it can be folded away nicely in the basket below. I have found some rain covers to be thick and bulky but this one is perfect. The shopping basket it a good size, once the rain cover is folded up there is plenty of space for other items. the material feels good, the quality is thick and won’t tear easily and can be wiped down if baby is sick or has any spillages. Other than stated above about making sure the button is pushed to the right side, the stroller is easy to fold and place in the boot as it stays together with latch on the side. This stroller can fit into any size car boot as it folds down so small. I personally feel this pushchair is more suitable from 5 months – 3 years, mainly because the flat position isn’t completely flat and it is recommended a baby lies flat up to 4-6 months. I use the stroller most days on my daily walk especially during lock down. I use this stroller when I do my road/path walks and an all-terrain pushchair if I’m walking in the woods. My baby was safe in this pushchair as the 5 point harness ensures my baby is safe and secure and it’s easy to tighten or loosen.  I think the High quality material this pushchair is made of means it will last well after my daughter is three. This is a high quality pushchair as the look and feel of this pushchair shows it has been made well. I think this stroller is a really good product, however there are many pushchairs on the market that advertise similar functions and features and are not as expensive. I love how this folds with ease using one hand and to the size of hand luggage. It’s very practical whether travelling by car not taking up too much space in the boot or by plane if you are limited to one extra item to take, this can be used as hand luggage instead. if I saw this pushchair online or in a magazine the price would put me off buying. If I so saw it visually in person then I would consider buying it. I would recommend especially to those friends and family that do travel a lot as it’s perfect to take away. The price is why I have not given it a 5/5, although I mentioned that I don’t agree with the age 0-3years, that’s my personal preference that I would want to lay a newborn flat and I felt this pushchairs position doesn’t quite meet that standard. Ignoring that the pushchair is made from good quality material which will last the wear and tear of a baby/toddler. It’s lightweight and fold down to a compact size which is perfect for those on the go. This pushchair is a great product, it’s so smooth to push and so easy to handle one handed. It may not be for all terrain (pebbles) but for the majority of walks it’s perfect. It doesn’t take up much boot space and lightweight freeing up space for other essential items. It can be used whether the sun is shining with the brilliant sunshade, if it’s a light shower not soaking through the material or if it’s pouring down with the rain cover. I was really looking forward to using this Pushchair on our summer holiday abroad as it is more convenient than my 3 wheel all terrain pushchair. I could have used it as hand luggage enabling me to use another essential item as baggage. Overall, a great product that looks amazing, sleek and stylish ensuring my baby is safe and secure out on walks. Kyleigh Haines – Aubrey 5 Months

I absolutely love this product and it comes with some amazing features ; it’s not only very stylish and well built, but it’s also designed to keep your child safe whilst providing them Comfort which I absolutely love. I like how the wheels are swivel so it’s easy to move around and steer my child and I like how the seat is padded so it not only keeps my child safe, but it makes them comfortable in the pushchair too. The bumper bar is great for keeping my child safe and providing them support in the pushchair. Thanks to the adjustable seat, my child is able to sit upright comfortably and also sleep very well when I put her in a flat reclining position.


Zeynab Awarded The ABC Design Ping Pushchair 5/5

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