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Acosy Wall Wedge

Fed up with searching for dummies, blankets and other comforters under the cot or bed in the middle of the night?The Innovative Acosy Wall wedge has been designed to fill a gap between the bed and the cot, which is caused by skirting boards, radiators and chunky bed legs. Using one Acosy Wall Wedge will fill a gap up to 7cm, using two doubled up will fill a gap of 9cm. The gap will be replaced by the wedge giving an extension of your mattress right up to the wall edge so less interrupted sleep for you and your little one!

Sold as a pair2 x 60cm long x 21cm high x7cm x 2cms widthWashable, Breathable & OdourlessSupplied in a washable zipped coverCan be used in any bed next to a wallMeasure the gap first! – this should not exceed 7cm using 1 wedge & 9cm using 2 when doubled up.Versatile positioning

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Acosy Wall Wedge Reviews

Product Tested by: Abbey Bann – Freddie & Ella – 2 Years and 13 Weeks

Tested By Abbey Bann – Freddie & Ella – 2 Years and 13 Weeks

Awarded The Wall Wedge 4.5/5

really do love this product and if money were no issue I would buy more of
these packs! When the package arrived it was clear what was in it as it had
coloured logos on the bag – it was very attractive I have never seen packaging
like this before and more places should do this. Instructions were clear – not that they were
needed as product was self-explanatory – but it was good to know that the outer
cover was removable and washable as well as able to go in the tumble dryer. Product so far is perfect I have had no
issues and cannot see where any could arise from. I would happily use this for both my
children’s beds. Provided the bed is able to use the wedge – I would happily
use on all ages. I would think that when
a child moves into their own room, their own cot this would be appropriate. I feel this would be ideal to use from 6
Months upwards. Personally I would not
pay this amount for what is essentially a piece of roam in a fabric casing. If this was less expensive I would purchase
more. I would recommend as does a good
job. Overall, this product was very good
– good quality but most of all an amazing new product. Abbey Bann – Freddie & Ella – 2 Years and
13 Weeks

Tested By Leanne Tracey Jones – Hermione 8 Months

Awarded The Wall Wedge 4.3/5

good, good shape very durable. Fit nicely in the space between the wall and the
cot, thought it could have been slightly longer. Packaging well sealed with
plastic wrapping, nice ribbon. Well protected. Instructions clearly shows
different uses for the product and explained in detail where it could be used,
making it clear not to use it on the inside of the cot. Good quality the zip
cover is a good idea so it can be washed if it gets mucky. The foam is nice and
soft without being too soft, so it makes it easier to fit into the spaces. I used on my 8 month old daughter placed on
the side of the cot between the wall and the cot. I think it would benefit from
being made longer to fit the length of an adult bed. I think this would be beneficial if designed
in sizes from birth – 5 years. The size
of the current wall wedge is a bit small for an older child, but it’s great for
catching things like dummies and stuffed toys from falling down the side. I
think they are a little overpriced for the size of them, but they do a good
job. I would purchase depending on the
child and what they have in their cot, for example if the child relied on a
dummy then they are very good to stop them falling on the floor. I would recommend because I think it’s a
useful product that friends and family with children can use. Overall I feel
that the wall wedge is a very handy product to have, however it needs to be
slightly longer in length, to fit to a cot bed or Childs bed, this would make
it more useful to a wider age range. It is also very useful to stop dummies
from falling on the floor. Leanne Tracey Jones – Hermione 8 Months

Tested By Amy Rowe – Ashlee-Rose 19 Months

Awarded The Wall Wedge 3.5/5

I first saw this product I was unsure whether it would work or even if it was
worth using. I had never seen them before but obviously gave them a go as all
parents know; Childrens toys and teddies always end up down the side of their
beds. The packaging was just a clear bag
with a leaflet inside showing you the product and what it’s for, pretty plain. This
product is pretty basic so not much instruction is needed, says what it needed
to say. The quality of the product is good, its soft so if it’s by your
babies or Childs head and body it’s not going to cause them any discomfort. You
could probably use this product for any age child. Most children from baby’s too
much older like to take teddies and toys to bed with them so this will stop
them getting lost down the side of the bed.
My 19 month old daughter is still in her cot bed and was always
losing her smaller teddies or toys through the bars and they ended up on the
floor and I would have to pull the cot out to get them back. I would recommend for younger children but I don’t
see why it couldn’t be used for older people too. Might stop pillows from going
down the side of bed. I would probably say this product was best suited
from 1-5 years, most children this age do take teddies and toys to bed so would
help them not to lose them down the sides. Works well with cots or beds too. I think it’s a bit expensive for what it is
if I’m honest. I’m sure you could yourself think of other things and ways to
stop small items falling down the sides of beds and cots. Overall I found it to be quite helpful,
comfy, and easy to use but for the price I do not think it’s worth it. Make it
cheaper and I think it would be more desired.Amy Rowe – Ashlee-Rose 19 Months

Overall, this product was very good – good quality but most of all an amazing new product.


Abbey Awarded The Wall Wedge 4.5/5

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