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Acting The Party -A home party that runs itself.
Have you been wondering what to do for your child’s party at home? Wonder no longer. This is the easiest "hands free” home party entertainment for children there is! No mess, no fuss. It’s like having a party planner and entertainer squished into a tin*. Ready whenever you want it, wherever you are. Best of all – the kids will love it!!
With Acting the Party you get a complete 2 hour fun-filled,bumper birthday treat. Our unique birthday games come withlots of interaction, role play, and puzzle-solving mysteries.So simple!• 1. Print and/or prepare the game accessories• 2. Play the audio• 3. Sit back and enjoy watching the kids do something funand extraordinary !Our award winning birthday games are packaged, organisedand delivered wherever you are in the UK. Set up ready to go,with very little for you to do before the day, and practicallynothing on the day.Our birthday games are exceptional value. Starting from just £19.99 for 8 children. Leaving you with enough money for that oojameflip-doodah they’ve been on about for months. It’s perfect for an extra special home birthday party for a girl or a boy.   

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Prices start from £24.99 available on Amazone and online

Acting the Party Children’s Party Kits Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Vicky
French – Ben 10 Years

Vicky Awarded The Acting the Party Children’s Party Kits

This item was well presented and gave a professional
impression. The packaging was very smart and looked high quality. The
instructions were straight forward and simple to understand. The product was of
a good quality with everything we needed to organise a party for our son. The
children were certainly entertained but I think it may have been more
appropriate for my younger son (8) than Ben and his friends. The product is
certainly good value for money and used with the right age group would be a
very cost effective and enjoyable party experience. I would consider buying it
for my younger son and my daughter for future parties. I would recommend it to
friends with younger children. This is a really good product that makes
planning a party easy and effective. The
children were entertained but I feel it is more suitable for children aged 7-8
than 9-10. Everything we needed to
organise an activity party was included and would prove good value for
money. The feedback from my Son and his
friends was that they enjoyed the party but my son felt it was a bit babyish
for him. Vicky French – Ben 10 Years

Product Tested By Stephanie
Holmes – Lana 7 Years

Stephanie Awarded The Acting the Party Children’s Party Kits

This product was eye catching and fun looking. The packaging
was colour and vibrant. The instructions were good; I had no problems with
them. The quality is excellent. It kept all the guests entertained; it was
brilliant. This offers excellent value for money; it’s far cheaper than a
child’s entertainer and can be re-used too. I would consider buying it again
and definitely recommend it to others. It’s the complete package! Brilliant as
it can be personalised for your child – unique. It leaves the parent free to
deal with other things whilst the children are being entertained. Stephanie Holmes – Lana 7 Years

Product Tested ByKerry Dolman – Amy-Leigh 7 Years

Kerry Awarded The Acting the Party Children’s Party Kits

My first impression of the product upon its arrival was that
it was something maybe suitable for a younger child by the package. Upon
reading the back I started to look forward to using it as gave the best points
any parent stresses about on their child’s birthday such as weather plans. I
think the packaging is a bit boring to be honest as it didn’t really catch my
eye to interest me until I read the back. The small case is a good idea so you
can transport it to anywhere you want it easily and the USB is securely put in
its place inside. The instructions were very easy to follow; a lot was
self-explanatory. It was hard work to print them off as I do not own a printer
of my own so cost me extra to be able to use the product. The quality of the
games and the prints were excellent. It was good that you got everything you
needed so didn’t have to start adding to it. The girls loved the game even
though I did it with a few less girls it still worked very well. Every game was
different so they enjoyed the surprise of what was next. As some of the games
were not your general party games they enjoyed the fact it wasn’t something
they had done before. Although this
product is very good I still think it is expensive for what it is especially
when you still have to mess about printing things off which make it an effort more
than a stress saver if you haven’t got the means to do it. I would consider
buying this item; more so if the price was right but the kids really enjoyed it
so maybe it is worth the money. I would definitely recommend this product as it
gives you all the ideas you want on a plate without the worry and I think a lot
of families could benefit from this especially on those big birthday parties
where you’re not sure what to do to cater for a lot of girls. I gave this mark
because overall is it a very good idea and does work well in most aspects but there
is room for improvement; making the printing easier, like maybe doing an add on
pack for a small fee in which all the printing is done for you as some people
may struggle. My overall experience of the product was a good one after the
initial hiccups of the printing issue. I would definitely use it again and
recommend this product to others. It does take such a pressure off people to
plan things for a party as everything is done for you. I think this is age
appropriate for what is on the packaging too. Kerry Dolman – Amy-Leigh 7 Years


Everything we needed to organise an activity party was included and would prove good value for money. The feedback from my Son and his friends was that they enjoyed the party.                                                                                                


Vicky Awarded The Acting the Party Children’s Party Kits 4.2/5

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