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Acupressure for Natural Pain Relief in Labour DVD

Debra Betts & Tom Kennedy

Debra Betts has taught acupressure to promote a better birth experience to midwives, practitioners and pregnant women for many years. Now – at last – this professionally produced DVD offers a detailed explanation, fully demonstrated, of the techniques involved. Ideal for practitioners of acupuncture, acupressure, shiatsu and massage, doulas, birth helpers and pregnant women, the DVD includes testimonials from women and their partners who have used the techniques during labour and a 16-page printed booklet that sits in the DVD pack with illustrated reminders of the points and their application.

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Acupressure for Natural Pain Relief in Labour DVD Reviews

Product Tested by: Leanne Parron

Product Tested By Leanne Parron

Leanne Awarded The Acupressure DVD 4.2/5

The DVD case is well presented, good information and looked good quality. The DVD is very easy to follow and with a little bit of practice you can work through all the helpful tips. This did help during my pregnancy and we tried out some of the pressure points to relieve discomfort during pregnancy. Yes this did help us prepare for the birth as I am scared of needles so was emphatic NO Epidural! Was looking for a natural a birth as possible. I did have a very long labour, but my partner helped with putting pressure on the relevant points on my back, neck and calves and did relieve the pain. Did not stop completely but certainly made a difference and towards the end when I was exhausted and my husband was exhausted too we had to ask for some drugs to ease the pain and get through the labour. We have both gained knowledge and found out about Acupressure which we had not looked into before. I feel this is good value for money and give it a try as you will learn something new. We now use some of our skills on each other to help relieve pain for some of our ailments. I would purchase this item as very helpful and you learn something that will stay with you always. I have recommended to some friends who are keen to have a natural birth. A good quality DVD, informative, helpful and teaches you something new. Give it a try as worth it.  Leanne Parron

Product Tested By Cerri Bethan

Cerri Awarded The Acupressure DVD 3.9/5

The packaging is very good and informative. Instructions are straightforward. My partner worked through the video with me to find the right pressure points and it helped a bit during my labour. I was surprised that this was effective. During my pregnancy my partner used the pressure points to help with my backache and it did relieve the pain for me. We would go through video together so helped us both understand what was ahead and work together. I would not say I felt more confident about the impending birth using this DVD but I did learn a lot about acupressure which I was not aware of previously. Unfortunately for us I had complications during labour and wash rushed in for C-Section so we were unable to practice everything we had learnt. I must admit I have been using some of the techniques learnt to help with pain. A high quality DVD, worth watching and would say value for money. I am not sure I would purchase this DVD, but would recommend as I feel it could be very helpful to first time parents and help mum and dad work together during labour. A good quality DVD, very informative and helpful, but unfortunately we were unable to use all our skills during labour. Cerri Bethan

Product Tested By Tamsin Grant

Tamsin Awarded The Acupressure DVD 4/5

A good quality well-presented DVD. Very easy to follow all of the instructions. Was nice to have something my partner could be involved with during the latter part of pregnancy and preparing for the birth. Made my partner feel he was able to contribute more during the pregnancy and help me with the pain, as we both wanted a natural birth without drugs! Like all women I was preparing myself for a painful labour, but I was surprised the Acupressure helped. My partner was amazing, and it made the whole experience so special to both of us. It did not stop the pain completely, but for me it made it manageable. Helped control the pain and we worked together as a team. I will certainly keep the DVD and use for my next pregnancy. I was amazed that using this technique you could reduce the pain level, so never judge a book by its cover as for us this did help. I would purchase this item and would recommend to others to look online and read about Acupressure as it is worth the investment. May not work for everyone but helped us. A quality DVD, full of helpful advice and very well presented. Tamsin Grant

A good quality DVD, informative, helpful and teaches you something new. 


Leanne Awarded The Acupressure DVD 4.2/5

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