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aden + anais Cozy Muslin Swaddle

For countless generations, mothers have swaddled and cared for their children with natural muslin. aden + anais® brings this traditional practice to you with our specially-crafted cozy swaddles. Designed with fashion-forward prints and a double-layer of muslin, they are the perfect wrap for cold, wintery nights and brisk walks in the park.
Single 100% cotton muslin double-layer swaddling blanket. The fabrics light, open weave allows a babys body temperature to regulate itself naturally which helps to prevent overheating. The double layer of muslin helps make baby comfortably warm on cold nights and brisk walks through the park. The more you wash aden + anais wraps, the softer they get. aden + anais wraps are extra large, measuring 47″ x 47″, so that new and seasoned mums alike can swaddle babies of all sizes with ease. Traditionally used for swaddling our wraps can also be used as burp cloths, nursing and stroller covers, portable crib sheets, stroller and car seat liners, tummy time blankets, change table covers, and more.


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aden + anais Cozy Muslin Swaddle Reviews

Product Tested by: Bethany Hoskins – Cameron 8 Weeks

 Product Tested By Bethany Hoskins – Cameron 8 Weeks


Bethany Awarded The aden + anais Cozy Muslin Single Swaddle 5/5

It was in very clear packaging, I could see exactly what type of product it was. The instructions on how to use it were very clear and easy to follow. I loved the colour of the packaging and that you could see the product and feel the quality of it. The instructions where very clear and easy to follow. The fabric was lovely and soft. It was very secure and is lovely as a blanket when he’s not being swaddled in it.  My little boy loves to be swaddled in it, he feels more secure in it and comfortable. He sleeps a lot better in it and doesn’t like to go to sleep at night without it. The quality is amazing it’s nice and light but still keeps him lovely and warm. The product is expensive but is really worth it. I think the design is amazing the only thing I would say is to have more colours and designs. I would definitely purchase this item and highly recommend. It’s a lovely bright product, it’s easy to use and my baby loves it. It’s an amazing product it helps my son sleep at night; he loves the feel of it and likes to play with it. Bethany Hoskins – Cameron 8 Weeks


Product Tested By Amy Sorrell – Jessica 6 Months


Amy Awarded The aden +anais Cozy Muslin Single Swaddle  3.9/5

Wouldn’t be something which I purchased (as we don’t use swaddles) but the packaging was impressive and the colour of the product gorgeous! Great packaging, very nice if buying for a present, really attractive and would get my attention on a shop shelf. Clear instruction nothing over the top, but to the point, nothing to complain about, pretty average. Lovely soft fabric. My baby is no longer swaddled, but we used this as a blanket and I love it for tha tuse, great size and wraps lovely around her! My daughter doesn’t like to be swaddled, nothing to do with this particular product just the way she is. Initially lovely fabric, lovely and soft, however after a few washes it is bobbling. I think it is expensive. If this was priced at £20 I would purchase as a blanket. I would recommend this product to parents who like to swaddle baby. I did like this product however not for its intended use (a swaddle). It was perfect for us as a blanket and my daughter has become quite attached to it so I am really happy that we got to review this item 🙂 It is a shame however that I have now seen these products in TK Maxx already if they are a new product, which also screams that they know they have priced their products too high! Amy Sorrell – Jessica 6 Months


Product Tested By Kimberley Ryder – Oscar 7 Weeks


Kimberley Awarded The aden+ anais Cozy Muslin Single Swaddle 3/5

Expensive but looks very nice. I liked the minimal packaging, no wastage and easy to remove. Instructions are sufficient. Perhaps a diagram of how to swaddle could be useful? Felt like an unwashed muslin, slightly rough to touch but soft enough. This did wrap securely, but this was due to how we wrapped him, rather than the product.  Personally I felt it was too large for a newborn and we had to fold it up and wrap it round several times. This is quite fiddly during night changes.  My son was not comfortable in this swaddle. He was desperate to pull his arms out, was much happier with his arms out and seemed comforted to be swaddled this way (although with arms out it’s not really swaddling!). Certainly wriggled around less but not a noticeable difference to sleep. I don’t think the quality was any differentto a standard muslin cloth, I did expect more for the price. Very expensive for what is essentially a large muslin cloth. The pattern on the one we had is lovely but the colours are not bold and look as if they have faded.  Looks nice in the packaging but I would be very disappointed if I had paid for this product, I will be using a Swaddle Me wrap instead to swaddle my baby and using this as a muslin. Kimberley Ryder – Oscar 7 Weeks



It’s an amazing product it helps my son sleep at night; he loves the feel of it and likes to play with it.


Bethany Awarded The aden + anais Cozy Muslin Single Swaddle 5/5

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